Honda Accord Ignition Coil Symptoms (9 Things To Be Aware Of)

The ignition coils in your Honda Accord are part of the vehicle’s ignition system and are responsible for enhancing the relatively low battery voltage of 12V to 10,000V for the spark plugs.

And traveling your Accord with faulty ignition coils can cause engine or catalytic converter serious harm; therefore, you must act quickly to avoid more costly repairs.

Look what I discovered about the faulty ignition coil in this post!

Honda Accord Ignition Coil Symptoms

1. The Check Engine Light Comes On

The check engine light in your dashboard will frequently display.

When your Honda Accord diagnostic tool is used, the most common engine code is P0351 for ignition coil – primary or secondary malfunction.

Monitoring for the error code is the easiest way to identify and resolve a coil problem, so grab your scanner when the check engine light comes on.

However, there may be no error codes. So, to avoid confusion, inspect the ignition coils and consider replacing them if they are found to be defective, or let a technician verify the issue.

2. Insufficient Fuel Economy

Too much fuel consumption in an Accord is a classic symptom of faulty spark plugs or ignition coils.

That said, whenever you travel the same speed and distance but stop at the filling station more frequently, this indicates ignition coil breakdown.

So, an inaccurate 02 sensor preview sends additional gas than needed whenever an ignition coil starts to fail.

As a result, you’ll need to fill up more frequently since the spark plugs aren’t getting sufficient power, and the system compensates by injecting more fuel.

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3. Difficult Engine Starting

Once the ignition coils fail, the engine will take longer to start. Your Accord’s ignition system will have to work much harder to ignite the fuel-air mixture in your vehicle’s combustion chambers.

Further, the ignition must spark at precisely the right time for an engine to start and your Honda Accord to run.

Of course, it will be challenging to start the engine if an ignition coil fails to supply the proper voltage to the spark plugs.

So, if your vehicle stalls when you come to a complete stop, it could be due to a faulty ignition coil sending erratic sparks to the spark plugs.

4. Inadequate Acceleration And Loss Of Power

The engine will run out of power if the vehicle’s ignition coils are not functioning right.

Also, once you tap the accelerator pedal in your Accord, the car may feel pressured to accelerate, resulting in a long journey to your optimal speed.

Among the first signs of ignition coil malfunction is this. If your vehicle has ignition coil problems, it will feel sluggish and lose power.

It is affected by unusual sparks that ignite the necessary combustion. If your car loses power, take it in for servicing to prevent any damage, which will cost you so much money to repair.

5. Backfiring And Black Smoke

Backfiring And Black Smoke

A faulty ignition coil can be the source of your Honda Accord’s backfiring.

When unutilized fuel in your vehicle’s combustion cylinders blows up, allowing black smoke to rise from the exhaust system and a strong odor of gas, the car makes a loud noise.

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So, if the issue is not resolved quickly, it will lead to complete system damage.

6. Engine Misfires

While accelerating, a faulty ignition coil will start causing your Honda Accord to misfire. A misfire can affect your car to stop working while you’re trying to drive in extreme cases.

Also, the misfire occurs if one of the cylinders keeps firing incorrectly or does not.

In addition, the emission can potentially damage the catalytic converter and several other engine components.

7. Coughing And Sputtering Sounds

Once you start the engine, you may hear sputtering and coughing sounds. A faulty ignition coil causes it.

Of course, the noises are produced by a cylinder that is not firing throughout the ignition process.

8. Rough Idle

When your Honda Accord ignition coil has been damaged, it may induce rough idling.

Whenever the coil becomes worn or cracked, it may not transmit an electrical charge straight to the plugs and will seek the shortest path for the charge to retreat.

Instead of passing through the spark plugs and into the engine, the current may try to skip the electrode and make its way across the cylinder head’s side panels.

Unfortunately, ignition coils almost always cause rough idle in this manner.

9. Engine Stalling

Engine stalling is another symptom of a worn ignition coil. Stalling could be triggered by various factors, such as fuel starvation, insufficient air, extreme loads, and combustion failure.

Suppose the coils cannot provide the necessary voltage to generate a spark. In that case, your vehicle’s engine simply takes down since it cannot generate adequate force to power the car.

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Remember that a faulty ignition coil can prompt symptoms comparable to damaged spark plugs.

However, regardless of any visible issues with the spark plugs, you should have your Honda Accord tested for defective ignition coils by a competent mechanic.

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