Why Are Range Rover Oil Changes So Expensive? (7 Reasons Why)

Range Rovers are high-end cars that most people want since they look and function well. While buying a Range Rover is expensive, maintaining a Range Rover will also cost you a lot.

If you are looking into Range Rover maintenance, you might be wondering why Range Rover oil changes are so expensive. We did the research, and here is what we found!

Why Are Range Rover Oil Changes So Expensive?

1. Luxury Car Brand

Firstly, the main reason Range Rover oil changes are expensive is that Range Rover is a luxury brand.

Generally, any product considered a luxury item can cost a lot of money due to the branding.

Typically, this is because not everyone can afford luxury brands, so luxury brands promote exclusivity that people are willing to pay for.

As such, luxury car brands like Range Rover can make their cars much more expensive since they are exclusive brands.

Additionally, luxury brands sell the idea that buying the product will make you have a luxurious lifestyle.

Therefore, the cost of anything to do with a luxury brand will be expensive, including changing the oil of a Range Rover.

2. Synthetic Oil

Since Range Rover is a luxurious car brand, most of the parts that Range Rover uses are costly, including the oil itself.

Generally, synthetic oil is a lot more expensive than conventional engine oil used for most cars.

For instance, a study by the AAA in 2017 states that synthetic oil is roughly 47% better than conventional oil.

Typically, synthetic oil is said to give your car engine better protection when the temperatures are extreme.

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Plus, synthetic oil will be less likely to create sludge and deposits in the engine that conventional oil often creates.

Additionally, synthetic oil reduces the degradation when the car hauls heavy loads or tows. As such, these benefits make synthetic oil more expensive than conventional oil.

Most Range Rover enthusiasts will insist that synthetic oil is the only oil you should use as that is what is recommended in the Range Rover car manuals.

3. The Car Shop And Mechanic

Generally, where you get your Range Rover’s oil changed will greatly impact how much it will cost.

Usually, going to a Range Rover car dealership will cost you more money since you are going to a brand-name shop.

Normally, going to a regular car shop that is not directly affiliated with a car brand will give you a much cheaper oil change rate for Range Rovers.

Also, the mechanic you hire to change the oil of your Range Rover can affect the cost of your oil change.

For instance, an independent mechanic may give you a lower price for a Range Rover oil change.

However, hiring a Range Rover-certified mechanic would be much more expensive since they have a certificate that fully qualifies them to repair Range Rovers.

4. Less Frequent Oil Changes

Less Frequent Oil Changes

Another reason Range Rover oil changes cost a lot is that you do not have to change the oil of a Range Rover as frequently as other cars.

For instance, most cars have to get their oil changed every 5,000-7,500 miles to keep the engine safe.

On the other hand, you would only have to change the oil for a Range Rover every 7,500-10,000 miles.

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As such, you would likely only have to have your Range Rover’s oil changed one to two times a year, depending on how often you drive it.

Since you have to change your Range Rover oil less frequently, the oil changes will cost a lot more than a typical oil change for a cheaper car.

That said, Range Rover oil changes cost more since a regular oil change can cost up to $120, whereas a Range Rover oil change can easily be $300-400.

5. You Need A Lot Of Oil

Another huge reason Range Rover oil changes cost a lot of money is that you need a lot of oil for a Range Rover oil change.

Generally, the exact cost of your oil change will depend on your Range Rover model since each model can hold a different amount of oil.

Additionally, you may not need to completely refill your oil depending on your needs or how much oil you already used.

However, a Range Rover with a 4.2L 8-cyl engine can easily hold up to 9.4 liters of oil.

As such, trying to fill up the oil compartment of your engine would cost you a lot of money based on how much oil your Range Rover needs.

6. Difficulty Changing Oil

As mentioned earlier, where you get your oil changed can affect the cost, but Range Rover oil changes also cost a lot because it is not easy to change the oil.

For instance, some Range Rover models have a huge plastic cover covering the drain plug and filter along with bolts that the mechanic has to open up.

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Therefore, you would have to pay for the time and effort it took to reach the oil compartment alone.

7. Oil Brand

While most Range Rovers require synthetic oil, certain synthetic oil brands will be more expensive than others.

For instance, Castrol EDGE Professional is the recommended oil for Range Rovers, but five quarts of the oil costs over $30 depending on where you buy it.

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Range Rover oil chances are typically expensive because Range Rovers are luxury cars, so maintaining the car will be more expensive.

Lastly, Range Rover uses synthetic oil that is more expensive than regular oil, and most Range Rovers require a lot of oil.

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