How To Remove Tire Marks From Car? (Full Guide)

Having those ugly black tire marks on your car can be annoying, especially if they won’t come off when you hit it with a power washer.

So, how do you get those black marks off your vehicle without ruining the paint? It’s tricky, doing it wrong can ruin your paint, so keep reading to learn the proper method!

How Do You Remove Tire Marks From Cars?

With the right rubbing compound and some smooth crafty hand or wheel polishing, you can remove tire marks without leaving any paint damage behind. With a quick trip to the parts store for some common inexpensive items, you will be able to remove tire marks, bird droppings, and other problematic paint scares.

If you’d like to learn how to remove tire marks from your car as well as other related facts, keep reading for more tips and information!

Removing Tire Marks From a Car: Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Before using an abrasive cleaner, check and see if you can get the rubber off with a light scrub using a mild soap and warm water mixture.
  2. If the rubber marks won’t come off, you can use a can of WD-40 and spray the marks down. Give the solution a little time to settle and then wipe it clean.
  3. If the WD-40 doesn’t do the trick, you will have to use a rubber compound, which can be found at any auto parts store in the auto detailing section. You’ll want to get a light compound and a finish wax.
  4. Use the compound to rub the area well, which should cut away at all the rubber.
  5. Next, wash the area with regular soap and water, then dry.
  6. The next step is to take the finishing wax and restore any clear coat areas that may have been compromised during the compound scrub.
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How Do I Get Rubber Scuff Marks Off My Car?

How Do I Get Rubber Scuff Marks Off My Car?

Whether from a bike tire, bike handlebars, a basketball, or anything else that might leave some nasty scuff marks, getting them out can be a little challenging.

Most of the time, WD-40 and a lint-free cloth with some texture to it can do the trick. However, remember to use a circular motion when rubbing against the vehicle.

Does WD-40 Remove Scratches From Cars?

WD-40 could be a temporary fix for very particular events, but they don’t remove scratches. Rather, WD-40 can hide scratches as long as it’s not wiped off.

In fact, with one good wash or rain, all the scratches that seemed to disappear from WD-40 will reappear when it’s washed off.

How Do You Remove Rubber Scratches From Cars?

Rubber marks and rubber scratches are different, and therefore must be removed differently.

Rubber marks are left on top of the paint, meaning you need to get rid of the mark and clean the area.

Rubber scratchers, however, are underneath the rubber mark. To cover these scratches, drivers can use WD-40, but will have to use some type of waxed compound to get underneath the clear coat and rub out the scratch.

After you have compounded the area and removed the scratches, you’ll need to wax in some protected polish over the compounded area to bring back the shine.

Can Magic Erasers Be Used On Car Paint?

Can Magic Erasers Be Used On Car Paint? 

While Magic Erasers do a good job on car interior goo and grime, do not use one on the exterior of your vehicle.

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The Magic Eraser’s coarse abrasiveness will ruin your vehicle’s paint job, which will add additional repairs to your vehicle.

Can You Use Goo Gone On Car Paint?

Goo Gone will work for removing tire marks, road grime, and other nasty car problems. However, this is a heavy solution, so make sure you use it with soap and water.

Is Rubbing Alcohol Safe For Your Paint?

Is Rubbing Alcohol Safe For Your Paint? 

Rubbing alcohol is far too potent to use alone, and must be diluted between 10-percent and 15-percent before it can be applied to a vehicle’s paint.

Without this dilution, the full potency of rubber alcohol will surely ruin, if not remove, the paint on your vehicle. Also, rubbing alcohol should never be used on freshly painted vehicles (which goes for all other heavy cleaning agents).

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There are a lot of cleaning agents out there that work hard at helping you get tire marks and other rubber, gooey substances off your car’s paint. If done the right way, you will not only get the substances off the paint, but you won’t leave any permanent damage behind.

However, Make sure you read the directions and know what the best practices are for getting rid of the marks on your car without ruining the paint.

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