How Long Do Tires Last In Florida? (Miles + Wear Out Faster?)

When buying tires, car owners are usually concerned about how long the tires will last and how well they will serve the car without requiring a replacement.

If you are in Florida, the tires you get should have the ability to handle the weather and road conditions in the state. For areas with warmer climates such as Florida, how long do tires last? Here’s what I discovered.

How Long Do Tires Last In Florida?

Tires in Florida last for about 20,000 to 30,000 miles. Most tire brands have a mileage warranty of 50,000 miles, but tires used in warmer climates such as Florida wear out faster. Based on the average yearly mileage of 13,500, tires in Florida should last between one to two years, depending on the weather, driving habits, and tire brand.

To get more information about how long tires last in Florida, what factors affect their longevity, and which are the best tires to use, read on!

How Many Miles Do Tires in Florida Last?

On average, Florida, also known as the “Sunshine State,” tends to be warm throughout the year and experiences slightly lower temperatures during the winter months. How does this affect tires?

Temperatures in the state hit a yearly average of 83.9 °F and an average low of 62.6 °F.

As car owners purchase tires, there’s always a concern about whether the hot weather affects how fast it takes for the tread to wear off.

Most passenger car tires have a mileage warranty of 50,000 miles; however, this varies depending on the specific driver and tire maintenance.

In hot areas like Florida, the tires may last about 20,000-30,000 miles, especially if they are continuously exposed to warmer temperatures.

According to research, an average person drives around 13,500 miles every year; therefore, these tires will get you approximately 1.4 – 2.2 years.

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Environmental factors such as exposure to excessive sunlight and coastal climates speed up the aging process of your tires and will also shorten the life cycle of the tread.

Because of this, tires on vehicles stored outdoors will not last as long as those stored inside a garage.

Do Tires Wear Out Faster In Florida?

Do Tires Wear Out Faster In Florida?

Vehicle tires in the state of Florida will last depending on the type and brands of tires you select and how you maintain them. Different brands and tire types have varying lifespans.

The rate at which the tires wear out is not definite; however, the warmer temperatures contribute significantly.

What Tires Should I Use In Florida?

As a hot and humid state, there are tires that will work well for your car, while others are not as ideal. Let’s take a look at these options.

The Best Tire To Use In Florida

Summer tires are the best tires to use in Florida because they are designed to handle both hot and rainy weather.

While Florida snows on some occasions, it’s primarily warm, making summer tires the most ideal.

Although they don’t last as long as all-season tires, they are the best alternative for Florida because they are designed with outstanding traction that provides the best grip when driving on hot pavements or in wet conditions.

Florida experiences some rainy seasons which these tires can handle without a problem.

The Other Tires To Use In Florida

While summer tires are the best, there are other alternatives you can use to move around in the state.

Passenger tires are a good option if you are on a tight budget. Although they are affordable and give you a smoother ride, they don’t have the best performance, handling, and stopping power.

You can also use performance tires in Florida, both high performance and ultra-performance. Florida is among the top three states with the most luxury cars; these tires are ideal because they come with better traction at high speeds and have the best control and handling.

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During heavy rain conditions, SUVs and trucks can use terrain tires designed for off-road use; hence, they can handle muddy roads in Florida.

The Tire Not To Use In Florida

All-season tires are not the best option for driving in Florida. Although they are designed to handle all types of weather conditions, they give up some rain traction for snow traction.

With these tires, the tread pattern and tire compound are better suited for light traction in the snow; therefore, since it doesn’t snow a lot in Florida, you’ll be missing out on the tires that work much better.

Should I Get Summer Tires In Florida?

Should I Get Summer Tires In Florida?

Although they have a shorter lifespan than all-season tires and will last about half the mileage, they are better suited for hotter climates like Florida.

Tire manufacturers design summer tires with a special rubber compound that grips the hot tarmac much better than other tire options.

Do In Need Winter Tires In Florida?

When it becomes colder, tire manufacturers recommend that car owners switch to winter tires because they have a better grip on the road when the temperatures are freezing.

Winter tires are designed with softer rubber and come in handy for these weather conditions; therefore, if you are driving through Florida for more extended periods, especially when it’s hot, it’s not advisable to use winter tires.

Florida doesn’t get excessively cold during the winter season; hence, you can drive using your winter tires if you are in the state for a short time.

How Can You Make Your Tires Last Long In Florida?

If you live in Florida, you can use these tactics to take care of your tires and make them last longer.

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Check Tire Pressure

You can buy a pressure gauge to monitor your tire pressure every morning or before going for a long trip.

Since the state is relatively warm, you have to confirm that your tires are not overinflated; otherwise, you risk a tire blowout.

If your tires are not correctly inflated, it will affect your fuel economy and tread depth.

Rotate The Tires

After every 5,000 miles, have your tires rotated and balanced to ensure that they wear out evenly. Schedule an appointment with a professional mechanic, especially if you need to drive for longer distances.

Regular Maintainance

Regular Maintainance

A lot of tire blowouts and incidences occur because of poor maintenance. Ensure you check your tires regularly for possible cracks, punctures, and torn areas.

In addition to checking the tire pressure, you should have your mechanic check for any physical damages.

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Before buying tires for your car, you should confirm that they are a perfect fit for the weather conditions in your state or city.

In Florida, the weather is primarily hot and humid with some rainy seasons; therefore, summer tires are ideal.

While all-season tires are suitable for all types of seasons, they may not be suitable for Florida compared to summer tires.

Tires in Florida last about 20,000-30,000 miles; however, this depends on the maintenance, driving habits, and exposure to different climatic conditions.

Hot areas like Florida affect tires and contribute to faster tread wear; therefore, you should take proper care of the tires.

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