Why Was My Car Towed? (9 Reasons Why)

Having your automobile towed can either be a hassle or a pleasurable experience. Everything is based on the cause of the event. You might have ended up in a ditch.

On the contrary hand, it’s possible that you parked illegally. These are some of the main causes for having your car towed, read and discover more!

Why Was My Car Towed?

Your car is being towed mainly because you have parked in the wrong spot. Parking rules vary depending on where you reside. In addition to that, running out of fuel will also cause your car to be towed in order for you to get somewhere else. Among other reasons your car might get towed are when your alternator fails to function, and your engine overheats.

Learn more about why your car is being towed. Here are nine reasons why. Continue reading for further information!

1. Ran Out Of Fuel

The necessity for a tow truck is frequently caused by people running out of fuel. So, if you notice that you are running out of gas, stop at the nearest gas station to fill your tank up. 

Because your automobile will be stuck after you are completely out, then, to get somewhere, you’ll need to contact a tow truck.

2. Alternator failure

Your battery receives energy from your alternator. Your battery will not last long without one. It will not be difficult for you to realize if you have been driving with a damaged alternator.

Of course, your electronics will all stop functioning. Even your steering system will eventually break down. Your automobile will not move at all if the battery completely dies.

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You are now stranded on the side of the highway. The only option is to dial a tow truck.

So, keep an eye on your dashboard. If somehow the alternator fails, a weird sign probably appears. The icon resembles a battery with a cut through it.

That indicates that your battery isn’t getting charged. Drive to the closest repair facility as soon as you realize that. 

You’re dealing with a faulty alternator. If not, you must quickly make a tow truck call.

3. Engine Overheat

Probably you neglected to top up your car’s coolant. If that occurs, you’ll see the temperature gauge begin to rise quickly. Running a hot engine could cause damage to it.

You could use a tow if you don’t have any coolant available with you. Drive only after having the car inspected.

Or you could take a chance and crack the engine block. The simplest course of action would be to call a tow truck.

4. Inappropriate Parking

Perhaps you parked the automobile on the wrong side of the street. The majority of the time, parking in a residential neighborhood is hassle-free.

Further, keep an eye out for the street signs. The majority of public streets have green signs. Its private nature would be indicated by a different color. 

Parking on a restricted street will typically result in you being tow-away.

5. Having A Flat Tire

Having A Flat Tire

Most likely, you have seen a motorist with flat tires on the side of the road.

It is unsafe to drive with a flat tire, and doing so could harm your rim. In that case, you would need to repair much more than just your tire. 

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Your repair expenses would increase by two or three times if you replaced the rim.

Change to a donut if your tire is flat. However, some automobiles lack a doughnut in the trunk. If so, you should be patient and wait for a tow vehicle. It won’t cost as much as getting new rims.

6. Low Oil Level

Every 7,000 miles, have your oil changed. If not, you risk running out of oil while driving. Driving with low oil levels could result in significant engine friction.

In addition, there will be a lot of heat produced as a result. The engine block could then explode once more. Synthetic oil use could be able to stop this from happening.

Traditional oil typically lasts a lot shorter than synthetic oil. Alternatively, you may keep some oil in your trunk.

Then you can top off your engine if you see that you are running low. Your only other choice would be to call a tow truck.

7. You Have Bad Rotors

Bad rotors are another scenario in which you might require a tow truck. Every 60,000 miles, your vehicle’s brake pads should be changed. If not, you might damage the rotors.

When the wheels are bent, odd grinding noises will emanate from them. That is a result of the rotors vibrating each time the wheels turn. Heat could build very quickly while driving on them. 

Rather than driving on damaged rotors, call a tow truck. Both safety and affordability are strengthened.

8. You Abandoned Your Car At An Apartment Building

Perhaps you spent the whole night at a relative’s apartment. If that happens, you may find a vacant parking lot when you wake up.

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Give the front desk a call if your car disappears. If it has been towed, they will let you know. And if it has, they can tell you where and how to pick it up.

You might occasionally need to park at a specific location. When you are visiting someone, always look somewhere for guest parking. You won’t have to worry in the morning if you do it that way.

9. You Failed To Pay The Parking Fee

Do you often go to a major city to run errands, or do you work there?

You often need to refill the parking meter. You must refill it after it runs empty.

If you leave your car there, it can be towed away. When you arrive back, you’ll at most discover a parking ticket on your vehicle’s windshield.


Having your automobile towed is never a nice situation. You are left at the whim of the controller, who might try to overcharge you, not to point out the possible inconvenience. 

Of course, the greatest advice is to follow your state’s parking regulations in order to prevent being towed.

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