​​Why Is My Bluetooth Not Working In My Car? (11 Reasons Why)

Bluetooth is a wireless technology for establishing proximity connections between electronic devices. Many modern vehicles have built-in Bluetooth, allowing you to connect your phone to the in-car entertainment system.

For almost everyone, having Bluetooth functionality in a car is necessary. And you’ll surely get annoyed once it doesn’t connect. But, look what we found out about why Bluetooth doesn’t work sometimes!

Why Is My Bluetooth Not Working In My Car?

The most common reason your Bluetooth is not working in your car is that the device is not connected correctly. It could also be because of compatibility issues, phone settings have been changed, or there is a problem with the antenna. Another possible reason is that your Bluetooth device is out of range.

Discover more about why your Bluetooth is not working in your car. Here are 11 reasons why; continue reading!

1. Device Not Connected

Ensure your phone and car are powered up and on the same channel. If you have a newer model car, this is often done automatically by the Bluetooth system in the vehicle itself.

However, if you have an older model, you may need to do some troubleshooting on your own to figure out how to get them on the same channel.

2. Not Compatible

One problem could be that your car’s Bluetooth system doesn’t support the device you’re trying to pair.

That said, your phone and car may not be able to communicate with each other. So, ensure your phone is set to connect with the Bluetooth in your vehicle.

Also, you might have a poor signal strength on your phone, which can cause problems with Bluetooth devices. Try increasing the volume or turning the radio to get a better signal.

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3. Phone Settings Have Been Recently Changed

There’s a possibility that a button was accidentally touched when the phone was in someone else’s hands, whether it was a slip of the thumb or a child experimenting with your phone.

In this case, turn your Bluetooth back on after parking your car. Next, verify that your car is shown as one of your connections in your phone’s settings and is “Connected.”

If not, fix your gadget in the settings of your car, and the Bluetooth capabilities of your phone with your automobile should be restored.

4. There Is A Problem With The Antenna

Your device could be too far away from the antennae itself, which can cause signal loss and make it impossible for you to use Bluetooth.

That said, try moving closer and restarting the connection process again after moving farther away from the antennae once more (this may take several tries).

If this doesn’t work, try turning up the volume on your phone or turning off any unnecessary applications running in the background until you get closer.

Then, try restarting everything over again.

5. There Is An Open Network

Make sure that there is no interference between any other devices using your phone’s Bluetooth connection.

With that, it includes other devices paired with it through work or school and other devices in the range of its signal waves, such as phones or laptops in the same office space.

Or, your company has provided Wi-Fi access points (or any other place where there might be an open network connection).

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6. Your Phone Has Low Battery

Your Phone Has Low Battery

When your phone’s battery starts to run low, those who use the power-saving mode on their smartphones turn off all the programs that might deplete the battery more quickly.

Also, it covers Bluetooth. While inconvenient, this issue will persist until you give the battery some energy.

7. Bluetooth Device Not In Range

Your phone’s Bluetooth will start working when you are around 30 feet from the automobile.

In addition, the connection was probably lost if you rushed into Starbucks to get your coffee and left the car running.

Still, it should reconnect when you go back in the car while in the park. If it does not happen, turn off the car and restart it while the phone is still in it.

8. Firmware Update Is Needed

You don’t have the latest version of the software on your phone, so you may be missing out on some essential features requiring higher versions of Android and iOS operating systems.

Therefore, you need to update the firmware on your phone or other devices to make it compatible with your car’s Bluetooth system.

9. Radio Transmitter Is Off

The radio transmitter in your car is turned off, which prevents the radio from picking up any signals sent through the antenna wire connected to your phone’s antenna port.

Therefore, not being able to pick up any signal may impair your Bluetooth from being used.

10. Discoverable Mode Is Off

Imagine you want to connect your phone to the infotainment system in your vehicle, so you can use hands-free texting, calling, and navigation.

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That said, to make your phone visible to the automobile, check your phone’s settings and choose Bluetooth.

Further, press the infotainment system’s controls, often found on the steering wheel or center console, to tell it to start looking for your device.

So, when the vehicle locates your phone, it can prompt you to confirm or enter a numerical code on your phone. The devices ought to be linked once you’ve finished.

Remember, your phone or vehicle could only be in discoverable mode for a short period; if you wait too long, you’ll have to restart.

11. Too Many Devices Connected With Your Smartphone

Too many devices connected to your smartphone could be why your Bluetooth is not working in your car.

But, if you have too many devices connected to your smartphone, it can cause interference and slow down the speed of the Bluetooth connection between them.

Additionally, it can cause a delay in responding or even total disconnection.

Therefore, you should try unplugging all other devices and plugging them back in one at a time until you find the device interfering with the connection between your phone and its receiver.

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Consider the larger picture when your Bluetooth keeps losing connection or not working with your automobile.

What may have changed to cause this issue? The answer is frequently pretty straightforward and requires you disconnect and reconnect your device.

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