Why Are Red Cars More Expensive To Insure? (9 Reasons Why)

There are lots of rumors out there that say that red cars cost more to insure. While this may be a common assumption, it’s true — insurance companies charge more for red cars to better reflect their perceived higher risk.

In fact, driving a red car can cost you thousands more each year in car insurance premiums! Here’s what we found out about why flashing red cars are posh for insurance companies!

Why Are Red Cars More Expensive to Insure?

1. Attracts More Attention

Other drivers will likely notice you if you’re driving a red car. Unfortunately, this can make them less aware of their surroundings, leading to accidents.

In fact, research shows that when drivers see a red car from a distance, they’ll be more likely to pay attention to it than if they were looking at a white or silver vehicle.

Because of that, red cars tend to stand out more against the background of other vehicles, making them appear larger and more prominent.

For that reason, it can result in your car being expensive for car insurance because they can charge you more based on their perception of how fascinating it would be.

2. More Likely To Be Stolen

With the increase in car insurance premiums, it’s no surprise that red cars are more expensive to insure.

After all, it all comes down to the risk of theft: red cars are more likely to be stolen than other colors because of their bright color and visibility.

Additionally, it makes them more appealing targets for criminals, who usually choose a different color car when looking for an easy target.

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Therefore, it can cause your insurance rates to skyrocket if your car is stolen!

3. Expensive To Repair

Red is more expensive since it requires the most costly pigments to produce. Thus, dyes floating in liquid red coatings are the most outrageous to manufacture.

As you can see, red cars have a special coating applied to them as an added precaution against rust and corrosion.

So, when something goes wrong with your car, you need more parts and more time for repairs compared with other car variants.

Overall, red layers make it difficult for mechanics to work on, which results in higher insurance costs for everyone.

4. Likely To Be Involved In Accidents

Accidents are one of the leading causes of car accidents, and this is simply because red cars are more visible on the road.

In addition, when you drive a red car, you are more likely to be involved in an accident by 3.24 times compared to a black or silver car.

On the contrary, it’s not just the cost of your car insurance that increases if you have a red vehicle, but also any damage due to an accident.

Therefore, more money is spent on repairs and higher premiums for everyone insured on that particular vehicle.

5. Tend To Wear Out Faster Than Other Colors

Tend To Wear Out Faster Than Other Colors

Red cars fade more quickly than other colors because red absorbs the lowest energy wavelengths of visible light, causing a faster breakdown of the molecular bonds in the paint.

Apart from that, it makes them look old and worn out immediately after purchase, which leads insurers to charge higher rates for people who drive them.

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Overall, insurance companies increase the premiums for red cars to compensate for the increased expenses because they are less likely to remain in excellent condition.

6. Red Signals Danger And Aggression

While red is associated with passion and love, it’s also associated with danger and aggression.

For instance, the world’s fastest and most opulent cars are frequently painted red, and ladies who wear red are thought to be more appealing.

As a result, having a red car offers you considerably more power than others who don’t like this color.

But insurance companies don’t see it that way—red cars are more likely to be involved in accidents and cause damage. So, as a result, they charge higher premiums for these cars.

7. Get Pulled Over More Often

According to a 2013 study, males who chose red cars had higher testosterone levels and aggressive traits than those who preferred other colors.

Further, because the color red stands out, it’s easier for police officers to spot a vehicle that has been speeding or running a stop sign, resulting in getting pulled over.

Because of that, it will increase insurance premiums for the driver, so it’s no surprise that the same thing is true for red cars in general.

8. Popular Color Among Buyers

Red cars are always the top choice for car buyers because they are more luxurious and have a higher resale value than other colors.

By all means, red cars are more likely to sell than other colors and therefore become the most popular color among car consumers.

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So, while these factors may seem like they would make red cars less expensive, they cause them to cost more during the insurance process.

As a result, insurance companies adjust premiums based on how much they expect a vehicle will be worth after its first few years of use. Thus, a red variant impacts it all the way!

9. Red Cars Go Faster

Red cars are frequently more likely than other colors to receive speeding citations.

More than anything else, this is probably because red cars tend to have speedier drivers than other variants.

Additionally, red vehicles are more likely to be seen by police because they are usually far more conspicuous on the road.

Overall, red cars are generally driven faster, making them more likely to get into accidents and, therefore, more expensive for insurers to cover.

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Some individuals indeed favor the color red because they find it attractive or because they prefer danger and hostility.

As you can see, owning a red car has drawbacks, such as attracting more attention, being more likely to be stolen, and costing more to maintain.

Ultimately, the most crucial thing you can do regarding auto insurance is to purchase a plan that meets your requirements.

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