Why Do Mustangs Lose Control? (9 Reasons Why)

Are you wondering why certain Mustangs lose control? It may be because of various reasons. 

Check out this post to discover the 9 most common reasons for loss of control for Mustangs on the road. Let’s find out more about it in a few seconds!

Why Do Mustangs Lose Control?

There are several reasons why Mustangs lose control. Sometimes it’s due to a mechanical issue, and other times it can be due to driver error. Some of the reasons could be that the tires are made of rubber or damaged front shocks. In addition to that are the tight steering wheel, too much weight over your Mustang’s rear axle, and many other factors.

Learn more about why Mustangs lose control. Here are nine reasons why. Read more to find out!

1. Rubber Tires

The most common reason why Mustangs lose control is because of the tires. 

The tires of a Mustang are made out of rubber, and when they get old or damaged, they can be less grippy and more prone to slipping. 

This makes your car lose traction, and make you lose control. You may notice that part of your tires are starting to wear down or look worn down. 

Especially if you have driven a lot over rough terrains, like dirt roads or gravel paths.

2. Suspension Components

Another reason why a Mustang loses control is because of the suspension components. 

When all four wheels are working together in unison (which is when your car feels like it has more traction). 

Your Mustang should feel stable and balanced at all times because each wheel is working as one unit. 

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If one wheel starts turning faster than the others or begins to slip or lose traction, then this can cause your Mustang to lose control and swerve out of its lane while driving down the road.

3. Damaged Front Shocks

These shock absorbers are meant to control the Mustang’s motion while driving, but they can fail if they’re not properly maintained. 

Front shocks are the most common cause of Mustang control problems. 

If a Mustang has damaged front shocks, it may be difficult to control its speed and direction, especially on steep hills or other slippery surfaces. 

So, if your Mustang’s front shock is showing signs of wear or damage, consider replacing them with a brand new set of shocks for an easy fix that will improve your car’s handling and safety.

4. Tight Steering Wheel

Not all Mustangs are the same. Some have a tight steering wheel, while others have a loose one. 

If your Mustang has a loose steering wheel, it may cause the car to be too loose or too tight during turns. 

The steering wheel should be set at its tightest point when your Mustang is parked and then adjusted as necessary to feel comfortable when driving.

5. Too Much Weight Over The Rear Axle

Too Much Weight Over The Rear Axle

The Mustang has too much weight over the rear axle, which makes it unstable when turning. 

When you’re driving a Mustang and trying to turn left or right, it can feel like the car is going to snap out from under you. 

This is because of all that weight hanging off the back end—it’s just too much for the wheels to handle.

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6. Poor Reaction Time Due To Limited Vision

Mustangs are known for their speed and agility, but they can’t always keep up with big cats like lions. Why? Because mustangs’ vision is limited.

While a lion’s eyesight is more than 400 times better than that of a human, a horse’s eyesight is just 20 times better than that of an average human. 

That means that their vision isn’t as good, and it takes them longer to react when something dangerous is approaching.

If you’re riding in a group and you see something coming at you—whether it’s a lion or another horse—you need to be able to react quickly enough to avoid being attacked.

7. Too Fast For The Brakes To Catch Up

When you’re driving a Mustang, and you’ve got the pedal to the metal, it’s pretty hard to stop. 

The reason for this is simple: Mustangs have very thin, small brakes. What’s more, they’re designed to be used with only one pedal.

The result? If you’re going fast enough in a Mustang, chances are high that your brakes will not be able to catch up or slow down quickly enough when they do hit the brakes.

8. A Loose Wheel Nut On One Side Or Another

Mustangs are known for their traction, but it’s important to remember that a loose wheel nut on one side or another can affect how a Mustang drives.

When you’re on the road, the Mustang’s four-wheel drive system can help it spin out of control if the wheel nut isn’t tight enough—or if there’s even a slight amount of play in the bolt.

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A loose wheel nut on one side or another can cause your Mustang to lose control, especially when you’re going down a steep hill.

9. Damaged Brake Pads

The first thing you should do when you notice your Mustang losing control is check the brakes. 

If you see that one or more of the pads are torn or have been damaged, it’s best to replace them immediately. 

This will help prevent further damage to the pads, which can lead to more expensive repairs down the line. 

The good news is that installing new pads is easy, and you don’t need any special tools or equipment. Just make sure to take your time, so you don’t get frustrated with how long it takes.

If you don’t want to replace all of your brake pads at once, consider replacing just one or two at a time until all four have been replaced. 

This will help ensure that there aren’t any parts left over from previous repairs when it comes time for installation (which could cause additional damage).


Nobody likes to lose control of the car they love, so it’s only natural that you’ll be asking yourself the question, “Why do Mustangs Lose Control” at some point. 

Maybe you’ve been involved in a Mustang accident and need to figure out what happened, or perhaps you want to know for educational purposes. 

Either way, may this article give you a better understanding of why Mustangs lose control and how to avoid this yourself.

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