Why Is Toyota Venza Discontinued? (9 Reasons Why)

Toyota has been in the market for quite some time and it is always a pleasure to see their cars on the road. 

However, there are some models that get discontinued such as Toyota Venza due to several different reasons. Let’s discover more about it!

Why Is Toyota Venza Discontinued?

The Toyota Venza was a great crossover SUV which was discontinued for various reasons. First, the demand for the car was lower than expected, and second, the fuel efficiency was not good enough as it was expected by customers. The third reason was that the model was overly complicated, and Venza did not provide a good return on investment. 

Join me in discovering more about why the Toyota Venza was discontinued. Here are nine good reasons to look into it. Read on!

1. No Longer Fits The Needs Of Consumers

It may be too old-fashioned or not up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations. This can be true of Toyota Venza which was launched in 2008. 

Further, the models may have been overtaken by newer ones from other companies as well as other models in its. 

Also, this can be true for Toyota Venza which was launched in 2008 but no longer features among the top 10 most popular SUVs according to Google Trends data (trends).

2. Dropped Sales

The Venza is a mid-size crossover SUV with a sleek design, and features you would expect from an upscale vehicle. 

Though the car earned many awards and accolades during its run, it was not able to match the sales of other vehicles from the same manufacturer. 

Following the discontinuation of this model, Toyota has announced that they will stop production of all their vehicles in the United States and Canada.

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3. Customer Preference

Toyota Venza is an SUV from the Toyota family which has been discontinued since 2017. 

And the reason for its discontinuation has been a long time coming and it is not because of any technical issues or manufacturing problems.

The main factor for discontinuation of this vehicle is customer preference. There are many people who prefer SUVs to hatchbacks and sedans, especially when it comes to family cars. 

In addition, it is because SUVs can accommodate more people than other vehicles, thus making them ideal family cars. 

However, this preference also means that Toyota Venza will not be able to sell as many units as it used to back then when it was launched.

4. Poor Fuel Economy

Another reason why Toyota Venza was discontinued by Toyota is its poor fuel economy. The EPA estimated that it would need to travel 17 miles per gallon in order to fill up its tank once again. 

This proves that this crossover SUV is not very fuel efficient and consumers will be better off buying another model instead. 

Additionally, consumers prefer more fuel-efficient vehicles over older models that have been discontinued. 

People do not want to spend money on something they already own just because they want a newer model with better features such as improved horsepower or torque levels.

5. Safety Issues

Safety Issues

The car was recalled in 2012 due to faulty airbags that could cause injuries in the event of a crash. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said that there are potentially dozens of people who have been hurt by these defective airbags. 

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They want to make sure the public is aware of their presence. Also, the car was recalled again in 2015 for another problem with its seatbelt pretensioners. 

This time, Toyota decided not to repair or replace any vehicles because they found no evidence of malfunctioning parts. 

But they still felt it was safer to offer owners a free recall checkup and replacement parts.

6. Toyota Cannot Keep Up With The Development Of Newer Models

Unfortunately for Toyota, these reasons are no longer valid. In fact, they’ve been replaced by new models like the Kia Sorento and Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet. 

These newer models have better gas mileage than the Venza’s V6 engine and offer more interior space for their price tags. 

While Toyota has discontinued Venza production in favor of these newer models. 

There are still plenty of other vehicles available on the market that are worth considering if you’re looking for an SUV or crossover with more contemporary styling and technology features.

7. Price Is Too High For Its Competitors

Toyota Venza was discontinued because of the price. The Venza is a good-looking vehicle, but the price of the vehicle was too high for its competitors. 

Further, the Toyota Venza was priced at an average of $36,495, which is more than $10,000 higher than the standard price for a mid-size crossover.

Although, the Venza has a large and luxurious interior, which is one of its biggest advantages. 

However, it also has some downsides: its weight makes it difficult to accelerate quickly and its gas mileage is poor for most uses. 

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The car’s reliability has been questioned by some consumers as well.

8. Too Many Other Similar Models In The Market Already

Toyota Venza is discontinued because there are so many similar models on the market already, such as the Honda CR-V and Nissan Rogue. 

These vehicles are both popular choices for people looking for a family vehicle because of their space, comfort and convenience. 

Also, they have a good reputation for reliability in terms of quality control and customer service.

The Venza is a great vehicle, but there are many other similar models on the market already. It’s hard to compete with those models and stay in the game.

9. Does Not Meet The Demands Of Consumers

Toyota Venza is discontinued because it does not meet the needs of many consumers anymore. 

Further, the Venza was designed specifically for families with kids but  more people are choosing other models. 

They want something more luxurious and spacious than what the Venza can offer them in terms of features or performance level compared to other vehicles available today on the market. 

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Toyota Venza has won numerous awards over the course of its seven year production run. It also caught the attention of several drivers and families to purchase the vehicle. 

However, it does not change the fact that Toyota still discontinues manufacturing Venza due the several factors provided in this post. 

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