Ford Focus Key Fob Not Working (9 Reasons Why)

The key fob on your Ford Focus may be incredibly useful, but it can also be just as frustrating when it malfunctions.

While you might easily recognize the problem, you probably didn’t know that there could be several causes for your Ford key fob to stop functioning. Here’s what I found!

Ford Focus Key Fob Not Working

One of the reasons that your Focus key fob isn’t working is that the battery needs replacement. Moreover, misaligned remote components, worn-out buttons, and a damaged signal receiver might cause your Focus key fob to fail. Electrical issues and anti-theft features may also be the reason why your Focus key fob isn’t working.

Keep reading to learn more about why this could happen to your Focus key fob!

1. Low or Dead Battery

Generally, key fobs require a battery because they are wireless and need to transmit a radio signal to the car.

As such, if the battery is low or has been completely drained, then you won’t be able to use this feature to get your car doors open.

Fortunately, push-to-start cars such as the Ford Focus come with a hidden key that you can use to unlock doors and start your car.

As such, this can be a workaround until you get the battery replaced.

2. Misaligned Remote Components

Aside from battery problems, your Ford Focus key fob may not function if some components are out of alignment.

Typically, key fobs consist of an integrated chip and antenna that enable remote vehicle unlocking and starting, substantially replacing the need for a physical key.

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However, it’s possible that these components weren’t properly aligned with one another due to shoddy assembly.

Moreover, if you aggressively press the lock and unlock buttons, they may also come out of alignment and result in the key fob not working.

3. Worn-out Buttons

In addition to misaligned key fob components, worn-out buttons may be the reason why your Ford Focus key fob isn’t working.

Typically, the buttons on your key fob are made of rubber, which means that they may be susceptible to wear and tear from regular use.

For example, your Ford Focus may come with a remote start option, which can be activated by pressing the 2X button twice.

As such, if the buttons are worn down, this may prevent them from working, and thus prevent your key fob from remotely unlocking and starting your car.

4. Old or Damaged Key Fob

Moreover, a broken or damaged key fob may be the reason why it isn’t able to unlock or start your Ford Focus.

Due to its electronic nature, your key fob is vulnerable to damage, especially from water.

As such, if it gets wet, then this may short the key fob and cause it to fail.

Additionally, old or loose wiring may also prevent the key fob from doing what it’s intended to do, which is to unlock your Ford Focus doors and start the car.

5. The Receiver Isn’t Working

The Receiver Isn’t Working

Aside from my points above, a broken receiver may also be the reason your key fob isn’t working.

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Generally, key fobs need to be paired with the vehicle’s receiver for it to operate correctly, sending signals to execute its tasks.

Therefore, the key fob will be unable to pair if either the transmitter or receiver is damaged; this typically occurs following shock or water exposure.

However, because the symptoms are like a loss of pairing, it’s best to have it checked by a technician.

6. Faulty Door Locks

In addition to the points above, problems with the locking mechanisms on your Ford Focus may be preventing your key fob to work.

Typically, a power lock actuator is responsible for locking and unlocking your car doors every time you press the corresponding buttons on your key fob.

However, when the lock actuator fails, whether due to age or damage, this can prevent the motor from unlocking the doors when you press the button.

Therefore, it may appear as though your key fob is failing.

7. Deprogrammed Key Remote

As I mentioned above, the key fob must be paired with your Ford Focus to work.

Thus, the key fob won’t work if it somehow becomes deprogrammed, or unpaired from your car.

Typically, a dead battery may be to blame, but shock can also make the fob forget its pairing.

Moreover, you can reset the key fob following the instructions in your user manual.

However, if resetting the key fob doesn’t solve the problem, you can have it reprogrammed at your dealership.

8. Radio Frequency Interference

While unusual, frequency interference may also be the reason why your Ford Focus key fob is failing.

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For instance, some drivers have reported that their key fobs don’t work in certain places.

Generally, this is because key fobs operate at a frequency of 315MHz for American models of the Ford Focus.

As such, by being on the same frequency as key fob signals, some wireless devices like radar detectors and anti-theft alarms may interfere with key fob signals.

9. Anti-theft Measures

In addition to the points above, turning on anti-theft mode could also be the cause of your key fob’s malfunction.

Generally, the anti-theft mode might be activated by a malfunctioning transponder chip in your smart key.

Additionally, the anti-theft mode is activated when the car door or trunk is opened without using the car keys.

Therefore, this can prevent your key fob from being able to remotely unlock your car.

As such, you’ll have to manually use a key to get around this issue.

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There may be several reasons why your Ford Focus key fob isn’t working, including a dead battery and worn or damaged components.

Furthermore, anti-theft measures may also be preventing your key fob from connecting with your Ford Focus, leaving you locked out of your car.

As such, you should contact a Ford service center or a roadside mechanic to help remedy this immediately.

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  1. We have two keys for our Focus model 2020.
    Two weeks ago the lock button on one of the keys stopped working making it impossible to lock the car.
    The rubber contact inside the key is not worn and the button gives a noticeable click.
    The other key is working.
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