How Much Do Monster Truck Tires Weigh? + Other FAQS

We all know that monster truck tires are huge. However, how big are monster truck tires? Whether you’re a fan of monster trucks or just curious, you’ll likely be surprised by how much these tires weigh.

While monster trucks can come in all shapes and sizes, their wheels are typically all very similar in size. Keep reading to find out just how much these huge trucks weigh.

How Much Do Monster Truck Tires Weigh?

The average monster truck tire weighs about 800 pounds apiece. However, their weight can vary slightly based on how they are crafted. Because each tire is hand-crafted, it can weigh different amounts. It is quite difficult for a professional to get each tire weighing exactly the same, especially since they are generally not commercially produced.

There are quite a few factors that can contribute to a monster truck tire’s weight. Check out the rest of the article below for everything we learned about these interesting tires.

How Much Does a Monster Truck Tire Weigh Without a Rim?

Without the rim, a single monster truck tire can weigh from 800 to 900 pounds. However, there are some substantial differences in weight from company to company.

Because these tires are not mass-produced, they can vary quite a bit. Even the best monster truck tire crafter cannot make all the tires weigh exactly the same.

Therefore, you can expect quite a bit of difference from tire to tire.

Some competitions and shows have specific weight requirements for tires. Others do not.

However, lighter tires are usually considered the better option. After all, lighter tires will perform faster, which is exactly what you want in a racing situation.

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How Tall Are Monster Truck Tires?

How Tall Are Monster Truck Tires?

Monster truck tires are about 66 inches high. Usually, they’re about 43 inches wide as well. This size is quite large – even compared to an adult person.

In the name of fairness, many competitions have specific regulations on the size of the tires and wheels.

Generally, they fall somewhere close to the above guidelines. However, they can vary a little bit.

Monster Truck Tires vs. Truck Tires

Both monster truck tires and truck tires are similarly larger, especially when compared to cars and similarly sized vehicles.

However, monster truck tires are far heavier than regular truck tires.

Your average semi-truck has wheels that weigh around 150 to 200 pounds. Compared to the average car tire, this is extremely expensive. However, it isn’t nearly as large and heavy as monster truck tires.

With that said, the farming equipment tires that are used to make monster truck tires are generally even heavier.

In fact, they are easily one of the heavier wheels out there!

Generally speaking, monster truck tire wheels weigh more than pretty much any other wheel used – including truck tires.

That doesn’t mean that truck tires aren’t heavy; they just aren’t nearly as heavy as monster truck tires.

How Are Monster Truck Tires Made?

How Are Monster Truck Tires Made?

As you might imagine, monster truck tires are not commercially made. There is no factory pumping out truck tires. For this reason, they must all be custom-made.

Generally, most monster truck tires start out as something else. In most cases, they are used on larger machinery on farms. For instance, many were used on fertilizer spreaders and other machinery.

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As you might imagine, monster trucks need huge tires. Therefore, farm tires are perfect for distributing this weight. After all, they were made for huge tires anyway.

However, these tires just can’t be plopped onto a monster truck. Instead, they have to be carved carefully by professionals. As you might imagine, there aren’t many of these professionals around.

Therefore, they can be exceedingly expensive. Their size can also vary somewhat. When you’re hand-carving tires, they’re bound to differ somewhat.

However, it takes a substantial amount of skill to get them close enough. You can’t use multiple-sized tires on the same car.

Generally, it takes about eight to twelve hours to hand-sculpt a monster tire. Much of the tire’s high price comes from this substantial amount of professional time.

Most monster truck tires start out at about 1,200 pounds. However, during the carving process, a lot of the weight is removed.

In many cases, most professionals remove as much as 300 pounds of rubber are removed from each tire.

Therefore, the monster tires are generally lighter than the farm equipment tires they are made from. When it comes to racing, many monster tires producers want lighter tires as they perform faster.

In many cases, teams can also customize their tires with their own tread, since they are hand-carved.

However, this will affect the weight of the tire. Therefore, some weights vary depending on the weight used.

How Much Is a Real Monster Truck Tire?

How Much Is a Real Monster Truck Tire?

The average cost for a monster truck tire is about $2,600. For four pairs of tires, that’s about $10,000. As you might imagine, the cost of tires is a huge expense for owners of monster trucks.

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Obviously, the tires are so expensive because of all the material involved.

Furthermore, monster truck tires are also custom-made. As you can guess, there are no mass-produced monster truck tires.

If someone needs monster truck tires, they have to purchase them custom-made, which makes the price rise substantially.

Plus, it can take up to 50 hours to completely shape a monster truck tire. As you’d guess, all of that craftsmanship costs a substantial amount of money.

What Size Tire Must You Have to be Considered a Monster Truck?

While tires can vary in weight, they are all about the same size. Officially, monster truck tires must be 66 inches high and 43 inches wide.

To be considered a monster truck, you often have to have wheels that fit into this category.

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Monster truck tires typically weigh about 800 apiece. In total, that adds about 3,200 pounds to the truck.

However, tires can vary in weight quite a bit. For the most part, they are all custom-made. Therefore, there are bound to be quite a few differences between each tire.

Furthermore, different teams often order custom tread patterns, which can also affect the overall weight.

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