Why Are Car Dealerships Closed On Sunday? (7 Reasons Why)

If you have ever gone car hunting on the weekend, you’ll know that every dealership is closed. While this is not applicable in every state, most car dealerships are closed on Sundays.

So, do you wonder why they are closed on Sundays? Discover what we found out in this article so that next time you want to look for a car, you can avoid going out on Sunday!

Why Are Car Dealerships Closed On Sunday?

1. Blue Laws Are Imposed In Different States

Legislators enacted blue laws in the 18th century to keep shops closed on Sundays.

With that, the origins of blue laws can be traced back to the Bible, which declares Sunday to be a day of worship and relaxation.

As a result, almost all establishments were required to close on Sunday when the blue laws were enacted.

Eventually, blue laws were overturned since the divergence of state and church; however other companies remain closed or only operate for limited hours on Sunday.

But, regardless, many dealerships are closed on Sundays.

2. Car Dealerships Want To Save On Operational Costs

Car dealerships spend a lot of money on operational costs; this includes employees’ salaries, utility costs, rental fees, maintenance costs, and much more.

Of course, choosing not to operate on Sundays reduces car dealerships’ operational expenses that they can use for other things, like expanding.

As a result, most car dealers are closed on Sundays to save operational costs.

3. Banks Are Closed On Sundays

Buying cars requires a significant amount of money you cannot process through machine transactions.

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Also, almost all non-essential businesses do not operate on Sundays, just like financial institutions are closed on Sundays.

Of course, when banks are closed, it will be more challenging for both buyers and car dealers. As a result, car dealers choose to remain closed on Sundays even without a car sales ban.

4. Sunday Is Employees’ Day Off

Sunday Is Employees’ Day Off

Car sales bans on Sundays are intended to offer workers a day off. Furthermore, because car agents work long hours, having Sundays off is a means to ensure a break.

Of course, if Sunday is a working day, it will result in higher staff turnover. So even though car dealers make money, they still require a day off.

As a result, the car dealerships recognize their employees’ efforts and hard work; even without blue laws, most dealerships consider Sunday a rest day.

5. Car Dealerships Trust The Power Of Technology

Almost every business, even the small ones, owns a website and continues making an effort for a much larger consumer base owing to technological innovation.

Naturally, car dealers have an online presence, especially those large car dealers where people can check their products and all other information about buying a car.

So, whether car dealers choose to close on Sundays, they have websites that are still running, cater to different clients, and still make money.

6. There Is A State-Wide Ban

Without the need for a rule requiring dealerships to close on Sundays, those who fail to perform behind sales find it unlikely that anyone would close.

Dealerships can close without losing clients or business thanks to state-wide bans.

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For example, some of the states that are included in this wide dealership’s Sunday bans are New Jersey and Illinois.

As a result, if you are located in any of these states, expect that dealerships do not operate on Sundays in compliance with the state-wide bans on not selling cars.

7. Car Dealerships Want To Avoid Penalties

As stated above, some states are banned from operating on Sundays. So, it is important to know that it is not a simple prohibition that you do not open shops on Sundays.

Of course, this has become more challenging as other dealers still want to have sales even on Sundays, but to some, operating on Sundays means penalties they have to face.

As a result, even if they want more sales, they choose not to open stores and face legal problems and charges in exchange for operating during the prohibited day.

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Overall, car dealerships are closed on Sundays because it is not allowed in several states; operating on Sundays means violating the laws.

In addition, car dealers choose not to have a working day on Sundays to give their employees the day off they deserve.

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