Why Buy A Sedan? (9 Reasons Why)

With so many car options in today’s market, choosing a car can be overwhelming. It can sometimes be hard to know what car to go for and why you should go for that specific one.

Since a vehicle isn’t just a set of wheels; it is an extension of your personality. Something that reflects your style, point of view and character. It is crucial to know which one best suits you.

And what if I told you that there are 9 good reasons why you should buy a sedan? Look what I found out!

Why Buy A Sedan?

Why should you buy a Sedan? First of course, Sedans are affordable, perfect for car buyers that have a very tight budget. Further, Sedans hold a classic value and are being used by people in upper-class society. Sedans also score higher on the fuel efficiency scale, and have the best safety features a vehicle could offer.

Learn more about why you should buy a Sedan. Here are nine reasons why. Continue reading for further details!

1. Affordable

A sedan is unquestionably a fantastic choice, particularly if you have a strict budget for a new car. To begin with, there are several sedan types available that are priced very affordably. 

To give an overview, the starting price of the 2018 Chevrolet Cruze is only $16,975. The base price of the 2018 Ford Fiesta is significantly cheaper at $14,205. 

You can see that it is easy to acquire a brand-new car without having to pay a lot in monthly payments. Determine your pricing range, then look around for car models that fall inside it.

2. Classic Value

When it refers to sedans, you are making a purchase that could end up being classic. Why should you care about this specifically? 

It’s only because the worth of your vehicle may increase with time. Vehicles typically experience significant depreciation, particularly in the first several years. 

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In fact, a vehicle could lose up to 11% of its value the instant it leaves the dealership lot. 

In the meantime, it will go on to experience losses of up to 25% in its first year and depreciate of up to 63% in the first five years.

3. Fuel Economy

Sedans score higher on the fuel efficiency scale. This is particularly accurate while you are driving down the freeway. 

For example, the 2019 Toyota Corolla is expected to get 30 mpg in the town and 40 mpg on the highways, only to give an insight. 

And the 2018 Chevrolet Malibu variant’s projected mileage ratings are 36 mpg on the highway and 27 mpg in the city, respectively. 

This also enables significantly greater mileage if you have to drive extensively and wouldn’t want to top off; the sedan Jaguar XF, which gets 42 highway mpg and has a 17.4-gallon tank, has the maximum range.

4. Great Aerodynamics

A seasoned auto enthusiast would likely say that a sedan is by far the most dependable on the road because of its aerodynamics. 

NASA defines aerodynamics as the study of airflow around things. The drag and lift of an automobile are the two main factors to consider when discussing aerodynamics. 

Sedans may provide more balance than, for example, SUVs when moving at high speeds since they are built to be closer to the surface. 

A drag coefficient is a percentage that represents the amount of resistance an automobile faces as it moves through the air; it’s often lower in sedans, unlike in SUVs.

5. Safety Features

Safety Features

When driving today, safety is the top priority. Luckily for you, sedan models frequently include a variety of cutting-edge safety measures. 

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These include a full complement of airbags in addition to modern conveniences such as anti-lock brakes and electronic traction control. 

In addition to these, there are a number of useful driving assistance available features, including forward automatic braking, front pedestrian braking, a rearview camera, and lane keep assist.

Also, there are lane change assist, a pre-collision mechanism with detection and tracking, and more. 

These all work together to make sure that your drives are as safe and comfortable as possible.

6. Convenient

A sedan has several features that are convenient if that is your major priority in a car. 

In fact, whether you are living alone or have a family, today’s sedans bring a number of convenience features you never realized you needed. 

For instance, you may now use a smartwatch to remotely start the engine of a sedan. 

In reality, Toyota has been allowing car owners to manage the Avalon using an Android smartwatch or Apple Watch utilizing Toyota Remote Connect technology for a few years now. 

Various sedan models also have cruise control technology that enables the driver to easily maintain the vehicle’s pace.

7. Used By Upper-Class

Taller people typically have more headroom in sedans. Consequently, you don’t experience any points during your journey where you feel like your head is virtually hitting the ceiling. 

Given that there is no passenger seat in front, Volvo has made the most of the sedan arrangement by offering what is arguably the most opulent backseat encounter ever. 

Passengers can even relax on the passenger seat. 

You may discover that most high-end luxury vehicles for the affluent are still sedans, or extremely lengthy and occasionally armored variations of them.

8. Great Performance

In certain ways, thinking about a sedan also gives you the impression of its speed. Admit  it: 

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Compared to the average SUV, some sedan models are best equipped to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under five seconds. 

Perhaps this is the case because sedans are lighter than any SUV you might come across. A number of sedans are also created with maximum functionality in mind. 

For instance, the twin-turbo V8 engine in the 2018 Porsche Panamera Turbo easily accelerates from 0 to 100 kph within only 3.8 seconds. 

Porsche claims that it has a top speed of 306 kph. There has been yet another advancement with the latest Platinum Edition Panamera.

9. Style

Sedans have ingrained themselves into regular vehicle life throughout the years. There seems to be the ideal car for just about every individual, even today. 

A sedan easily provided space for five people with plenty of room in the trunk if you have a family. Even better, 60/40 split back seats are now standard on cars. 

This implies that if you wanted the additional room, you could take in more cargo by folding it down on the back seats. 

Until then, there are also lots of sumptuous cars available if you prefer something more lavish. 

For example, the 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom and 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class are two of the most prominent ones available today.


In the end, every vehicle is capable in its own right, and none of them is inherently superior to the other. 

Of course, what you choose is a personal decision, and it’s one that should be made with the facts at hand and not with emotion or bias. 

So, even if you’ve never driven a sedan, rest assured that they can be just as fun to drive as any mainstream vehicle out there.

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