How Long Do Ko2 Tires Last? (Miles + Time Frame)

When buying new tires or replacing worn ones, you need to know how long the particular brand lasts, the performance, and the quality before paying for them.

One tire brand in particular known for being a tough all-terrain tire is Ko2, manufactured by American tire company BFGoodrich. But, exactly how long do Ko2 tires last? Here’s what I discovered.

How Long Do Ko2 Tires Last?

Ko2 tires typically last 50,000 miles (80,000 km) which is also the manufacturer’s limited warranty. On average, car owners commute 13,500 miles each year, so these Ko2 tires should last you about 3.7 years. With proper care, these tires have been reported to last up to 60,000 – 90,000 miles.

Read on to get more information about Ko2 tires, how long they last, when you should replace them, and their performance!

How Many Miles Do Ko2 Last?

As stated above, Ko2 tires have a 50,000 mileage limited warranty if driven on on-road terrain and about 40,000 miles if they are mainly used during off-road drives.

While this might sound a bit lower than other passenger cars, which can last up to 65,000 miles, these tires deliver the best off-road traction in the market.

In my research, I discovered some drivers only got about 30,000 miles on their Ko2 tires, which is pretty low compared to the company’s limited warranty.

On average, one person drives around 13,500 miles every year; therefore, these tires will get you an average of 3.7 years.

While Ko2 tires are primarily meant for off-road drives, they can last longer if you use them on-road. Therefore, the mileage will vary from person to person, depending on what types of roads they are exposed to, driving habits, and tire maintenance.

As an improved version of the KO tires by BFGoodrich, these tires have more traction, are resistant to punctures, and are also very durable.

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Do Ko2 Tires Wear Out Fast?

Do Ko2 Tires Wear Out Fast?

While there’s no definite answer for this, your Ko2 tires’ wear out rate will depend on how you use them; if they are meant for rugged off-road terrain, they might wear out much faster than if they are used on-road.

Some Ko2 tires only hit 25,000-30,000 miles before being replaced, which depends on external factors.

Because of the company’s technology, the Ko2 tires have sidewalls that are 20% thicker than the typical tires, which is essential in protecting them from slashes on a road trail.

According to BFGoodrich, the all-terrain Ko2 have CoreGard Technology, derived from their race-proven Baja T/A®KR2 tire. This technology provides split and bruise-resistant sidewall rubber, increases rubber thickness, and deflects protruding objects from splitting the sidewall.

Compared to other tire brands, Ko2 tires have locking 3-D Sipes that increase tread block stability for better even wear in the long run. With this feature, the footprint is optimized, and the stress is distributed more evenly for uniform wear.

These tires are designed to handle on and off-road terrains, with a shoulder design that increases snow, mud, and rock traction.

Tire tread is a critical part of the tire, especially regarding performance; therefore, the in-built stone ejectors remove any stones lodged in between the tread, making the rides much smoother.

How Often Should Ko2 Tires Be Replaced?

How Often Should Ko2 Tires Be Replaced?

All BFGoodrich tires, including the Ko2, come with a standard manufacturer’s limited warranty, which caters for any defects in materials or quality of the tire.

This warranty covers any issues that may arise on the original usable tread for 6 years from when you purchased the tire.

Like other brands, you should replace the tires once you notice they are worn out beyond repair.

When you buy these tires, you also get a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your new tires, you can bring them back to where you bought them with a receipt within 60 days of your purchase, and you’ll get a new set of tires of equal or lesser value.

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Keep in mind that the more you abuse your tires on the road, the faster they will need replacement, which becomes costly in the long run.

Are Ko2 Tires Noisy?

While most off-road tires have a reputation for being noisy, these Ko2 brands provide a quieter ride even in rugged terrain.

Designed with a computer-optimized tread pattern, this improves their performance and grip on different types of roads, making it less noisy.

However, some drivers complain that their Ko2 tires are pretty noisy on the road, which can be rather irritating.

How Can You Know The Age Of Ko2 Tires?

If your tire is still in good condition, you still need to know the age so that you can replace it when it’s reached its limit.

Most companies recommend that the tires be replaced after every 6-10 years even if they look like they are in good condition.

Like other tire brands, Ko2 tires also have markings on the tire sidewall with the details on the manufacturing date.

You’ll see some numbers and letters, including a Department of Transportation (DOT) code embossed on the sidewall with the last four digits representing the year and week of the manufacture.

When looking for these numbers and letters, you should check both sides of the tire or detach the tire first.

What Determines How Long Ko2 Tires Last?

What Determines How Long Ko2 Tires Last?

While Ko2 tires are primarily meant for off-road, you can use them on all types of terrains because they have superior traction.

Your tires will last depending on your use and your driving habits. If you spend more time on the highway and smooth roads, they’ll give you more service; however, the mileage will become lower if you tackle rugged terrains most of the time.

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Are Ko2 Tires Worth It?

If you are wondering what tires you should get for driving on off-road terrain, you should consider Ko2 tires for several reasons.

Exceptional Technology

These BFGoodrich Ko2 tires have CoreGard technology that makes the sidewalls bruise resistant and protects them from slashes when driving in off-road terrain.

In addition, the tread block is also interlocked for better stability and traction whether you are driving in mud, gravel, or snow.

All these technologies make them ideal for handling different types of terrain without switching the tires.

Off-Road Performance

The 3-D snipes are also vital in improving tread block stability thanks to the shoulder designs which can handle any road surface.

According to drivers who have used these tires, they are ranked as the best off-road alternatives because they can tackle any road condition.

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Ko2 tires are a good alternative if you need tires that will handle different types of terrain without any problems.

On average, they last 50,000 miles but can go further or lower depending on how you use them on the road.

Some customers have managed to get in more than 60,000 miles while others only got 30,000 miles which vary because of how the tires are used.

Furthermore, the manufacturer has designed these tires with advanced technologies that protect them from road damage, especially on rugged trails, so that they can last longer.

With proper use, these tires should last an average of 3.7 years before replacing them with a new set.

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