What Are Vogue Tires? (Why They’re Popular, Replacing + More)

Shopping for tires can be a daunting task, especially since they are different available brands, each with its own unique set of features.

One of these outstanding tires is Vogue tires, exclusively manufactured and customized for high-end luxury cars. So, what exactly are Vogue tires? Here’s all you need to know.

What Are Vogue Tires?

Vogue tires are produced by an American tire manufacturer Vogue Tyre and Rubber Co. who customizes luxury tires, wheels, and vehicle accessories. These tires are made with cutting-edge design and technology for outstanding performance on the road. Since they are stylish, they are very popular with renowned celebrities and professional athletes that need custom tires.

Read on to learn more about Vogue tires, what’s special about them, how many miles they last, and whether they are worth it!

Who Makes The Vogue Tire?

Vogue Tires are manufactured by Vogue Tyre and Rubber Co. Established in 1914, Vogue tires high-end luxury tires have been in the market for the past 100 years.

Vogue tires are globally known for inventing the whitewall tire with a patented gold stripe design in the 1960s.

As the company specialized more in producing designed custom tires, they became the go-to for athletes, movie stars, and musicians.

Over the years, the brand has become popular in pop culture due to its timeless and unique design.

What’s Special About Vogue Tires?

What's Special About Vogue Tires?

If you are looking for high-end luxury tires, you might be wondering whether Vogue tires are worth it.

While some drivers share that they have not had any problems with these tires, others have had a bad experience.

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Having been in existence for over 100 years, these tires must have some advantages and key features. Here are some of them.

They Are Premium

If you want a custom tire with a striking aesthetic on the tread pattern, Vogue tires are a perfect choice. These tires have beautiful designs and are exceptionally built.

Therefore, they are created explicitly for wealthy car owners who have luxury vehicles and hypercars because of their design. Because of this, the high price is tailored according to the target market.

Since they have a specific target demographic, the Vogue tires manufacturer designs tires that are unique. They can customize and create designs that you won’t find anywhere else.

They Are All-Season Tires

Unlike other tire manufacturers, Vogue tires don’t have specialized options such as winter or off-road tires.

Instead, they are all-season to fit the target market who need tires that can handle extreme performance levels.

They Have Safety and Comfort Features

Vogue tires have safety and comfort features to make it easy for drivers on the road.

Vogue tires are designed with a high-ply internal construction for maximum safety, making the tire robust and more stable while driving.

Tread blocks are also designed using 3D technologies, which also help to reduce noise levels. Therefore, as much as they are expensive, these tires are safer than other brands.

They Have Better Handling Performance

While Vogue tires are quite pricey, they have a good measure of handling performance on the road.

They have excellent grip when cornering at high speed because their design features and compounds create a great tire.

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Additionally, the tires have an optimized tread that makes it easy to maintain a strong grip on wet surfaces. They also exhibit excellent braking distances for a comfortable ride.

How Many Miles Do Vogue Tires Last?

How Many Miles Do Vogue Tires Last?

According to the company Vogue Tires, their brands of passenger and light truck tires, whether original or replacement, come with a 60,000 (96,000 km) mileage warranty.

Since the average drive covers about 13,500 miles every year, these tires will last you about 4.4 years.

However, the tire’s mileage may vary because tires wear out differently depending on individual use. If they are exposed to harsh conditions, they might not last for 60,000 miles.

Apart from the mileage warranty, these tires also have a 30 day buy and try guarantee for their customers; therefore, you can take the tires back with an original receipt to the place of purchase and get a new set of tires.

When Should Vogue Tires Be Replaced?

Like other tire brands, Vogue tires should be replaced when they start showing signs of wear out.

To check whether they need to be replaced, check the tread depth or have your mechanic confirm whether the tires need to be replaced.

When the tread wears out, your tires will lose grip and traction on the road, making it dangerous to drive with them.

Since Vogue tires have a 60,000-mile warranty, you should also closely monitor them when they are approaching this limit.

However, like any other tires, they shouldn’t be used if the tread has gone below the legal limit of 2/32”.

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According to the manufacturer, if your tire wears down evenly across the trad surface before it hits the projected miles, they’ll give you a pro-rated credit against the price of a new Vogue tire based on the mileage not achieved.

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Vogue tires are uniquely designed for high-end luxury cars, making them quite popular with celebrities and athletes.

Having been in the market for more than 100 years, these tires are designed with superior comfort and safety features that make them ideal for handling, beaking and high performance on the road.

Vogue tires have a mileage warranty of 60,000 miles (96,000 km); therefore, they can last for up to four years without requiring a replacement when used in optimal conditions.

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