Ford Sync Bluetooth Not Working (Try These 9 Fixes)

Many Ford cars come ready with Bluetooth features to allow passengers to take calls and listen to music and podcasts. However, Ford Sync Bluetooth features frequently face problems.

When your Ford Sync Bluetooth stops working, you probably want to find out how you can fix it. We did some research on the Ford Sync features, and here is what we found!

Ford Sync Bluetooth Not Working

1. Factory Reset

One of the most common and effective ways to fix your Ford Sync Bluetooth is by performing a factory reset.

That said, it is best to refer to your car’s manual since each Ford car may have a slightly different way of performing a factory reset.

For most Ford cars, you can start by turning on your car, ensuring it is fully on (not on accessory mode) and in park.

Next, go to your car’s sync screen and select “Settings” and “General.” From there, you need to scroll down until you see “Master Reset” and click it.

Once you click “Master Reset,” a message should appear stating that the system settings were erased and that your factory default settings will show up, so press “Continue” on the message.

Afterward, you may need to wait a few minutes for the system to reset, and then you can try reconnecting your phone’s Bluetooth to the Ford Sync Bluetooth again.

2. Try A Key Cycle

If you don’t want to do a hard reset on your Ford Sync Bluetooth system, sometimes a “soft” reset by doing a key cycle can work.

Firstly, you need to ensure your car is off, meaning you cannot leave the car in accessory mode.

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Unless your car has an Intelligent Access System, you can open your car’s driver-side door, lock your door, then close it.

Also, if your car has a push-button start with Intelligent Access System, leave the car first with your keys before you lock your car door.

Now, you will have to wait a few minutes to ensure your car is off and your radio display shuts off entirely.

Next, you can restart your car, which will normally allow your phone to instantly connect to your Ford Sync to see if it works.

3. Reset Your Phone

Occasionally, the connection issue may be from your phone, not your Ford Sync Bluetooth, so you should do a basic reset on your phone.

To do so, you can turn off your phone completely and turn it on after a few minutes.

If possible, we suggest you remove the battery after you turn it off and then replace it when you power it on.

Ideally, this should be done after you do a key cycle with your car, and your phone should pair with your Ford Sync’s Bluetooth right away.

4. Forget Your Car From Your Phone

If your phone and Ford car do not want to sync with each other after already being connected, you may need to “forget” the car using your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

To start, open the settings app on your phone and scroll until you find the Bluetooth page, find your car’s name as a linked device, and select “Forget Device.”

Once you forget the car’s Bluetooth, turn your phone’s Bluetooth off and on before reconnecting the Ford Sync Bluetooth to your phone.

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Now, click “Add a Device” on your Ford’s Sync screen to reconnect your phone to your Ford Sync as you normally would.

5. Spotify Issues

Spotify Issues

Occasionally, nothing may be wrong with your phone or Ford Sync Bluetooth because the issue could be your Spotify or other music streaming app.

To fix this, you can update your Spotify app on your App Store or Play Store to upgrade your app to the latest version.

Alternately, go to the Apps menu on your phone and click “Force Stop” on Spotify and then go to “Storage” to clear the data and cache of the Spotify app.

6. Upgrade Phone Software

Most phones come with regular software updates, even if you have a new phone. If your phone is not up to date, it may not connect to the Ford Sync Bluetooth.

As such, you need to make sure your Apple or Android phone is upgraded to the latest software to see if your Ford Sync Bluetooth will connect.

7. Use Legit Streaming Services

Sometimes, music will refuse to play on your Ford car because of corrupted files, not because of a problem with your Ford Sync Bluetooth or phone.

Therefore, it would be best to use legitimate streaming apps to play music, including Spotify or Apple Music.

8. Bluetooth Compatibility

Your phone will need Bluetooth to connect to the Ford Sync Bluetooth. With that, if you have an older phone that doesn’t have Bluetooth, the Ford Sync Bluetooth will not work.

9. Remove The Phone’s Sync Connection

A simple way to fix your Ford Sync Bluetooth problem is by removing your phone’s connection to your Ford Sync.

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To start, you need to delete your phone from your car’s sync system, which you can look at your owner’s manual to learn how to do so.

Usually, you can do so by going to the Bluetooth menu, selecting the device, and clicking “Delete” on the phone’s name.

Next, you can pair your phone to your Ford Sync Bluetooth, and if it does not work, you may need to try doing a key cycle.

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Ford Sync Bluetooth is notorious for malfunctioning randomly, but there are several ways you can fix this.

For instance, performing various resets, like hard resets and soft resets, can make your Ford Sync Bluetooth work again.

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