Why Are Jettas So Cheap? (9 Reasons Why)

Do you know why Jettas are so cheap? Why are they considered one of the most affordable cars in the industry?

Many things go into making a great car, but there are nine main reasons why I believe Jettas have become one of the best values on the road. Let’s find out more!

Why Are Jettas So Cheap?

1. Made From Affordable Materials

Jetta was built with inexpensive components. As a result, it is anticipated to have somewhat above-average reliability.

Of course, Jetta experiences issues, just like every other vehicle. Its measurement is, however, relatively high. Jetta engine problems are also frequent and usually get worse over time.

Further, many people have consistently voiced complaints regarding its interior decor.

In addition to the engine pulling out when driving, the car’s transmission also has severe issues that make the journey tiresome and unpredictably difficult.

2. Jettas Durability

One element that affects how much an item cost is its durability. How long do Jettas last now? Jetta will reach 100,000 miles without trouble, but it will take around 7.5 years.

However, the Jetta would also have likely experienced severe problems before the 200,000-mile mark, forcing you to trade it quickly for another vehicle.

3. Jettas Reliability

Jettas have a reputation for being dependable cars that many people like. Thus, new and used purchases are frequently inexpensive, but maintenance and repairs are expensive.

Additionally, the typical annual repair expense is roughly $609. However, with proper maintenance, Jetta requires fewer and less severe repairs than any other interim care.

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As a result, you can still observe evidence of its historical trustworthiness now.

4. Jettas Reported To Have Harsh Automatic Transmission Shifting

Many Jettas from 1990 to 2012 and from 2016 experience shifting issues frequently.

For example, when transitioning from second to third gear, drivers say their cars jerk and experience gearbox slippage while traveling at 35 to 50 miles per hour.

As a result, some drivers were forced to replace their complete transmission because the issue could continue even after repairing the valve body numerous times.

5. Jettas Have Easily Chipped Exterior Paint

Jettas Have Easily Chipped Exterior Paint

Typical 2017 Volkswagen Jetta issues include chipped paint and creaking doors.

In fact, some owners claim that despite numerous door hinge replacements, specific doors continue to squeak. Additionally, the Jetta’s hood’s paint could easily chip.

6. No All-Wheel-Drive System Option

The front-wheel-drive Volkswagen Jetta is a sedan. Unfortunately, an AWD system is unavailable on any of the current grades.

In addition, front-wheel-drive vehicles often function effectively in the rain, but traction may be reduced on snowy roads.

As a result, people who reside in a state with harsh winters might have to look for an alternative.

7. Jettas Have Shorter Powertrain Warranty

Several years ago, Volkswagen offered a 72,000-mile powertrain warranty on the Jetta.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has since limited the length of its powertrain to 50,000 miles warranty.

Due to this alteration, the Jetta now has a disadvantage over some of its main rivals.

And while most vehicles in the class offer a powertrain guarantee of 60,000 miles, some even have a 100,000-mile warranty.

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8. Cheaper GLI S Trim Is No Longer Available

Consequently, the S trim for the GLI model is no longer available. The Jetta GLI S didn’t have as many high-end amenities as the 2022 VW Jetta GLI.

But it still had the same performance levels and was at least $4,500 less expensive. So before adding any extras, the 2022 Jetta GLI starts at around $31,000.

9. No Available Hybrid Powertrain

The Volkswagen Jetta 2022 gets excellent gas mileage. Some motorists might, however, still be seeking ways to reduce their fuel costs even further.

Unfortunately, a hybrid powertrain is not available. While it’s, Hyundai Elantra and Toyota Corolla competitors include hybrid powertrain.

Also, both have an average fuel efficiency of above 50 mpg.

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The Volkswagen Jetta has been a staple of the Volkswagen lineup for over 25 years.

But, ultimately, it’s clear that not all Jetta prices are created equal. So whether you’re looking for a used or a new car, you have plenty of options to consider (and even better deals available).

So, now that you have all the information use this handy guide to figure out whether VW Jetta is the best for your needs, budget, and preferences.

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