Ford Fiesta Horn Not Working (Try These 9 Fixes)

Like with most cars, the Ford Fiesta comes with a car horn ready at the steering wheel. Car horns are crucial parts of any car to keep everyone safe on the road since the car horn serves as a form of communication.

If your Ford Fiesta horn suddenly stops working, you will want to find a fix fast. I looked up the facts, and here is what I discovered!

Ford Fiesta Horn Not Working (Try These 9 Fixes)

1. Defective Car Horn

In some occasions, the car horn that you have in your Ford Fiesta could be defective.

Usually, this will occur if you installed an aftermarket car horn into your Ford Fiesta, meaning that there was a defect or it was not compatible with your car.

If this is the case, you would need to get a compatible aftermarket car horn or buy the car horn used for your specific Ford Fiesta model.

Additionally, your car horn could already be defective if you just got your Ford Fiesta from a dealership, which you can just bring back to your car dealer to have them replace it.

2. Improperly Installed Car Horn

If you happen to have had a car horn recently installed into your Ford Fiesta, it is probably the reason why your horn is not working.

Occasionally, the car horn may not be properly installed into the car, which can occur due to a missing part, disconnected wire, etc.

As such, you just need to disassemble your car horn to see if there was anything that you missed while installing the car horn.

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3. Airbag Problems

If your airbags have recently expanded, there is a good chance the airbags are making your Ford Fiesta horn not work.

When the airbags expand, it can interfere with the car horn system, which will make the car horn fail, so your airbag light may also appear on your dashboard.

Usually, fixing this issue will highly depend on what type of Ford Fiesta you have since they airbags in different parts of the car.

For instance, some cars have the airbag bolts on a spring loaded carrier, which has your car horn’s contacts on the back.

If this is the case, the contacts got stuck to each other because the carrier got jammed when the airbag went off, which means you have to detach the contacts to put them in the right place.

4. Blown Fuse

Fuses are found in various parts of the car that require electricity, such as the car horn, and they are safety devices that protect the main electrical unit from damage.

When the fuse blows, you will likely not be able to use your car horn because there is no power reaching the car horn.

You can find out where your car horn fuse is by referring to your Ford Fiesta’s manual, and once you find the fuse you will know it is broken if there is a broken line.

Generally, you can fix this by finding a new compatible fuse and replaced the damaged fuse for the new one.

5. Dirty Car Horn

Dirty Car Horn

Occasionally, your car horn may not be working because it is dirty, which can block various parts of your horn to keep the horn from making sounds.

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You can clean your car horn by unplugging your car battery and then taking out your car horn from your car’s steering wheel.

To clean the car horn, take a wire brush or sandpaper to gently brush off any dirt on the car horn. Do not use any water on your car horn as this can break your car horn.

6. Relay Issues

A common reason why a Ford Fiesta horn stops working is that there is a bad relay, and a relay is a switch that is controlled by electricity.

When the car horn relay goes bad, there will be no power in your car horn, which can make your car horn make a clicking noise when you press your car horn button.

To fix this problem, you would need to remove your old car horn relay and replace it with a new one.

Usually, you cannot try to repair a car horn relay because most car horn relays go bad due to a short circuit.

7. Bad Clock Spring

Your car’s steering wheel has a clock spring that lets you use any electrical devices, such as your car horn, while you turn your steering wheel.

However, the clock spring can go bad, which can make the electrical devices stop working, which is why you have a silent car horn.

Typically, you just need to buy a new clock spring to replace the damaged one to fix your issue.

8. Damaged Wiring

Most car horns have wires that connect it to the car, so if one of these wires are damaged, your car horn will not work.

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In some cases, rubbing WD-40 on the wires to clean them will fix your problem, but you may need to replace the wires or car horn if there is severe wiring damage.

9. Bad Horn Switch

If your Ford Fiesta is old or you use the car horn frequently, your horn switch might by faulty.

Ideally, it is best to have a mechanic replace the car horn switch for you since it can be tricky to remove.

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Occasionally, Ford Fiesta horns stop working due to an electrical issue, such as a blown fuse or a bad relay.

However, non-functioning horns could also be caused by bad horn switches, damaged clock springs, or dirt in the car horn’s parts.

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