Why Are Electric Cars So Ugly? (9 Reasons Why)

Electric cars have become increasingly popular as various brands like Tesla have been taking over the market. However, some people are hesitant to switch to electric cars since they are not into the aesthetic that most electric cars have.

If you have seen the designs for electric cars, you may be wondering why electric cars are so ugly. I looked up the facts, and here is what I found!

Why Are Electric Cars So Ugly?

Electric cars are so ugly because most manufacturers want to make them appear unique and futuristic, which can be unattractive to most people. Since electric cars do not need as many parts as a conventional car, designers also have more freedom to make an unusual design that can appear unsightly.

Do you want to find out more reasons why electric cars are ugly? I made a list of reasons below, so keep reading!

1. Futuristic

One of the main reasons why people are not a fan of electric cars is that most electric cars look futuristic. Since cars that run on gas usually have an “old school design”, engineers have focused on making electric cars look like they came from the future.

Most people believe that electric cars are the way of the future and will slowly take over gas–powered cars.

Therefore, electric car manufacturers want to make this known by implementing a more futuristic look to there electric cars.

However, many people will not be accustomed to these designs, which leads people to calling electric cars ugly.

2. Stand Out Designs

Normally, most people consider electric cars to be luxury vehicles, so people expect this status symbol to stand out from the sea of other cars.

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So, electric car manufacturers take advantage of this fact by making electric cars as unique as possible.

Unfortunately, these designs can be unusual to many people, so some people will think that the eye-catching designs are an eyesore.

3. More Room For Innovation

Usually, the main reason why electric cars are ugly is that the designers have a lot of space for innovative designs.

Generally, electric cars do not need the same design as a traditional car because electric cars do not contain the same parts as a normal gas-powered car.

For instance, most traditional cars require various parts to utilize gas in the car, such as fuel injectors or a combustion chamber.

On the other hand, electric cars use energy, so they will not require the extra parts of a normal car to burn fuel.

As such, there is a lot of room available in the car since a traditional engine is not present.

This has led to many designers being very creative when it comes to an electric car’s design, which will seem ugly to some people.

4. Odd Battery Placements

If you happen to have an older electric car, the electric car may appear ugly because of where the battery was placed.

For instance, some of the electric cars had the batteries placed behind under a backseat, which would lead to less leg room and an awkward appearance in the car’s interior.

Nowadays, electric cars have a more efficient design since most electric car batteries are under the floor in the middle of the car.

5. Trying To Appear Traditional

Trying To Appear Traditional

Initially, some of the electric cars that were first made were meant to look similar to conventional gas cars to make them look better to the general market.

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However, this did not go over very well since some of the designs that they tried to do to make the electric car look “normal” made the car stand out badly.

Usually, the earlier designs for electric vehicles were not pleasant to look at because they had large vents and grille shells.

Thanks to more research and designs, newer electric car models do not appear as ugly as the earlier models.

For example, almost all electric cars now do not need grilles because there is no conventional engine, so designers do not see the need to put them in anymore.

6. Lack Of Airflow

Generally, traditional gas-powered cars are shaped a certain way for aerodynamics, such as having a sloped curve at the front or the back of the car.

However, electric cars do not have to manage the airflow of the car as much as a conventional gas car.

As such, designers did not have to add a curve to the electric car’s design, which can make some of the cars appear “incomplete.”

7. No Standard Design

Compared to conventional cars, there is a lot of room for error when it comes to the way electric cars look because there is no exact standard design.

Depending on the manufacturer, they can decide to make the electric car look as traditional or unique as possible.

Since there is no standard design for an electric car, people may not get used to the appearance and presume that each electric car is ugly.

8. Efficiency

Some electric cars can seem ugly because they look like the lack a lot of the traditional components of a normal car.

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This is because manufacturers want to make their electric cars efficient, so they will not add components that the electric car needs for the sake of aesthetics.

9. Subjectiveness

Finally, the reason why electric cars are ugly may be subjective since most people have different ideas as to what a good car looks like.

For instance, some of the older models of electric cars are what people remember, which many people have found to be tacky and ugly.

However, many people dream of owning luxury electric cars like Tesla, which feature a sleeker design that is easier to like for the general market.

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Electric cars are ugly to most people because they have odd designs since the designers try to make them as unique as possible.

Moreover, some electric cars are unattractive because they were designed for functionality, not appearance, which can make them appear incomplete.

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  1. I feel today’s electric vehicles are very ugly.
    They remind me of a faceless Amish doll.
    To appeal to my generation (baby boomers) the manufacturers are going to need to step up their game.
    Personally, I don’t believe I would buy one because they have no grunt… when I step on the gas I want to get an immediate kick ass response that I just don’t see an electric ever being able to deliver.
    This is my personal perspective. I am a 73 year old female.


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