Can You Sell Used Tires? (Places To Sell + Things To Know)

If you just replaced your old tires or your tires have hit their maximum, you might be probably wondering what to do with them or the proper disposal process.

Since tires are pretty expensive, most car owners look for an alternative to make money from them instead of just storing them in the garage.

Once you decide to sell your used tires, where exactly can you sell them, and how much are they worth? Here’s what I found out!

Can You Sell Used Tires?

You can sell your old tires to companies that accept tires in all conditions for cash. If you can’t find these companies near you, you could also sell your tires online. The industry standard price is $3 per tire; however, you could make $25-$90, depending on a range of factors.

To learn more about how to sell used tires, places to sell them, how much you’ll make, and the legal and ethical issues surrounding used tires, read on for the details.

Which Companies Can You Sell Your Used Tires To?

Once you have decided to sell your tires, you can either place ads online on the marketplaces or use the local shops near your city.

Let’s take a look at some companies and places you can earn cash from.

1. A &A Tire & Wheel

Located in Dallas, A & A Tire & Wheel accepts tires that are in relatively good condition to be retreaded and resold.

Before selling, buyers need to contact them beforehand to confirm if they are taking in new tires depending on the demand. Price is determined after the inspection.

2. Corporate Tire

Corporate Tire has multiple locations on the East Coast that buy semi-truck tires of different sizes as long as they don’t have too much rust, critical damage, or major issues. They don’t buy any tires that are damaged beyond repair.

2. Auto & Tire Works

If your tires are good enough to be retreaded, this Denver-based company will accept them s long as they are in decent shape and the rims don’t require many repairs.

4. Tire Management Inc.

As one of the best companies to sell your tires to, Tire Management prefers buying used tires in large quantities.

If you are going to sell to them, the tires have to be regroovable with capable casings, and if your aluminum wheels should also have good bold holes and rim flanges.

Where Else You Can Sell Used Tires?

Where Else You Can Sell Used Tires?

Apart from the specific companies, here are some places where you can sell your used tires.

1. Retreading Facility

As long as the tires are not severely damaged, they can go through the retreading process, which replaces the tread by retaining about 90% of the original material, making it much cheaper than manufacturing a new tire.

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Retread companies will pay for the tire depending on the condition; however, you can earn up to $40.

2. Recycling Center

For tires that have more damage and cannot be retreaded, you can drop them off at a recycling center instead of disposing them at a landfill.

Although the cash will not be as much as a retreading facility, you’ll earn about $1-$3 per tire; therefore, you’ll earn more if you have more tires.

To find a center, you can search online for one in your local town or check recycler platforms that match buyers to sellers.

3. Local Tire Shop

Your local tire shop can make you some money, especially if they are buying old tires for resale. As long as your tires have enough tread remaining, you could make some money without having to look for a private buyer.

4. Craigslist

Apart from physical stores, you should make use of the online marketplace, which allows you to reach more customers.

To add your used tires on Craigslist, all you have to do is upload the photos with a description, price and wait for the buyers to contact you.

Such platforms have a market for any item; therefore, they are an excellent place to start. Single tires on Craiglist can earn you between $30 and $75.

5. Amazon

Amazon is a convenient place for selling any type of product, including used tires.

Once you compare prices with the already listed tire brands, you can set a price for your own set and start to list your item either as an individual or professional.

6. eBay

Like Craigslist, eBay also requires you to upload your tire photos with a description and price.

Ensure that you include all the details on the tire’s condition and then choose between auction and buy-it-now and then wait for bids or an order.

7. Facebook Marketplace

Social media is an essential tool for marketing products in this digital age; therefore, you should also use it to source customers.

Almost everyone has a Facebook account; hence it’s much easier to reach more potential buyers if you add your tires on the Facebook marketplace.

8. SellMyTires.Com

If you want to target companies that buy used tires, you can advertise on this classified ad listing site. For this site, you’ll also need to include a photo and a full description.

Membership to the site is free, and there are no limits on the tires’ condition, type, or size.

9. is more suited for sellers who are selling truck tires and tire casings.

The site has a lot of contacts for American and Canadian tire stores, who specialize in buying used tires.

How Much Should I Sell My Used Tires For?

How Much Should I Sell My Used Tires For?

