Why Do Rats Eat Car Wires? (5 Reasons Why)

Rats love to eat car wires. They can be found gnawing on wires of all kinds, from the outside of your car, to the inside and even in your engine. 

Rats eating car wires are a common sight in many cities of the world. Rats are known to eat anything and everything, but why do rats eat car wires? 

Let’s find out more about this phenomenon!

Why Do Rats Eat Car Wires?

Why do rats eat car wires? Rats are instinctively attracted to wires. It is because they enjoy chewing food and everything they could literally gnaw especially car wires. In addition, rats are curious creatures, and as such will investigate any object that gets in their way. Also, car wires are easily accessible, as rats can easily crawl up to your vehicle and start nibbling every wire your car has.

Learn more about why rats eat car wires. Here are five reasons why. Keep reading to discover more!

1. It’s Rat’s Natural Instinct

Rats are natural born predators, and they are also very intelligent. They can easily figure out how to get through a car’s hood or trunk in order to eat your car’s wires. 

This is because rats have sharp teeth and strong jaws that they use to tear into the wiring of a vehicle, which can lead to electrical shocks and fires.

Further, rats love chewing on things because they use this action as a way to get rid of their teeth as quickly as possible. 

Also, rats don’t have much of a natural defense against diseases or parasites due to their small body size. 

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Therefore, chewing on objects like wires helps them dispose of their old teeth before they become infected with any diseases like plague or tuberculosis (TB).

2. They’re Hungry

Rats are omnivores and will eat pretty much anything they can get their teeth into, even if it’s not food. 

So, if you have rats living in or around your home or business, they could be chewing on your car wires because they’re hungry enough to eat just about anything. 

3. They Love The Smell And Taste Of Electricity

They Love The Smell And Taste Of Electricity

Another reason why rats eat car wires is that they like the taste of metal and electricity. 

In addition, rats are attracted by the sweet smell of metal in particular, which can come from old appliances and, of course, the one coming from your vehicle.

This attracts them even more than their own sense of smell.

4. Car Wires Are Accessible

Electrical wires are delicious and literally everywhere. You might think this sounds crazy, but rats find car wires delicious, especially those soy-based wire casings. 

Of course, rats love to eat car wires because, for them, wires are tasty, colorful, and easy to find. They also have a lot of energy packed into them, so they make the perfect snack.

5. Rats Are Curious

Rats are curious creatures with a love of exploration and a need for stimulation. They like to investigate new things and make sure they aren’t getting into anything they shouldn’t be. 

That’s why they’ll chew on electrical car wires—because they want to figure out what they are and how they work.

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Additionally, rats are smart, but not just smart in a way that human beings are smart—they’re smart in a way that could only have evolved from their natural world of rats and mice.

Rats have keen senses of smell, hearing, taste, and touch—and all of those things help them to find food when there isn’t any around. 

That’s why it is advisable to keep an eye out for your rat’s favorite snack when you’re out running errands—they’re likely going to be investigating some electrical wiring nearby.


Hopefully, you’ll never discover (wires chewed up) that rats have taken up residence in your engine compartment, but if you do, at least you now know why rats eat your car wires.

Knowing the reasons why they love gnawing on wires is a big factor in how you can take precautions and avoid things like this from happening.

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