Why Are Alfa Romeos So Cheap? (9 Reasons Why)

Alfa Romeos are a unique Italian car luxury brand that have fantastic and stand out designs. Despite being a luxury car, Alfa Romeos have a surprisingly affordable price that shocks many people.

If you noticed the cost of Alfa Romeos, you may be wondering why Alfa Romeos are so cheap. I looked up the facts, and here is what I learned!

Why Are Alfa Romeos So Cheap?

Alfa Romeos are so cheap because they are typically made from lower quality materials. Additionally, the Alfa Romeo cars are often known to require frequent repairs due to the poor car parts. Moreover, Alfa Romeo has a bad reputation as a car brand, making the demand for the cars low and the price cheap.

Are you interested in learning about more factors that make Alfa Romeos cheap? I compiled a list of factors below, so keep reading!

1. Low-Quality Materials

Even if Alfa Romeos look nice, they are not as high-quality as they may seem, since Alfa Romeos are made from low-quality materials that allows them to be cheap luxury cars.

While the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is made from higher strength materials, other Alfa Romeo models are not made equal.

For instance, older Alfa Romeo models were made using low-quality rubbers and plastics.

Since these materials were of poor quality, the trim would often come apart and the paint would chip off.

Notably, many Alfa Romeo car owners stated that various parts of their car would have paint that faded quickly.

2. Early Battery Failure

One of the most common issues that makes the Alfa Romeos so cheap is that they often experience early battery failure.

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Normally, most Alfa Romeo owners will notice issues with their assistance modules, like the start stop system.

Usually, these issues with the battery failing early will cause the warning lights on the car’s dashboard to illuminate.

While the problem was supposedly solved by a software update, many Alfa Romeo car owners complain that this problem is still common and persistent.

3. Immediate Minor Repairs

Alfa Romeos are cheap because they are not known to be durable cars due to their cheaper parts, which means they will be in need of repairs much quicker.

For instance, the timing belt on the Alfa Romeo is a poor quality timing belt since it needs to be replaced much faster than other cars.

Normally, a timing belt needs to be replaced every 60,000 to 100,000 miles or every 6 to 10 years, whereas the Alfa Romeo’s timing belt has to be replaced within 3 to 5 years.

This is why Alfa Romeo drivers have to carefully refer to their car’s manual since the Alfa Romeo’s parts need to be maintained at lower mileage points than other car brands.

4. Climate Control Problems

Another design flaw that makes some Alfa Romeo models very cheap is the issue with climate control. 

For instance, some Alfa Romeo owners have complained that they notice one side of their car would release cool air while the other side would release hot air.

This is because some of the Alfa Romeo’s climate control wires got cross-wired, causing malfunctions in the temperature.

5. Unreliability


Usually, some car models, such as the Toyota 4Runner, are worth a lot because they are reliable cars, but Alfa Romeos are cheap because they are known to be unreliable cars.

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As stated earlier, the Alfa Romeo often faces frequent car issues, which can occur quite early after purchasing the car.

Alfa Romeos are known to randomly require repairs, which brings the value of the car down.

Since you are more likely to face an unpredictable issue with an Alfa Romeo, they will usually be cheap.

6. Low Sales

Usually, products can be expensive when they are in high demand, but the Alfa Romeo models often face low sales.

Generally, Alfa Romeos do not sell as much cars as other luxury car brands, such as BMW, which forces Alfa Romeo to price their cars cheaper to entice people to buy its cars. 

7. Engine Issues

Another big fault that makes Alfa Romeos cheaper is that they have a lot of engine issues.

For example, many Alfa Romeo owners have noticed that they face engine problems quite quickly, such as a knocking noise in the engine or the engine turns itself off.

8. Bad Reputation

Normally, the reputation of a brand can help determine how much they can price their products, and Alfa Romeo does not have a great reputation.

As you can tell based on some of the issues mentioned earlier about Alfa Romeo, Alfa Romeo is not considered a good car brand to buy from.

Most people are only willing to purchase luxury Alfa Romeo cars because of the appearance, but not the actual function of the car.

As such, Alfa Romeo does not have much room to charge a lot for their cars since their bad reputation can make it harder to sell cars.

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Therefore, most Alfa Romeo cars, especially the older models that are known to be problematic, are much cheaper than other luxury cars.

9. Christmas Error Lights

Christmas error lights was a nickname coined by many Alfa Romeo owners due to dashboard warning lights appearing frequently.

Often times, most of these car owners would find that there was nothing actually wrong with their car, other than the issue of the warning lights illuminating for no reason.

However, the problem could also be caused by bad connectors or a bad battery, which likely came with the Alfa Romeo when people bought the car.

As such, this indicates cheaper and low-quality car components, which helps Alfa Romeo price their cars so low.

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While they are considered luxury cars, Alfa Romeos are one of the cheaper Italian luxury brands you can buy from.

However, Alfa Romeos are cheap because they are made from low-quality parts that require frequent repairs.

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