Ford Fusion AC Not Working (Try These 9 Fixes)

When the weather gets hot, you do not have to worry about boiling in a car since most cars come equipped with AC systems to keep you cool. However, that does not mean the AC will constantly be useful.

If your Ford Fusion AC stops working, you are probably wondering how you can fix it. I looked up the facts, and here is what I found!

Ford Fusion AC Not Working (Try These 9 Fixes)

1. Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant is a type of coolant found in your car that helps your AC blow cool air, so if there is a refrigerant leak your Ford Fusion AC will not work.

When there is little to no refrigerant in your car, your AC will not blow cool air and will likely release warm or hot air into your car.

Generally, a refrigerant leak occurs when there is a tear or hole in the hose that holds the refrigerant.

Additionally, the refrigerant can leak out from other points of your car, such as the joints or the radiator.

2. Mildew And Mold

If you use your car’s AC frequently and for long periods, small microorganisms can build up and block your AC vents.

When this occurs, the bacteria can turn into mildew and mold that will block the AC vents, causing your AC to release little to no air.

Usually, you can fix this issue by cleaning your AC duct and filters, which is normally done everytime you get your car serviced.

3. Short Circuit

Another common reason why Ford Fusion ACs stop working is that there was a short circuit in the AC’s wiring.

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Generally, a short circuit means there was too much power flowing through one of the wires, causing a short circuit.

Usually, it is best to have a mechanic check your AC’s wiring to assess the damage for themselves to repair the wire.

It is possible for you to use electrical resistant tape to seal the wire that was shot and join it to the other end of the wire, but it may only be a temporary fix.

4. Blocked Or Broken Condenser

Condensors are heat exchangers that keeps your car’s refrigerant cool and makes the refrigerant flow through the car’s blower to make the hot air cooler.

However, the condenser can collect dust or dirt over time, causing the condenser to be blocked. Moreover, the condenser can get damaged due to a collision.

When this occurs, the refrigerant will not be cooled, which will make hot air blow throughout your car and potentially damage your car’s engine.

To fix this, you would have to see a mechanic to have them replace your condenser or to clear the blockage.

5. Bad Compressor

Bad Compressor

A compressor is a crucial part of your AC system that moves refrigerant throughout the car’s AC system with cool air.

Therefore, a bad compressor will not circulate any refrigerant, causing hot air to be released throughout the car engine and the cabin of your car.

Similar to your car’s condenser, it is ideal to have your compressor replaced instead of trying to repair it.

6. Damaged AC Blower

Blower vents are various vents found in your car for circulation, such as the AC vents on your car’s dashboard, but if the vents are faulty you may feel little to no cool air.

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You will know if the AC blower vents are the issue by putting your hand in front of the vents while the AC runs.

If you can feel a steady stream of air, this means that the blower vents are not the problem.

However, if you feel little to no air on your hand or see that the blowers are not moving properly, your blower vents are faulty.

Since this is a technical issue, it is recommended that you bring your car to a mechanic to fix the problem.

7. Blown Fuse

If your Ford Fusion AC refuses to turn on or it turns on for only a few minutes after you start it, you probably have a blown fuse.

When there is a blown fuse in your car’s AC, your compressor will stop working, so there will be no air pumping throughout your AC system.

Luckily, it is easy to fix this problem since you just need to locate the damaged fuse and replace it with a new and compatible fuse.

8. Blocked Cabin Air Filter

If your AC system seems fine but there is little to no air cool air entering your car cabin, you may have blocked cabin air filters.

You can check by opening your dashboard holder and then removing the cabin filters. If the cabin filters are dirty, you can replace them with new cabin filters to solve the issue.

9. Faulty Compressor Belt

Generally, your car replies on compressor belts to drive energy throughout your vehicle, which includes energy for your car.

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However, the compressor belt can get weak or damaged over time, which means there will not be be enough energy to use your AC or even start your car in some cases.

Unless you are good with repairing cars, it is ideal to have a licensed mechanic replace your car’s compressor belt.

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While most Ford Fusion ACs can run well, they can malfunction and cause little to no air to enter you car, and it may even blow hot air into your car’s cabin.

Usually, the AC can stop working for various reasons, but some causes include refrigerant leaks, cabin air filter blockages, and damaged AC blowers.

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