Why Are Dodge Chargers So Easy To Steal? (5 Reasons Why)

If you’re a Dodge Charger owner, then you know that the car is one of the most reliable and powerful vehicles on the road. It is also one of the easiest to steal in its category.

In this article, we will give you five reasons why Dodge Chargers are so easy to steal and how to prevent it from happening!

Why Are Dodge Chargers So Easy To Steal?

Dodge Chargers are so easy to steal, mainly because they are low-profile and also known to be used by cops, so people who own one will not think that their vehicle is prone to stealing. Further, Dodge parts are very easy to access, which means they are very easy to steal. Lastly, the Dodge Chargers stand out in the crowd, making them hot in the eyes of the criminals.

Learn more about why Dodge Chargers are so easy to steal. Here are five reasons why. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Low-Profile And Low Priced Than Other Vehicles

A low-profile car like the Dodge Charger will make it harder for police officers or security guards to notice if someone tries to break into one while parked outside of a business or public place. 

So, it means that if someone is trying to steal a Charger while parked outside somewhere, they’re not supposed to be—like at night on a residential street. 

Of course, they might be able to get away without being noticed by anyone else around them.

Also, they’re low-priced and less expensive than other vehicles on the market, including luxury sedans and SUVs that have been around for years. 

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The average price of a Dodge Charger is $20,000, making it a steal for thieves who want to make quick money by stealing older models from people who don’t realize how valuable their cars really are.

2. The Vehicle’s Parts Are Easy To Access

Dodge Chargers are easy to steal because they have a lot of different parts that are easy to access. 

That said, thieves can easily access Dodge’s different parts, including the engine and transmission, which can provide a fortune to someone who will steal them.

These are the two main parts that people will want to steal because they can make a lot of money selling them on the black market or even selling them themselves.

Also, they have many parts inside their cars that make it easy for thieves to break into and steal things from inside the cars without getting caught by police officers or security cameras.

3. Amazing Horsepower Ratings

Amazing Horsepower Ratings

Their horsepower ratings rarely exceed 300, which means they’re easy targets for thieves who want to get away with as much loot as possible. 

Therefore, they don’t have to worry about getting caught by police or getting into an accident while speeding down the highway at high speeds (which can kill or injure innocent bystanders).

4. Unique Vehicle

Dodge Chargers are a unique vehicle that appeals to more people, which means that the number of Dodge Chargers on the road isn’t enough to keep them from being stolen.

The Dodge Charger has been around for many years and provides great muscle cars to consumers, especially cops.

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However, there are only around 100,000 of these cars available for sale each year, and that’s not even including what’s made at other factories around the world. 

So, this means that for every one car sold, there are an average of 10 stolen Chargers on the street at any given time.

Also, because there are so few cars in circulation, they’re much more valuable than other vehicles—so they’re easier to sell than some other models.

5. Stands Out In The Crowd

They’re so big that they stand out in a crowd, which makes them more visible than other vehicles on the road. 

So, if someone is thinking about stealing your car, they’ll probably check out all the cars around you first before getting suspicious.


While the average Dodge Charger isn’t the easiest car to break into, the prevalence of the vehicle on America’s streets means that it’s easy for crooks to find one. 

With this in mind, it’s important that all Chargers are protected with a high-quality, reliable anti-theft device to protect their investment and deter criminals.

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