Ford Sync Not Working (Try These 9 Fixes)

Most Ford cars come with sync features that allow you to utilize the entertainment and communication functions of the car. However, the Ford Sync function may not always function as you need it to.

If your Ford Sync is not working, you may be wondering what caused it. We did the research, and here is what we learned about the system!

Ford Sync Not Working (Try These 9 Fixes)

1. Reset The Sync

The simplest way to fix your Ford Sync problems is by resetting the Bluetooth to remedy any issues.

That said, you can do so by turning your phone’s Bluetooth off and then on while turning your Ford’s Bluetooth on and off as well, which you can usually find in the sync system.

Once you have done that, you can manually connect your phone to the car’s Bluetooth to pair the device.

2. Delete The Connected Phone

Similar to resetting your Bluetooth on your phone and Ford car, you can try to mimic the process by deleting the phone’s connection from your Ford’s Sync.

With that, check your specific car’s manual to delete your phone’s device from your car’s sync system on the Bluetooth menu.

When that is complete, you can pair your phone to the sync system again, making your phone seem like a new device.

3. Do A Key Cycle

If you are struggling with your Ford Sync because the screen is frozen, you can refresh your car’s sync system by doing a key cycle.

To do so, you can start by turning off your car, making sure that your car is completely shut off and accessory mode is not on.

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Next, open the car’s driver’s door, lock the door, and close the door. If your car has an Intelligent Access System and push-button start, you need to leave the car with your keys first.

After that, you will need to wait two minutes to be sure that your car’s radio system completely shuts off, then you can turn on your car again.

4. Soft Reset For Your Phone

Sometimes, the problem may not be with your Ford car but with your phone, which makes it an easy fix.

For example, you can soft reset your phone by turning your phone off and removing the battery if you can.

After a few minutes, turn your phone on and see if your phone automatically reconnects to your Ford’s Sync system.

5. Problem With The Fuse

Problem With The Fuse

Occasionally, you may have an issue with your sync Bluetooth fuse if the sync Bluetooth suddenly stops working.

Normally, you can try removing the sync Bluetooth fuse and then reattach it to fix the problem, but you may need to replace it if that does not work.

Further, you can look for your passenger compartment fuse box to see the sync Bluetooth fuse.

However, you will need to open your car’s glove compartment to find the fuse box and pull the compartment’s sides to expose your car’s fuse box.

6. Corrupted Files

Sometimes, you may not have an actual issue with your phone or your Ford Sync, but the problem could be within the files you are trying to play.

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For instance, many people download music files onto their phones, which may not always be safe or playable.

Generally, people download music from YouTube and convert the songs into mp3 files, but these can often become corrupted, so you cannot play them on your Ford Sync.

Another example is if you were to torrent music from a website, the files you downloaded might not be playable files.

Ideally, you must be sure that you are playing files from legitimate and safe sources, such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, or Spotify.

7. Low Car Or Phone Volume

Another common mistake people make that makes them think there is a problem with their Ford Sync is that their volumes are too low.

For example, if you play a song on your Ford Sync through your phone, there may be no sound coming out of the speakers.

If this is the case, you need to ensure that your phone and car speaker volumes are on a higher level.

Of course, when your phone or car’s volume is low, you will likely not hear any noise coming from your Ford Sync.

8. Copyright Protection

Some songs will not play on your car, even if the music bar moves, because copyright protection has been put over the song.

For example, some music streaming apps like Soundcloud feature copyright protection, which can keep you from listening to part of the song or the whole song.

Usually, this occurs because the artist who made the music does not want people to stream their songs illegally.

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As such, you would need to check where you are streaming the song to see if the song has copyright protection.

9. Incompatible Phones

Normally, Ford Sync will only work with compatible phones, which means that the phone will need Bluetooth.

So, if you happen to have a very old phone with no Bluetooth, your Ford Sync will not be able to connect to your phone.


Ford Sync can stop working randomly, but luckily basic fixes like resetting your phone or restarting your car can be a quick solution.

However, some problems may require more technical solutions, which can include fixing the sync Bluetooth fuse.

Also, your phone or Ford Sync may not have a problem, as some song files can be corrupted, or the song may have copyright protection.

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  1. ford sync 4 for 2023 in my edge st is junk. never had problems with sync 3 in 2013 focus 2014 fusion or 2017 edge. if ford does not resolve issues with sync 4 . i am done with ford. been with ford for 35 years


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