Why Is Nissan Altima Insurance So High? (9 Reasons Why)

You should compare rates from many insurers to find the best Nissan Altima insurance quotes that are the cheapest.

For the same car model, different providers charge varying premiums. In addition, depending on your driving history and vehicle model year, another provider may have affordable coverage.

Your Nissan Altima insurance costs are significantly influenced by the company you choose. This vehicle has an annual insurance premium of $1,323 on average. Look what I found out!

Why Is Nissan Altima Insurance So High?

1. Your Location Where You’ll Be Driving Your Nissan Altima

Your Nissan Altima’s rate will be heavily influenced by the area where you drive it.

For example, the number of accidents in a specific location, the stolen cars in a city, and the proportion of parking areas and garages can all affect the annual cost of your auto insurance.

Since rates are based on ZIP code, relocating even a few blocks may occasionally be enough to raise or lower them, often by several hundred dollars annually.

Your vehicle insurance rates are probably so high because you reside in a ZIP code wherein accidents and car thefts are frequent.

2. Nissan Altima Is Considered Expensive Vehicle

Insurance costs for older Nissan Altima models are typically lower. Again, it is because comprehensive and collision prices of insurance decrease when a car’s value decreases over time.

Prices for car insurance range from $1,038 annually for a 2005 Nissan Altima to $1,469 annually for a 2020 model. Based on the age of your car, the difference comes to $431 annually.

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Depending on the model year, different providers can have less expensive solutions. For example, a 2020 Nissan Altima can receive an average auto insurance policy for $1,114 annually.

Since the lowest carrier varies depending on the year, you can explore the rates other providers offer for your model year.

3. Your Deductibles

Drivers must select a deductible for comprehensive and collision insurance, the cost you are willing to pay out-of-pocket once you make a claim.

The most typical deductible is $500, which means that a driver who reports a $3,000 claim will contribute $500 to the repair costs, and the insurance provider will cover the remaining $2,500.

Suppose they do not wish to spend a significant portion of pocket when making a claim.

Although, in that case, drivers may opt for a lower deductible, often as low as $0 or $100, doing so might dramatically raise your annual insurance rates.

For example, one of the reasons your Nissan Altima insurance is so expensive may be because you’ve selected an extremely low deductible.

4. Your Nissan Altima Annual Mileage

Your insurance prices may be noticeably impacted by the miles you travel each year.

For instance, because fewer people were driving during the COVID pandemic, most drivers received refunds from their auto insurance providers.

A rise in rates is anticipated to coincide with an increase in the number of miles that drivers travel annually.

Your increased annual mileage is likely a contributing factor to why your Nissan Altima insurance is so expensive if you’ve relocated to a new job that requires a longer commute.

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5. Insurance Coverage Gaps

Insurance Coverage Gaps

There are two different kinds of coverage gaps that could raise your Nissan Altima insurance premiums. A coverage lapse is the first while you are a registered vehicle owner.

When your insurance is up for renewal, you can anticipate a price rise if your coverage is canceled for just one day, whereas you own a car.

Additionally, there may be times when you don’t own a car and hence do not have car insurance coverage.

You might be able to terminate your insurance to avoid a coverage gap if the time you won’t be driving is minimal.

6. Age Of The Driver

Young drivers typically pay higher insurance premiums because they lack driving experience.

For example, an average 18-year-old driver must pay $4,319 annually for Nissan Altima insurance, compared to an average 40-year-old driver’s $1,323 annual premium.

The costs of auto insurance for teenage drivers between the ages of 16 and 25 can be seen on the websites of different car insurance providers.

Sharing a single auto insurance policy with parents might help teens and their family members save money because teen drivers’ insurance policies can be costly.

7. Your Driving Record

For your Nissan Altima, a simple at-fault accident claim might increase your premiums by 20% or higher.

A significant moving offense like a DUI or careless driving can occasionally cause a rate increase of up to 100%.

However, a single traffic infraction or accident can be removed from your driving record.

Additionally, some insurance providers provide first accident atonement benefits, which let you submit a claim up to a predetermined limit without affecting your insurance premiums.

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8. Credit History

In some states, businesses can consider your credit score or credit history to calculate your Nissan Altima insurance premiums.

However, several jurisdictions have regulations that either forbid the use of credit at all in determining rates or prohibit the use of credit to refuse someone insurance coverage.

These states include California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Oregon, and Utah.

9. Gender-Based Insurance Calculation

Some states depend on insurance rates on statistical data based on gender. Whether you drive a Nissan Altima as a male or female will affect your insurance rates.

However, several states, including California, Hawaii, Michigan, Massachusetts, Montana, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, have made it unlawful for auto insurance companies to rely on a person’s gender to establish how much they would charge for coverage.

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You should consider the price of auto insurance premiums if you purchase a Nissan Altima.

Using a free online tool, you can start comparing Nissan Altima car insurance quotes among some of the best auto insurance providers right away.

However, the cost of auto insurance for your Altima will depend on different variables affecting car insurance rates.

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