Why Is Car Insurance So Expensive For Seniors? (9 Reasons Why)

To be a responsible driver, you need to have car insurance no matter how old you are, even if you are a senior. However, the costs of car insurance may not be the same for everyone.

You may be wondering why car insurance is so expensive for seniors. I did some research, and here is what I learned!

Why Is Car Insurance So Expensive For Seniors?

Car insurance is so expensive for seniors since seniors are more likely to get into an accident and get hurt. Moreover, seniors are high-risk drivers since they often have reduced hearing, vision, reflexes, etc. Moreover, some car insurance rates will include the potential costs for a funeral if the accident were fatal.

Do you want to find out what other factors make car insurance for seniors expensive? I compiled a list of reasons below, so read on!

1. Higher Incidents Of Accidents

Firstly, one of the main reasons why car insurance is so expensive for seniors is that they are more likely to get into accidents.

According to most reports, senior drivers are more likely to get into fatal car crashes compared to middle-aged drivers.

While insurance companies are meant to help you cover most of the expenses you would have from a car crash, the insurance company does not want to make a loss either.

Therefore, most insurance companies will charge higher premiums to accident-prone drivers like seniors to prevent making a loss.

This is because senior citizens will be more likely to make frequent claims due to their higher rate of getting into an accident.

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2. Higher Risk Of Injuries

Other than getting into accidents, seniors are also more likely to get injured in case of an accident.

Generally, senior citizens are more prone to injuries since most people grow weaker with age.

For instance, people can develop weaker bones and even osteoporosis when they get older, which means that they are more likely to break a bone during a car accident.

As such, car insurance companies know that they are more likely to pay for hospital expenses for seniors.

Therefore, they will take this chance into account and make car insurance more expensive for seniors. 

3. Reduced Vision

Having good vision is essential to have to be a safe driver, but unfortunately most people’s vision tends to deteriorate with age.

There are various ways a person’s vision can get reduced as they age, such as having a hard time distinguishing colors, like black from blue.

Notably, another major issue is having problems with seeing things nearby and taking longer to adjust to different levels of light.

Normally, driving with reduced vision can put a person at a higher risk for accidents, which many insurers are aware of.

Therefore, you can expect most seniors to pay more for insurance because of their likelihood for having bad vision.

Even if the senior has corrective eyewear or treatments to treat reduced vision, it can still make their car insurance rates costly.

4. Reduced Hearing

Similar to your eyesight, most people experience reduced hearing as they get older, which impacts their insurance rates.

Usually, most seniors will experience hearing loss, which can make it hard for them to hear other cars, people, etc., which can be dangerous on the road.

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As such, insurers will charge more for insurance to seniors because they have a larger risk for an accident if they cannot hear the cars and people around them.

5. Slower Reflexes

Slower Reflexes

Generally, it is important to have quick reflexes when driving to react and avoid any potential incident on the road.

Unfortunately, reflexes often slow down when people age because their brains and nerves do not respond as quickly as they used to.

Having slow reflexes can make you a high-risk driver because you may be too slow to make a sudden turn, stop, etc.

Therefore, you can expect insurance companies to take this risk into account when charging seniors for car insurance.

6. Poor Focus

Similar to having slower reflexes, many seniors experience other cognitive declines that makes it harder for seniors to focus.

Usually, driving requires a lot of focus to keep themself and others safe on the road, so even a bit of distraction can cause an accident.

Since most seniors are likely to have poorer focus, car insurance companies will charge them higher rates for their increased risk for an accident while driving.

For instance, a senior’s mind may wander off while driving, which can make them not realize that they were supposed to turn or stop.

7. Decreased Physical Functions

Many physical functions can be impaired or decreased with age, and this can impact the car insurance rate.

For instance, it is common for seniors to have arthritis, which can affect the way they move their arms and feet while driving.

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These types of decreased physical functions can make it hazardous for seniors to drive, which makes their insurance premiums more expensive.

8. Potential Funeral Costs

As mentioned earlier, seniors are more likely to get into an accident and due to their more fragile bodies, they are more likely to get into a fatal accident.

Usually, insurers will make car insurance more expensive for seniors because it may also cover their funeral costs.

9. Prescription Medicine

Normally, many senior citizens will have to take prescription medicine to manage any conditions that they may have.

However, some of these prescription medications have side effects that could impact the way that people drive.

For instance, some medications can alter a person’s perception or give them mild dizziness or headaches, which increases their risk for an accident.

Since most senior citizens will take some form of prescription medication, insurers will take this into account and charge them more expensive car insurance rates.

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Seniors face more costly car insurance rates because they are considered high-risk drivers by most insurance companies.

Usually, seniors are more likely to get into accidents and get injured due to their decreased cognitive and physical function.

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