Why Are Hyundais So Easy To Steal? (5 Reasons Why)

While knowing that Hyundais are easy to steal and hoping it will keep you from becoming another theft statistic.

If you are planning to buy one, learn first why Hyundais are easy to steal. Remember that there are safer cars out there, but it’s not always about the car.  

You can protect yourself from becoming a victim of this crime by taking some easy precautions. Find out more!

Why Are Hyundais So Easy To Steal?

Why are Hyundais easy to steal? The first reason is that Hyundais are not heavily armored. They are not equipped enough to deter thieves. In addition, Hyundai doors are known to get easily broken into as they do not lock properly most of the time. Among other reasons are the vehicle’s weak safety features, which make them more desirable for thieves to steal.

Learn more about why Hyundais are easy to steal. Here are five reasons why. Keep on reading to discover more!

1. They Are Not Heavily Armored

Hyundais do not have a lot of armor to protect them from being stolen. The only thing that protects them is their fender. 

Further, it makes it easy for thieves to break into the car and steal everything inside. 

So, if you want to prevent your Hyundai from being stolen, make sure that you park in a parking lot with other cars around it so that it will be harder to break into.

2. Their Doors Do Not Lock Properly

The doors on the Hyundai do not lock properly when they are locked, so if someone wants to steal your car, they can open the door without having to break any locks or windows first. 

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In addition, it makes it easier for them as well, because they do not have to worry about breaking anything before they get inside your car and steal anything inside it.

3. Weak Security Features

Weak Security Features

Hyundai’s vehicles have a lot of weak security features that make them easy to steal.  

For instance, they have an easy-to-crack keyless entry system and an electronic parking brake release, which allows thieves to get into the car without having to break the window or pry open the door. 

Also, they don’t have any anti-theft technology such as anti-theft alarms or backup cameras, especially the older models, which makes it easier for criminals to steal your car.

4. Poor Quality Vehicle Parts

The second reason why Hyundai cars are so easy to steal is that they are made with cheap materials that can’t withstand rough treatment by criminals (such as theft). 

For example, their engines are made from plastic and aluminum, which means they’re easily broken during attempted thefts and can even cause fires in some cases if someone tries to break into your vehicle while it’s running.

5. Hyundais Are Mainly Inexpensive

Hyundais are among the most affordable vehicles on the market, and they’re easy to steal because of this.

Once a Hyundai has been stolen, thieves can easily bargain for them on the black market because of its very affordable price. 

They’re also popular with thieves: according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Hyundais were stolen at a rate of 1.4 per 100 vehicles in 2016—the highest rate of any brand in the study.

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They also found that Hyundai vehicles were most likely to be stolen from unlocked or open garages or parking lots.


In the end, you learned how much people take the security of their cars for granted.

Every car on the road has a vulnerability, and if someone wants to access your car, it’s likely that they will eventually do so, whether or not you have a great security system.

But there are ways to make cars harder to steal, and that’s by choosing the best vehicle with the great safety features offered or by always taking simple precautions, such as parking in the proper parking space.

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