How Do I Reset Kia Alarm? (Your Full Guide)

Kia installs different types of alarms on their cars that will need to be addressed using various methods for a successful reset.

However, if you’ve never reset a Kia alarm before, you may be unaware of the proper method. So, if you’d like to find out, keep reading!

How Do I Reset A Kia Alarm?

You can reset your Kia alarm by following a number of procedures that involve your fob and car keys, such as disconnecting and reconnecting the alarm fuse. If you don’t have a key fob, though, you can reset the alarm by interrupting the alarm system’s power supply via the fuse or car battery.

If you’d like to learn more about how to reset a Kia alarm on different Kia car models, how to get your vehicle out of Anti-Theft mode and more, keep reading for useful facts and tips!

How Do I Reset a Kia Alarm?

There are three main ways to reset a Kia alarm:

  1. Disconnecting and reconnecting the alarm fuse (check your owner’s manual to find where your car’s fuse box is located)
  2. Disconnecting the negative terminal on the car battery and waiting between 30 minutes to an hour before reconnecting it
  3. Using the keys or fob

The first two options listed above will deprive the alarm of power, and when it’s reconnected it will reboot and reset in the process, which is ideal for when you don’t have the key or fob.

The third option works on all models, but the exact procedure might be different depending on which one you have.

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How Do You Reset The Alarm On A Kia Sorento?

How Do You Reset The Alarm On A Kia Sorento?

  1. To reset the alarm on a Kia Sorento, you would need to use the fob while standing at a distance about 10 feet away from your vehicle.
  2. Press and hold the panic button for about five seconds then press the lock button two times and get closer to the car.
  3. Next, unlock the driver’s side door and use the key to turn the car on but don’t start the engine.
  4. Afterward, check for a flashing light on the dashboard and wait until it stops before starting the engine to complete the reset process.

How Do I Reset My Alarm On My Kia Optima?

  1. To reset your Kia Optima alarm, place the key into the ignition and turn the car to the ON position without starting the engine.
  2. Press and hold the lock button on your fob for a few seconds and watch your dashboard until some lights start flashing.
  3. When the lights begin to flash, your alarm system will be reset so you can release the lock button and start the engine if you want.
  4. If you don’t have the fob or the key, you can reset the alarm by disconnecting the negative terminal on your car battery and waiting for an hour or so.
  5. When you reconnect the negative terminal, the alarm system and most other electricals will reboot and reset.

How Do I Reset The Alarm On My Kia Rio?

To reset the alarm on a Kia Rio, you should put the key in the ignition and turn it to the ON position but don’t start the car.

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Keep it in this position and watch the flashing lights on the dashboard. Wait until the lights go out and this will indicate that the alarm system has reset successfully.

How Do I Get My Kia Out Of Anti Theft Mode?

How Do I Get My Kia Out Of Anti Theft Mode?

There are many different ways to get any Kia model out of anti theft mode, including:

  1. Using the ignition key to open the door
  2. Hitting the door unlock button on the fob
  3. Hitting the trunk unlock button on the fob
  4. Hitting the door unlock button on the smart key
  5. Hitting the trunk unlock button on the smart key
  6. Using the mechanical key to open the door
  7. Hitting the front door button on the smart key

If you choose to turn off the anti theft system using any of the unlock buttons mentioned above, the hazard warning lights will turn on and blink, then the car will make two chiming sounds to let you know that the system is disarmed.

When you hit the unlock button but don’t open any door within the next 30 seconds, the system will reactivate itself, which protects you against accidentally disarming the anti theft system.

Why Does My Kia Alarm Keep Going Off?

Why Does My Kia Alarm Keep Going Off?

If the alarm on your Kia keeps going off, it could be the result of faulty alarm sensors, inadequate power supply or an issue with your fob.

After checking that your fob still works, try resetting the alarm to solve most problems before going to a mechanic.

To know more, you can also see our posts on how to disable aftermarket car alarm, how to disconnect a car alarm fuse, and how to set off a car alarm.

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Resetting your Kia alarm is easy and the procedure depends on if you have a key or not. If you do, you just need to do a soft start of the car, i.e. turning the key in the ignition, and waiting a few seconds.

However, if you don’t have a key fob, you can reset the alarm by interrupting its power supply so you force it to reboot, which can be done by disconnecting the alarm fuse or disconnecting the car battery.

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