Ford Fusion Radio Not Working (9 Reasons Why)

Most drivers rely on their car’s radio for entertainment during their daily commutes. However, these radios can occasionally come up with problems that will not let you use the radio.

If you have a Ford Fusion, you may be wondering why your Ford Fusion radio does not work. We did some research, and here is what we discovered about the matter!

Ford Fusion Radio Not Working

1. The Radio Is Old

One of the most common yet overlooked reasons a Ford Fusion radio does not work is that the radio is too old.

Usually, stock car radio systems will be in good condition for at least five to six years, but some people have reported that their radios last for up to ten years with proper care.

However, the first Ford Fusion was released in 2005, so if you have a Ford Fusion stock radio that was made in 2005-2015, it is high time to replace the radio unit.

2. Low Temperatures

The weather outside can keep your Ford Fusion radio from working, especially if the weather is too cold.

Generally, extremely cold temperatures cause your car radio’s internal soldering joints to contract, which means the internal components will change shape.

Normally, your car connections will become loose or disconnected whenever the temperatures get colder.

Further, your Ford Fusion radio will stop working once the temperature hits 18F°/28C° or below.

3. Faulty Speaker Wiring

The speakers can be at fault for your car radio not working, especially if your car radio seems to turn on and respond to any commands, but there is no audio.

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Your speakers have wires that connect the speakers to the radio’s head unit, using the wires to deliver audio from the radio to the speakers.

As such, an issue in your speaker’s wiring will mean that very little to no sound will be produced from your speakers.

If this is the case, you will likely have to repair any damaged speaker wires or replace the wiring altogether.

4. Damaged Fuses

Most car radio systems, including the one in your Ford Fusion, will have fuses to help deliver power to your car radio.

If any of these fuses get damaged or blown, little to no electricity will be delivered to your radio, so your radio will not work.

That said, you will know if your fuse is blown if you cannot roll down your car’s windows, given that your car windows are powered by electricity.

Further, you can check under your car’s dashboard or under the hood to locate the fuses to see if any fuse has blown and then replace the fuse.

5. Strong Temperatures

Strong Temperatures

If your Ford Fusion radio has been exposed to extreme temperatures, they are likely the cause of your car radio not working.

For example, your car radio can start overheating if the car radio is next to your car engine or the weather outside is very hot.

As such, an overheating car radio can cause thermal expansion within the radio unit, causing various parts of your radio to get larger and warped.

Also, the heat can melt some of the interior parts of your car radio, which will damage the radio.

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Another example is how colder temperatures make the inner parts of your car radio contract while loosening the connections in your radio.

Therefore, you would need to wait for your car to either warm up or cool down before you can use the car radio.

However, you may need to reinstall your car radio further away from sources of stronger temperatures or install a new radio that can withstand extreme weather.

6. Wiring Short

Besides a damaged fuse, another common reason your Ford Fusion radio is not functioning is that there was a wiring short.

If you experienced one or several wires in your radio has shorted out, you might notice that your car radio operates erratically or does not turn on at all.

Additionally, you will know that shorted wires will be the cause of your problems if the fuses in your car all blow.

7. Damaged Tuner

While most people choose to stream music nowadays, you may still use the FM or AM radio on your Ford Fusion radio.

However, a damaged tuner would not allow you to use your FM or AM radio, which will mean you have to replace your tuner.

8. Blown Out Speakers

Occasionally, speakers can get blown out, especially if you overwork the speakers, which can cause you to think something is wrong with your radio.

For instance, playing music at full volume very frequently can damage your speakers over time, which can make the speakers make little to no sound.

If this is the case, you would only need to replace your Ford Fusion’s speaker system, not the radio.

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9. Outdated Software

Some cars like the Ford Fusion will have radio systems that need their software upgraded.

So, if your Ford Fusion radio does not work, it could mean that the software is outdated, so your radio may not function as usual.

Thankfully, you would just have to figure out how to upgrade the radio by checking your car’s manual.

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Generally, Ford Fusion radios stop working because of a wiring issue, which can occur within the speakers, the internal wiring of the radio, etc.

However, having an outdated radio system or outdated software can also make your Ford Fusion radio stop working.

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