How To Ship An Airbag? (Can You Do It, USPS, FedEx + More)

If you have an airbag you’re not using, selling it in the used market could be a good way to earn some extra cash.

However, airbags have different rules when being shipped that you should be aware of, so if you’d like to find out how to ship one properly, keep reading for more facts!

How Do I Ship An Airbag?

You can ship an airbag through regular delivery services like any other item, but you have to follow strict guidelines that govern the transportation of hazardous materials. Airbags are considered miscellaneous hazardous items because they are capable of exploding, so they require special care from packaging and throughout the rest of the shipping process.

If you’d like to find out how to ship an airbag with UPS, USPS, through eBay, FedEx and more, keep reading for more useful facts and tips!

How Do I Ship an Airbag?

To ship airbags, you need to follow these basic steps:

  1. Find packaging that meets the 3A testing standards of the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA), meaning that it requires at least 200 lbs (about 91 kg) to burst
  2. Read the packaging’s instructions and follow them to pack the airbag securely
  3. Label the package concisely and legibly. Include its specific and technical names as well as its identification number. Ensure your name and address as well as that of the recipient are present and make sure the hazard labels are not bent or wrapped around any edges for maximum visibility
  4. Fill out the accompanying documents required for transportation and get shipping papers from the service you intend to use (make sure they know that the package contains an undeployed airbag)
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How Do I Ship Airbags On eBay?

How Do I Ship Airbags On eBay?

eBay only allows authorized sellers to sell airbags on their platform that come straight from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), that are brand new and not part of a recall.

If you’ve satisfied all these requirements, you can ship an airbag on eBay by following these rules:

  • Make sure that the airbag is brand new and not rebuilt
  • Include this phrase on your listing: “I certify this airbag is not subject to recall and will be shipped in accordance with hazmat shipping requirements” so the buyer knows the package will contain a potentially hazardous item
  • Follow the hazardous material shipping requirements of your preferred service that isn’t the United States Postal Service (USPS), because they don’t ship airbags

How Do I Ship Airbags Through USPS?

You can’t ship airbags through USPS, as according to the USPS shipping regulations, some items are completely prohibited. Besides airbags, these items include ammunition, explosives, gasoline and all forms of marijuana.

This could be because the USPS is not as well equipped as its larger competitors to handle the potential damage to its equipment or personnel that could occur when an airbag explodes in their possession.

How Do I Ship Airbags Through UPS?

UPS doesn’t provide clear instructions for shipping airbags, so you would have to call your local center and verify with them.

Some of their online resources on prohibited items specifically mention airbags and say that they cannot be shipped under any of their services, and that if it’s discovered that a package contains one, shipment could be cancelled without notice.

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Other resources state that some explosives are acceptable but under controlled conditions such as ground transit.

How Do I Ship Airbags Through FedEx?

How Do I Ship Airbags Through FedEx?

FedEx considers airbags as dangerous material, but they will ship them provided you follow their guidelines for handling such items.

When shipping airbags specifically, FedEx requires you to mark the package clearly with the following information:

  • Your address
  • Your recipient’s address
  • Proper shipping name that is provided by the Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • A UN/NA (United Nations or North American) identification number that is used to designate hazardous materials
  • An EX number, product code or stock number to show that the item has been tested by the DOT

How Do I Ship an Airbag In The UK?

In the UK, airbags are considered dangerous goods, so the rules for shipping them are very strict if you label them as such.

For starters, you need to get information on the packaging you’re going to be using, including a copy of its certificate, test reports on its effectiveness and datasheets on how to use it properly.

After packing the item securely, you should provide as much information as possible on the packaging.

How Do I Ship a Steering Wheel With an Airbag?

You can ship an airbag inside a steering wheel like any other type of airbag- designated clearly as hazardous material and with special packaging.

You could also choose not to declare that there is an airbag in the package and ship it as a normal steering wheel, but this isn’t recommended as it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

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For starters, the shipping company will not take the necessary steps to treat it as dangerous goods, so in the event of an explosion, you could be held accountable.

Are Airbags Hazmat?

Are Airbags Hazmat?

Airbags are considered hazmat or hazardous material because they have the potential to explode.

In fact, it’s recommended that you label the package you’re using to ship your airbag as ORM-D so the shipping company knows how to handle them.

ORM-D stands for “other regulated materials – domestic” and denotes items that are a potential risk and should not be shipped internationally.

Can Airbags Be Shipped By Air?

A few companies like FedEx will ship airbags by air, but you have to declare that the package contains an airbag so they take the necessary precautions during transit.

Some experts even recommend that you stay away completely from shipping airbags by air due to the safety risks involved.

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When shipping airbags, you should be aware that they’re treated as hazardous material (hazmat) due to their potential to explode, so you need to use specialized packaging and label it clearly so the shipping company knows what they’re carrying.

There aren’t many options for shipping airbags due to the safety risks involved. For example, the USPS refuses to transport airbags while large companies like FedEx ship them under very strict regulations.

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