Most Expensive Tires (15 Most Expensive Tires Listed)

Some of the most expensive vehicles ride on some of the most expensive tires, but you might be amazed to know that most are designed by the same manufacturers that make the tires that average-priced vehicles use every day.

The bigger the tire, the more expensive the tire; the more performance the tire has to handle, the more expensive the tire, and possibly, name and reputation alone can make a tire more expensive. So, here is a list of the 15 most expensive tires that are used today!

What Are the Most Expensive Tires?

The most expensive tires in the world go on vehicles that move the world like dump trucks, jumbo jets, and even space shuttles. But, amazingly, most of those tires are made by brands that you will find right at your local tire shop. They may not be as big and as expensive, but you’re likely driving on some right now.  

In this list of the 15 most expensive tires, you will find that rubber tires are something our world just simply would not be able to live without, so keep reading to learn more!

1. Gold Plated Z Tyres

Gold Plated Z tires are sprinkled in gold leaf with cliquey diamonds.

If that sounds silly to you, maybe the price tag will sound even more outrageous.

This tire makes the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most expensive tire ever, sold at $150,000 each.

2. A380 Super Jumbo Jet Airplane Tyres

These tires aren’t fancy at all, in fact, you can barely even see them on a Super Jumbo Jet airplane.

However, they do their job by taking on mass amounts of forced weight at landing time.

These tires are only able to land about 300 times before they are considered not safe for landing any longer, and cost around $90,000 each.

3. LeTourneau L-2350 Front Loader Tire

3. LeTourneau L-2350 Front Loader Tire

The LeTourneau L-2350 tires have to carry some of the heaviest loads and move some of the roughest terrains in the world without getting stuck or tipping over.

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Standing roughly 13-feet tall and weighing in at about 12,500-pounds, this is without a doubt one of the largest and most expensive tires on earth.

To replace one of these tires, you’d have to cough up $63,000.

4. Caterpillar 797 Dump Truck Tires

This is another heavy hauling dirt and gravel machine with tires that are almost as big and as expensive as the LeTourneau tires.

This tire is manufactured by Michelin, one of the most popular tire manufacturers in the country.

Michelin makes these massive 59/80R63 XDR tires for the huge 4X4 dump truck.

They weigh in at around 10,000-pounds, and cost $42,500 each.

5. Bugatti Veyron Michelin Pilot Sport PAX

The Veyron tires don’t make the list because of their impressive size, but make the list because of their impressive performance.

These run-flat tires can withstand speeds of 250-mph, while also being able to handle cornering and all kinds of other duties.

On the front are 245/690 R520 tires and on the rear are 365/710 R540 tires.

These tires don’t only come with the hefty price tag of $10,050 apiece, they also have to be changed every 18-months, even if you didn’t drive the Bugatti at all.

6. Tires for the Space Shuttle

Not all expensive tires come on traditional earth-worthy vehicles. In fact, Michelin is in charge of manufacturing the space shuttle tires.

These tires are made to handle landing speeds of 260.98-mph and can hold the weight of 60 tons.

Filled with nitrogen gas, these space shuttle tires cost $5,000 each, with the front tire being just about the same size as an average truck tire.

7. Monster Truck Tires

We all have seen them before, the little body of a truck or a car slammed on top of a set of tires designed for cars and other huge objects.

They’re fun to watch, but not so much fun to pay for.

Goodyear and Firestone take on the duties of making these tires. Each tire is hand-built and takes 50 hours to complete.

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These tires that measure up to 66-inches in height and 43-inches in width cost $2,500 per tire.

8. Boeing 747 Tires

These airplane tires don’t cost quite as much as the tires of #2 on our list (the A380 Super Jumbo Jet Tires).

However, considering you need 18 tires on one airplane at $2,000 each, that can get pretty pricey.

9. Formula 1 Race Tires

9. Formula 1 Race Tires

Formula 1 cars move around the race track like they’re on rails, and it takes a sticky set of high-performance tires to make that happen.

These tires only have a track life of about a half-hour before they have to be changed.

Many different tire brands contribute to the Formula 1 circuit, like Bridgestone and Pirelli. A formula 1 car goes through about 20 tires in an average race.

At $1,500 a pop, it’s a good thing most of the tires get recycled at the end of the race.

10. Top Fuel Dragster Tires

Another race car tire that makes it into the lineup is a top fuel dragster tire.

Top fuel dragsters make 10-12,000 horsepower, and accelerate from 0-100 in 1.0 seconds.

Just as important as the Formula 1 tires, without the technology of the Goodyear slicks, top fuel dragsters would have no chance at making it down the track at even half power.

Usually, Goodyear manufactures the top fuel drag racing tires for the NHRA circuit, and they cost about $1,000 apiece.

11. The 1929 Leyland Lions Bus Tires

Sitting in the Lincolnshire Road Transport Museum, the Leyland Lions Bus Tires were ordered up at $800 per tire for its 50th anniversary celebration.

12. Yokohama Geolandar X-MT

These tires can only handle a max speed of 100-mph, but that’s because they’re not made for speed.

Rather, they’re made to crawl through some of the toughest terrains the earth has to offer.

Coming in at 39.9-inches in diameter with a tread depth of 21/23nds, these tires will set you back $1,000 – $1,500 a piece depending on who you shop through.

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13. The 30″ Continental Track Trackman XP Ag

Some people might not consider these tires, but would call them tracks.

However, to be official, they are rubber, and they go around and around, resulting in the movement of a vehicle.

The Trackman XP moves like a tank and rolls over objects like a tank.

Weighing in at 1020-pounds, one of these tracks will cost you $7,810 per track.

14. Motorcycle Racing Tires

Although most motorcycle tires come in at a pretty reasonable price, there are some tires for your motorcycle that are made for performance.

Even with their size being pretty small, some sets of motorcycle tires can cost up to $400-$500 per set, that is if you want to go fast and be safe.

15. Tufo Elite Pulse Tubular Road Tires for Bicycles

These tires make the end of the list because they go on a non-motorized vehicle.

Barely weighing in at a half-pound, you would have to spend $150 apiece for these bicycle tires.

A lot of people may think that’s crazy, but depending on what city you live in, there are a lot of people who depend on their bicycles for a main part of their transportation.

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Why Are Some Tires More Expensive Than Others?

Some tires are more expensive than others due to performance and size.

The bigger the tire, the more the material, and the more the cost.

The more technology that goes into a tire for performance, big or small, the same thing, the more the cost.

If you plan on doing out of the ordinary things with your vehicle, such as hauling big loads, going faster than normal, conquering the earth’s craziest terrain, then expect to pay for tires that will help compliment you on your endeavors.

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