Ford Sync Master Reset Not Working (Try These 9 Fixes)

If you have a Ford car, you know that the Ford Sync can be tricky to deal with, but performing a master reset can usually fix it. Occasionally, performing a master reset on the Ford Sync may not be a solution.

When you do a master reset on a Ford Sync, and it does not work, you may wonder what else you can do. We looked up the facts, and here is what we discovered about the matter!

Ford Sync Master Reset Not Working

1. Soft Reset The Phone

If performing a master reset on your Ford car does not work, you may be better off trying to do a soft reset on your phone instead.

That said, you can do a soft reset on the phone by powering it off. If you can, try to remove your phone’s battery as well.

Once your phone is off, put the battery back in (if you took the battery out) and turn on your phone.

Usually, your phone should automatically reconnect to your Ford Sync once you power it up, especially if you recently did a key cycle. If not, move to the next step (see below).

2. Remove Your Phone As A Connected Device

Sometimes, an easy way to make your Ford Sync work again is by removing your phone from being a connected device on the Ford Sync.

To do so, we recommend checking your owner’s manual, but you can usually go to the Ford Sync Bluetooth menu and click “forget device” to remove your phone from the Ford Sync.

Once that’s done, you have to pair your phone to the Ford Sync Bluetooth again, which should fix the problem.

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3. Reset Bluetooth On Car And Phone

If a master reset is not doing the trick, you can try to fix your Ford Sync by doing a quick reset on your car and phone’s Bluetooth.

That said, you can do so by turning off and on the Bluetooth on your car and phone.

Once you do that, you will want to manually connect your phone to your Ford Sync’s Bluetooth again.

4. Do A Key Cycle

If soft resetting your phone or resetting the Bluetooth on your device and car does not work, you may want to try doing a key cycle on your Ford Sync.

That said, a key cycle is an ideal method to try if your Ford Sync freezes and is stuck since the key cycle can refresh the system.

To perform the key cycle, start by ensuring your car is completely shut off and not in accessory mode since some new cars keep the radio on while the car is turned off.

Next, open the door to the driver’s seat and lock it, then close the driver’s door, making sure you have your keys with you.

Further, if you happen to have a push-start car with an Intelligent Access System, take your keys and leave your car before you lock the driver’s door.

Now, you will need to be sure that the radio’s display fully turns off, which can take a few minutes; then, you can restart your car and see if the Ford Sync works.

5. Upgrade Your Software

Upgrade Your Software

The Ford Sync is constantly being enhanced, so the Ford Sync will require software upgrades to fix any glitches and add features.

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If your software is not updated, your Ford Sync will not work properly until your software is upgraded.

Further, how you update your Ford Sync depends on what type of car you have, but you can usually refer to the Ford Update Sync page.

For instance, Fords that have SYNC 4/4A just need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network to receive updates.

6. Update Your Phone’s Software

Similar to your Ford Sync, your phone will require updates since most Apple and Android phones have regular software updates you can download on your phone.

Sometimes, outdated software on the phone can give it various glitches, such as being unable to connect to other Bluetooth devices.

Therefore, you need to check the settings on your phone to see if your phone is due for an update, and all you have to click is “download.”

7. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Occasionally, your Ford Sync can malfunction, which can occur when the temperatures are abnormally hot or cold.

In this situation, you have to wait until the temperatures return to a normal range before you can use your Ford Sync.

8. Restart Your Car

Technology can be quite fussy, especially when it comes to the Ford Sync, so simply restarting your car can fix the problem.

With that, you just need to turn off your car to make the Ford Sync shut off as well, waiting a few minutes before you start your car again to see if the Ford Sync functions properly.

9. Pull The Bluetooth Sync Fuse

Behind your car’s glove compartment, you will find fuses, and one fuse will be a fuse for your Ford Sync, which you can take out and put back to fix your Ford Sync issue.

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However, you must first check your car’s manual to identify which fuse is connected to your Ford Sync.

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Normally, performing a master reset on a Ford Sync can fix most of the problems in the sync system, but it does not always work.

Luckily, you can try to soft reset your phone, restart your car, update your car and phone software, and more to fix your Ford Sync issues.

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