Why Buy A Car? (15 Reasons Why)

Tired of driving a vehicle you do not own? Why not buy your own car when you can? 

Sure, leasing gives customers access to a wider model car every so often, but the lease’s conditions and restrictions are frequently unreasonable, harsh, and simply expensive. 

In the long term, it makes more intelligent decisions to buy your own vehicle. If you are still looking for reasons why you should buy your own, then let’s find out more!

Why Buy A Car?

So, why should you buy a car? One of the first reasons you should buy a car is that it will save you time from commuting, going to work, or running errands somewhere. In addition, buying a car can save you from wasting too much money on car leases or other public transportation systems available in your place. Also, having your own car can give you freedom from going anywhere.

Learn more about why you should buy a car. Here are 15 reasons why. Continue reading to find out more!

1. You Should Buy A Car To Save Money

Buying a car is one of the most important financial decisions you can make, and it’s not just because it’s a great way to get around town or go from point A to point B. 

There are all kinds of reasons why buying a car is actually cheaper than public transportation, plus it can help you save on gas and insurance premiums in the long run.

For example, insurance companies have been known to charge more for drivers who don’t have cars. But there’s no reason why you should pay more for your own driver’s license and car insurance. 

If you’re paying for both, then you should probably be paying less for each one.

2. To Feel Self-Sufficient

You’re going to be a busy person—whoa, you’ve got a lot on your plate.

But if you don’t have a car, then you can’t really get around. A car is like your own little spaceship that takes you from one place to another and lets you do things on your own.

You’ll feel self-sufficient when you drive yourself around town. You’ll be able to get where you need to go without having to rely on someone else.

Of course, you’ll be able to take care of things on your own as well. If there’s something wrong with the car, or it needs maintenance, or there’s nothing left in the gas tank, whatever it is. 

You won’t have someone else waiting for their turn behind you at the mechanic’s office.

3. Buying A Car Is Better Than Leasing One

Buying a car is better for your wallet and your bank account, even if you’re not paying for it. 

That’s because no matter how much you pay for a car, the amount you spent has to be offset by the amount of money you’ll save on financing. 

Or, in other words, if you buy a $30,000 car and put $4,000 down on that car, your total cost for that vehicle will only be $34,000 (the difference between the sales price and the amount you put down).

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If you were to lease that same $30,000 car at $400 per month over five years, that’s $20,800, you’d end up paying more than twice as much to own it (in addition to paying interest over time).

4. There Are Certain Safety Features That Comes With Buying A Car

One of the first things you need to know is that there are certain safety features that come with buying a car. 

Of course, this includes airbags in the steering wheel and seats, as well as anti-lock brakes (ABS) and electronic brake distribution (eBD). 

These features help keep you safe while driving, which makes them worth the extra cost—especially if they save your life.

5. You Can Have Your Own Transportation

It’s much easier to get around if you have a car because no one will be able to block your way by walking or biking when you’re driving your car. 

Further, it makes it easier for you to get around without having an accident or getting stuck somewhere where there isn’t enough room for other cars coming from behind them. 

So, if they’re trying to make turns too closely together on narrow roads with lots of traffic congestion, such as highways.

6. You Are Free To Customize Your Car

When you buy a car, you are buying a vehicle that will serve you for many years to come. 

In addition, you’ll be able to customize whatever features are important to your lifestyle or needs (which could include more storage space and more power). 

By purchasing a car, you are taking on the responsibility of making sure that your vehicle is able to keep up with what you really like.

Also, you can customize the look and feel of your car so that it reflects who you are. 

There are many options when it comes to choosing which type of car will best suit your needs and style preferences.

7. Great Way To Invest

Buying a car can be an investment that pays off over time. If you buy a used car, it will cost less than buying new and will likely increase in value over time. 

Plus, if you sell your car at a later date, it will still have the potential for growth as well.

8. Freedom Of Going Anywhere

Freedom Of Going Anywhere

Using shared transportation or depending on others to get around could be problematic. 

When using public transportation, you might worry about getting to your destination in a timely manner. Your itinerary may be thrown off by 15 to 30 minutes if you miss your transport.

You can avoid adjusting your schedule to accommodate people if you own a car. You are not dependent on others to bring you where you are going. 

