Why Were Electric Cars Invented? (9 Reasons Why)

Driving electric vehicles is becoming more popular. Several automakers are currently or in the coming years wholly devoted to this driving technology. 

That is not unjustified. Compared to an automobile with a combustion engine, an electric vehicle has a number of benefits. Let’s find out more!

Why Were Electric Cars Invented?

1. To Achieve Zero Emission

Electric automobiles are being specifically developed because they don’t emit any pollution when being driven. 

An electric motor, which powers an electric vehicle, is run by a battery. Fuel is not burned. An electric vehicle doesn’t even have an exhaust. 

In a period when drastic reductions in global CO2 pollution and emissions are required, it is the best option for road transportation.

2. To Take Advantage Of Not Needing To Use Fuel

There is one thing with assurance, regardless of the fact that fuel costs and power costs per kWh in every nation might vary greatly. 

Petrol and fuel are more expensive than electricity. An electric vehicle can be more cost-effective in this regard than a vehicle powered by a combustion engine. 

The most affordable choice is to frequently charge at home. If you wish to charge at a community charging station, it is a good idea to find out what payment option is accepted first. 

Typically, you pay a fee per kWh. However, most charging stations like in Europe charge a fee per minute, particularly in busy, well-known tourist regions. 

If you go by the minute, the cost of charging the battery would be significantly higher, which could result in unpleasant billing surprises.

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3. So People Can Enjoy Comfort And Silence

An electric motor scarcely creates any noise compared to a combustion engine. Therefore, the silence inside an electric vehicle is obvious. 

Furthermore, unlike a combustion engine, which frequently exhibits resonance and vibration, an electric motor does not. The drivetrain is vibration- and noise-free, adding to the comfort.

4. To Provide Smooth Transmission

An electric automobile lacks a typical transmission, which is another important distinction from a vehicle powered by a combustion engine. 

An electric vehicle always performs similarly to a vehicle with an automated gearbox, which does not require you to change gears. 

Additionally, you are not charged more for that. Driving in heavy start-stop busy traffic or in a long line of cars has never been so comfortable thanks to the smoothness of an electric motor.

5. To Deliver Efficiency

To Deliver Efficiency

Currently, the combustion engines with the highest efficiency are about 40% efficient. This means that only 40% of the fuel’s energy is converted into motion. 

Friction and heat losses account for the remaining 60%. An electric engine utilizes the power in the battery much more effectively because it operates at an efficiency of about 90%. 

A generator can be quickly added to an electric motor, allowing an electric car to sustain kinetic energy with ease.

6. To Provide An Appealing Performance

One of the most noticeable characteristics of an electric motor is its extremely high torque.higher than a typical internal combustion engine.

Additionally, an electric motor can deliver its maximum torque right away from a stop and respond swiftly to throttle changes.

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An engine with internal combustion only produces its maximum torque in a specific speed range and has a fixed, inevitable response time. 

All of this guarantees enticing performance due to the powerful and smooth acceleration, which also guarantees a lot of driving desire.

7. For A Less Maintenance Vehicle

Compared to a combustion engine, an electric drivetrain has far simpler technology. 

Due to the fact that just a small number of parts need to be lubricated, it has far fewer (spinning) components and fluids. 

Therefore, you may already sense that an electric vehicle will require less maintenance.

According to Consumer Reports in the United States, owners of electric cars can save up to 50% on maintenance costs when compared to those cars with a combustion engine.

8. So You Can Travel By Using Your Own Electricity

There is no way you could build your own oilfield in your backyard and produce your own auto gasoline. But producing your own electricity is hardly surprising. 

For instance, from the solar panels located on the roof of your home or place of business. You can further lower your cost per mile by charging your battery with this renewable power.

9. For A Cleaner Environment

Even when energy generation is taken into account, an electric car’s complete electric mode results in zero tailpipe emissions, significantly reducing smog and greenhouse gas emissions.

Cleaner vehicles promote greater health and cleaner air. Just like how  93% of Californians reside in locations where the air quality is below state or federal requirements. 

Of course, it has a number of negative consequences, particularly for children and the elderly.

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Additionally, the effects of climate change and greenhouse gasses are already being seen in California and around the world.


To sum everything up, the past shows us that car manufacturers have been on a steady push to bring electric cars to the roads, and with recent focus shifts towards renewable energy. 

There is no doubt in everyone’s mind that an electric car future is apparent. With all these reasons why electric cars were invented, you surely know what people will love.

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