Ford Sync USB Not Working (Try These 9 Fixes)

While most Ford Sync systems are equipped with Bluetooth, all systems will come with a USB slot. This USB slot allows you to connect devices like your phone to the Ford Sync system.

If your Ford Sync USB does not work, you may be wondering how you can fix the issue. We looked up the facts, and here is what we learned!

Ford Sync USB Not Working (Try These 9 Fixes)

1. Unplug The USB

Technology can be a finicky thing to deal with, so a simple solution of unplugging your USB can fix your Ford Sync USB issue.

If your phone is connected to your Ford Sync via USB, just unplug the USB and wait a minute before you plug the USB back into the Ford Sync USB slot.

2. Faulty USB Cord

Sometimes, your Ford Sync USB may work perfectly fine because the problem would be with the cord you are using to plug into the USB slot of the Ford Sync.

Generally, USB cords go through wear and tear as you use them throughout the years, which will make them less effective at connecting devices.

Additionally, physical damage to the cable, such as cracks in the cord or bending, can make your USB cord not work properly.

As such, you would usually need to replace your USB cord to be able to use the Ford Sync USB slot effectively.

You can try to repair your USB cord, but it may not be easy, and you may notice that your device disconnects if the USB cord moves.

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3. Force Close The App

As mentioned earlier, you can usually unplug then re-plug your USB to fix your Ford Sync problem, but you may need to do more.

For instance, you should see your phone’s app show up in your Ford Sync’s Mobile Apps Menu when you plug the USB back in.

If the app does not show up, you will need to select “force close” on the phone’s app and then restart the Ford Sync.

After that, once the Ford Sync turns on again, you can try to connect your phone to the USB slot again to see if it works.

4. Master Reset The Sync

Sometimes, you just need to reset your Ford Sync to make your Ford Sync USB work properly.

That said, to perform a master reset on your Ford Sync, begin by turning on your car and keeping it parked, making sure that your car is not in accessory mode.

Next, go to the screen of your Ford Sync and press “Settings” to look for “General,” which is where you will scroll down until you see Master Reset and select it.

Then, you will be given a message that your car’s sync will return to the factory settings, so click “Continue” to confirm.

After you click “Continue,” the Ford Sync will shut off, and you may need to wait for several minutes to allow the system to reset completely.

5. Dirty USB Ports

Dirty USB Ports

USB ports will get dirty over time because the ports are the perfect place for collecting dirt and dust.

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When your USB ports get dirty, they can affect how your devices connect to your Ford Sync when you try to use a USB cord.

Therefore, you will need to clean your USB port, which you can do by putting a little isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab and then rubbing the swab gently in the USB port.

Remember, you should not be pushing the cotton swab too hard into the USB port when you clean it.

6. Clogged USB Plug

Similar to the USB port, the USB plug on your cord could be dirty due to a build-up of dirt and dust.

To clean this, you can take a can of compressed air and spray the inner parts of the USB plug to remove excess dirt.

7. Restart Your Car

Sometimes, all your Ford Sync needs to make the USB slot work again is restarting your car.

With that, you can turn off your car completely, making sure you do not leave your car in accessory mode as this will keep the radio on.

Next, you need to wait for a few minutes to be sure everything is shut off, and then you can turn your car on again to see if you can use the Ford Sync USB.

8. Very Low Volumes

Occasionally, there may be nothing wrong with your Ford Sync or your USB, but there could be a technical error on your car’s speaker system or your phone.

Usually, you may not realize that your car’s speaker or your phone may be on a very low volume, which would mean little to no sound from your speakers.

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For instance, your car’s speakers may be on full volume, but your phone’s volume may be on a low volume, which you can easily fix by raising the volume from your phone.

9. Update Your Ford Sync

Sometimes, a glitch can occur in the Ford Sync’s system, which can be resolved if your Ford Sync needs to be updated.

Further, your Ford Sync has software that needs to be upgraded occasionally, so you just need to upgrade it to make the Ford Sync USB.

Ideally, you should check the Ford Sync Updates and your car manual since each Ford car has a different method of updating the Ford Sync software.

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Your Ford Sync has a USB slot that you can use to connect devices to it, but the Ford Sync USB slot can stop working if there is an issue with your Ford Sync system.

Additionally, having damaged USB cables, dirty USB plugs, or a clogged USB port on your Ford Sync can keep it from functioning.

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