How Are Tires Shipped? (Can You Ship Them, USPS + FedEx)

If you are shopping for new tires or are selling your old set, especially online, you need first to know how they will be shipped to the specific location.

Tire shipping comes in handy when you order them from your retailers or when you need to send some to a buyer. But how exactly is it done, and how long does it take? Here’s all you need to know.

How Are Tires Shipped?

Tires are shipped either in boxes or covered in plastic wrap. You can use shipping services such as FedEx and UPS who provide quote estimators. The shipping cost will depend on the wheel and tire size, destination, and the carrier you use. Tire manufacturers also use some of these services to deliver tires to your installer or the preferred location.

For more information about how tires are shipped, how much it costs, how long it takes, and which shipping services to use, keep reading!

How To Ship Tires?

Like other products and packages, tires can be shipped to different locations across the country at a fee.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways you can package your tires for shipping.

Method 1: Pack Them In Boxes

When packing tires in a box, you need to factor in that the tires are big; therefore, you have to find large enough boxes.

If the tire is mounted on the rims, you have to protect the rim by carving out cardboard circles. With these circles, you’ll cover the faces of the rims, and then you can place them inside the boxes and add extra padding.

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Since the boxes are relatively big, they will have some space left which should be filled with Styrofoam or paper to reduce movement.

Method 2: Cardboard and Plastic Wrap

How To Ship Tires?

You can also use cardboard and plastic wrap for packaging your tires for shipping purposes.

If the tire is still mounted on the wheel, you can cover the rim with cardboard circle pieces to protect it from damage and leave the rubber area exposed.

After you have covered the wheel, use plastic wrap to cover the rest of the tire.

Can You Ship Tires With USPS?

If you want to ship tires, you can use USPS to deliver them to your buyer at a fee, depending on the weight of your package and destination.

Before shipping your tires, you need to know the overall cost to factor in these costs when coming up with your price.

Fortunately, USPS has a shipping calculator that you can access online. With this tool, you only need to key in different inputs such as dates, tire weight, destination, zip codes, and service level to compare the prices and delivery times.

Compared to other logistics companies, this tool eliminates any guesswork, and you can now gauge which option is the best and cheapest.

According to some customers who have used USPS to ship tires, shipping costs them about $15-$25, although others have incurred higher costs.

Additionally, USPS provides guidelines that you can use when shipping to determine mailability and whether dimensional weight, oversized prices, and balloon rates apply.

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These guidelines break down how the different measurements are used to classify the packages.

Can You Ship Tires With FedEx?

Can You Ship Tires With FedEx?

If you are planning to ship your tires via FedEx, the company has a set of guidelines to direct customers on how to pack their tires for efficient delivery.

According to their specifications, you can send tires using their domestic services; however, the standard shipping option is only available for passenger cars, vans, or other tires not over 17 inches, with an outer diameter not exceeding 700 mm or 35 kg.

To ship with FedEx, your tires should also be packaged in either round covers, single cardboard sheet, stretch or shrink wrap.

Keep in mind that FedEx doesn’t provide packing materials; therefore, you should sort them out before sending them for shipping.

To estimate your total shipping costs, you can use the FedEx rate tools on the company’s website before dispatching your tires.

Can You Ship Tires With UPS?

Tires can be shipped via UPS. For packaging, the logistics company asks customers to apply a wide band of pressure-sensitive tape through the tire’s center and then use the same tape to cover the tire’s body completely.

When labeling, you should attach the completed address label to the strip of tape covering the tread and then cover the label with clear tape.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Tires?

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Tires?

Now that there are different shipping companies in the market, customers question the best and cheapest way to ship tires.

Every company has different rates, which vary depending on the weight of the tires and destination; therefore, before shipping, you should first use the shipping calculator tools to determine the best alternative.

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In my research, some customers have paid $10, while others got charged above $35 for shipping tires.

How Long Does It Take To Ship Tires?

Your tires will get to their destination depending on the delivery service and how far you are sending them.

On the other hand, if you buy tires from a retailer or manufacturer, the days vary.

For instance, Discount Tires takes from 2-4 business days, depending on the distribution center they ship from, whereas Tire Rack takes 1-2 business days.

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Shipping tires is much easier with the availability of different shipping companies with a wide reach across the country.

You can package your tires either in a box or use plastic wrap and cardboard when shipping to protect them from damage.

Different shipping companies, from USPS, UPS, to FedEx, all have varying shipping rates; you can use their calculating tools on their websites when choosing the best alternative for you.

When calculating the cost, ensure you factor in all the guidelines and elements that affect the total shipping costs.

In today’s digital world, you can also order your tires from retailers and manufacturers, who deliver to your preferred location within a few days.

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