When buying new tires, the average cost varies depending on different factors such as brand, type, vehicle type, and mileage warranty.

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The same case applies to selling used tires to a private buyer, a retreading company, a recycling facility, or your local tire shop.

While the industry standard price is $3 per tire; however, you could make $25-$90, depending on a range of factors.

For instance, your used tires can fetch around $30 and $75 on Craigslist, depending on their condition.

Additionally, most companies that buy used tires will set the buying price after inspecting your tires to confirm that they are in a reusable condition; however, they might also set the price depending on the demand.

Used tire costs depend on the type of tire, initial price, age, tread left, and the number of tires you are selling.

What Are The Legal & Ethical Issues Around Used Tires?

While it’s not illegal to sell used tires, but is it ethical? Tire manufacturers have no control over independent sellers who specialize in selling used tires.

Most states have developed laws that govern the disposal and dumping of waste from tires, which harms the environment.

According to EPA data, the generation of rubber and leather in municipal solid waste (MSW) in 2018 was 9.2 million tons in the United States, representing 3.1% of total MSW generation.

Therefore, if your tires have met their purpose and you don’t have any other use for them, it’s better to sell them or recycle than throwing them away.

Piling up tires in the landfill will trap methane gas that will eventually contaminate the ground, while the steel belts inside the tires will puncture the liners in landfills.

Additionally, when the tires are placed in wet soil, chemicals will seep into the ground and contaminate the groundwater, making the water unusable.

You should also avoid burning the tires because it leads to air pollution, which is responsible for many diseases.

Does Discount Tire Buy Used Tires?

Some Discount Tire stores may sell used tires; however, the availability might not be constant, and they don’t provide warranties for these tires.

However, the company doesn’t buy used tires but can allow the buyers to trade their used tires as credit for acquiring new ones.

Does Walmart Buy Used Tires?

Walmart is one of the companies that have embraced recycling of used and scrap tires at their stores.

However, if you want to dispose of your tires at their location for recycling, Walmart will charge you a disposal fee.

While they charge $1.50 per tire, this amount may be waivered if you buy new tires or get maintenance services.

How To Sell Used Tires?

How To Sell Used Tires?

Here are some steps you can take to sell used tires.

Reach Out To Tire Retailers

In the U.S., the tire industry has a $36bn market size, with approximately 33,762 businesses that employ thousands of people.

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Therefore, it’s much easier to find a tire retailer or distributor in your city who can buy used tires to resell.

Additionally, local garages could help you dispose of your old tires at a small fee; therefore, they could come in handy if you need an alternative.

Inspect Your Tires

Before selling any tires, you’ll need to check their condition, if they have any holes or extreme tears because this determines whether it will be possible to sell them.

Measure the Treads

If the tread is an eighth of an inch or more, it’s considered safe and usable; therefore, you can check first to confirm the measurement on your tires to earn cash from them.

According to a Consumer Reports research, treadwear is among the primary considerations for people shopping for tires, whether all-season, winter, or summer.

Therefore, for any buyer to purchase your old tires, the treads need to be in good condition.

Furthermore, the tread depth determines the price; hence, if your old tires still have about half of their tread left, the price will be approximately 50% the price of a new tire.

Take Pictures

Whether you are selling the tires online or to a retailer, photos can make it easier to share with potential buyers because they show the tire condition.

When taking pictures, be honest about the condition of your tires, whether they have cracks or any dents.

Advertise the Tires

Once you have good pictures, you can upload them with their descriptions on platforms such as Craigslist or eBay to reach out to more potential buyers.

Ensure you include your contact information to make it easier for buyers to talk to you.

You should also include as much information as possible on the ad, such as the size, model, brand, and any other extra manufacturer details that buyers need to know.

To find out more, you can also see our posts on how long do tires last in storage, if you should buy used tires, flat spots on tires, and if new cars come with spare tires.


Selling used tires after you are done using them is an excellent way to make some money while protecting the environment.

Luckily, there are several platforms and businesses that you can use to reach out to potential buyers as long as your old tires are in relatively good condition.

Your tires can fetch as low as $1 if you are disposing of them for recycling as high as $90 if they are in a condition to be retreaded.

Instead of storing the old tires in a garage or throwing them out in a landfill, you can make some money by selling them.

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