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The ability to be independent and self-reliant is one advantage of owning an automobile.

Your only concern should be finding the cash for gas. You don’t need to rely on friends, relatives, or public transportation.

9. You Can Sell Your Car Later With High Resale Value

The resale value of a car is a big factor in whether or not you should buy a car.

In addition, the most common reason people decide to sell their cars is because they want new wheels—and why wouldn’t they? 

Because they’re just so much fun. But what happens when you want new wheels again? 

Well, if you’ve got an older model car, there’s a good chance its resale value will be higher than what it was when new. 

Why? Because older models tend to be more reliable and durable than newer models. 

These are both factors that are important for helping buyers get the most for their money when buying either a new or a used vehicle.

10. You’ll Have Fewer Worries

For example: If you’re a busy parent and you want to take your child on a road trip, but you don’t have a car, it can be hard to find someone who will let you borrow theirs. 

So, if they don’t have kids or pets, they might not understand how much trouble driving with kids can be—and how much it can cost.

If you own your own car, though, these problems go away. Your child will learn how to use the car safely and won’t get into accidents because he or she doesn’t know how to drive properly. 

And if someone does try to steal your car (which happens more often than most people realize), then you’ll have something called “personal jurisdiction” over them. 

Therefore, it means that there are laws in place that protect people from being sued for things like theft if their car is stolen from their driveway or garage.

11. Privacy

One advantage of owning a car is privacy. Your car can function as your house if you don’t stay in one spot for an extended period of time. 

Of course, you aren’t required to share space, which is one advantage of having a car.

You may keep your possessions inside your automobile if you’re seeking a secure location to keep them. You are welcome to remain in your automobile when you have the need for solitude.

Also, your personal space is extended by your car. Having your own vehicle is a fantastic option if you care about privacy.

12. Medical Emergencies

Owning a personal car is the most secure approach to safeguarding your health, whether there is a pandemic or not.

Many are being compelled to adopt new health policies by the current health crisis. The best approach to monitor social distancing is by having an automobile.

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Of course, you run a higher chance of contracting an infection if you use public transportation. 

When you use buses and other kinds of public transportation, you can run against possible carriers. You can decide who enters and exits your car when you own one.

As a result, you can reduce any medical costs and exposure. An automobile also has the advantage of being simple to get to in case of an emergency.

13. Save Time

You can save time if you have a car. Without a car, your plans can depend on the accessibility of public transportation. 

Also, your daily schedule could undergo numerous unwelcome alterations if you don’t have a car. Buying a car can help you make the most of your time if you lead a busy life. 

But having your own vehicle can help you spend less time idle because time is money. Additionally, you have a choice in the route you take to get to work or school.

14. Flexibility

Getting an automobile is only sensible as the population increases and the cities are becoming more crowded. Having a car allows you to travel wherever you must go for work. 

You should not be concerned about the weather slowing down public transportation if you have to make a fast grocery run.

In addition, you can accomplish numerous daily tasks with the use of a car. A car can greatly simplify your life if you have a busy schedule. 

Owning a car allows you to utilize your time and energy more effectively.

The majority of Americans commute to work or education by car. Having a car can provide you with a lot more flexibility than using Uber or the public transportation system.

15. Pleasurable Trips

Buying a car would be a terrific investment if you enjoy traveling. Being able to go on lengthy journeys is one of the added features of having a vehicle. 

Further, a car will simplify the process whether you’re traveling by yourself or with relatives.

Being able to drive is very useful when taking unexpected drives and excursions. On a road trip, you could also discover new routes and venture off the grid. 

A car allows you room to bring your dog along with you. Normally, bringing pets on board several public transportation systems is not allowed. 

Most people who consider purchasing a car typically have one or more destinations in mind. Give yourself a treat and purchase a vehicle if you love traveling.


When you commit to buying a car, you are investing your money and your time. 

You have to consider the value that a car will bring to your life: freedom, independence, convenience, time efficiency–these are just some of the many reasons to purchase a car. 

To decide whether a car is right for you, think about how owning one will improve your life on a daily basis. So the next time someone asks “Why buy a car?”, your answer should be obvious.

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