Why Is My Airbag Light Flashing? (9 Reasons Why)

In a car accident, the airbags are instantly arranged to protect you. In addition, there will be a warning light on your dashboard if an issue or an accident causes your airbags to unfold.

To prevent the airbag from leaving you defenseless by failing to utilize it in the event of an emergency, you must determine the cause of the airbag light on your car flashing. Here’s what we’ve identified about why your airbag light is flashing!

Why Is My Airbag Light Flashing?

1. Airbag Sensor Malfunction

Car sensors are one of the several essential parts that function smartly to keep your vehicle operating smoothly.

With that, a failed sensor might cause the check engine light to be triggered, yet you can continue driving fine with it.

In most cases, your airbag light will flash if something in the sensor interferes with its correct operation.

If the sensor malfunctions, the airbag light will flash to notify you that something is wrong with the system.

2. Defective Air Bag Clock Spring

An airbag clock spring is a small plastic device that runs along the bottom of the airbag module and connects to the passenger side of the steering wheel.

Further, a defective clock spring can cause your airbag light to flash because it is not maintaining proper tension on the sensor that detects whether or not your seat belt is fastened.

So, for the sensor to determine whether your seat belt is being worn correctly, it will force the light to flash until this issue is resolved.

Also, it can naturally deteriorate with use, leading to a poor connection and potential airbag failures.

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3. Drained Air Bag Battery Backup

Once an alternator and voltage regulator are impacted by a drained battery, it can affect your airbag sensors and other electrical issues throughout the vehicle.

Thus, your airbag light will come on if the airbag sensor is defective. Likewise, the airbag light will flash if the battery runs out due to low voltage.

Additionally, the battery that powers the airbag system must be replaced if you notice it’s drained or damaged.

If you don’t do this soon enough (within 24 hours), your airbag will no longer work, and the light will stay on until you replace it.

4. Deteriorated Airbag Module

When the airbag module on your car is corrupted, it can cause the airbag light to flash.

That said, corroded airbag modules are often discovered when you’re having trouble with your car’s airbag system, possibly because of poor maintenance.

In addition, corrosion occurs due to an electrical short circuit within the wiring system when too much voltage is sent through these wires.

As a result, if an airbag control module is damaged by corrosion, your car’s airbag light will turn on immediately, and a diagnostic issue code will be generated.

5. Broken Seatbelt Pre-Tensioners

Broken Seatbelt Pre-Tensioners

A seatbelt pre-tensioner, one of Mazda’s features, is designed to retract a webbing section. When the airbags are activated, they deploy from the steering wheel and dashboard.

That said, these systems are designed to display quickly so that you are protected from injury as soon as possible.

However, sometimes these systems can malfunction and deploy incorrectly, which can cause injuries if you don’t have proper safety equipment on at all times.

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If your airbag light is flashing, one of your pretensions has been damaged or broken, preventing it from working properly when needed most, such as during an accident or collision.

6. Flood-Damaged Vehicles

One of the most extensive tarnish is frequently done to minimal electrical components in flood-damaged vehicles.

So, even if everything appears to be running smoothly, airbag positioning might be impaired.

Also, if water gets into your airbag system, it can cause damage to the computer that controls the operation of your airbags or even start them up by mistake.

Therefore, if you see an airbag light flashing, there’s a good chance that your vehicle has been inundated with water and needs some TLC from your local mechanic!

7. Previous Casualty

Volkswagen recalls Atlas vehicles because a sudden airbag deployment could injure occupants and possibly result in a crash.

Apart from this, it’s likely that the sensor has been harmed if the airbag deploys during a casualty or an accident.

Even if all the parts have been replaced, the car’s ECM must be reprogrammed to reset the airbag system effectively.

Thus, the airbag light will keep flashing if this reset has not yet happened.

8. Sensor Has Detected An Object

A widespread reason why airbag lights start to flash is that the sensor has identified a little object or a loose piece of item that shouldn’t be inside the car.

With that, if this object is substantial enough to cover the sensor, your vehicle’s collision avoidance system may sound and light an alert in Car Airbag System.

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In addition, the sensor will deactivate the airbag until the object is removed from the path, at which point a signal is sent to the car’s computer.

Occasionally, if this occurs, the dashboard light will flash. Also, the airbag may display too soon due to the sensor being activated by another object that gets stuck in its path.

9. Seat Belt Isn’t Fastened Properly

A seat belt’s primary function is to lower the risk of fatalities and serious injuries.

On top of that, it helps reduce the risk of serious injury by 50% and death by 45% among drivers and front-seat passengers.

When you’re in the car, it’s important always to wear your seat belt and make sure it’s appropriately fastened.

With that, when you don’t buckle up correctly, the airbag light frequently begins to flash.

Further, this is because the seat belt sensors are designed to detect if you’re in a vehicle and if you’re buckled up.

If the sensors cannot recognize that your seat belt is fastened correctly, they may emit an error signal.


It’s essential to check your car’s structure as soon as an airbag warning light appears because they frequently signify a problem.

Some of the most frequent causes of flashing airbag lights include sensor problems, defective airbag clock springs, and depleted airbag battery backup.

If you ignore it, your vehicle’s safety measures won’t unfold, which might cause severe injury or even death.

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