Why Is Honda Accord Insurance So Expensive? (7 Reasons Why)

If you have just bought a Honda Accord, you are likely looking for car insurance to go along with it. When shopping for insurance, you usually have to put the type of car you have to get a quote.

If you saw the rates, you may be curious as to why Honda Accord insurance is so expensive. We looked up the facts, and here is what we learned!

Why Is Honda Accord Insurance So Expensive?

Honda Accord insurance is expensive because the cars are the second most frequently stolen car in the United States. Plus, most Honda Accord drivers are young drivers who are more likely to get into accidents. Also, the newer models and modified Honda Accords will generally have more expensive insurance rates.

Do you want to learn more about why Honda Accord insurance is expensive? We made a list of factors below, so keep reading!

1. Young Drivers

Typically, most people that drive Honda Accords are young drivers, being a popular choice for people as young as 22 years old, but there are Honda Accord drivers younger than that.

However, the general age range of Honda Accord drivers makes Honda Accord insurance more expensive.

Normally, teenagers get quotes for car insurance that can cost three times more than the average rate for car insurance.

That said, this is because younger drivers are more likely to get into accidents since they will not be experienced drivers.

Usually, the car insurance rate will go down with each birthday as insurance companies will believe that they become more responsible drivers.

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Since the majority of Honda Accord drivers are young, most insurance companies make Honda Accord insurance more expensive.

2. Frequently Stolen Car

Surprisingly, the Honda Accord is a very common car to be stolen in the United States, which makes Honda Accord insurance more expensive.

For instance, the Honda Accord was stolen nearly twice as much as the Toyota Camry in 2021.

As such, the Honda Accord is the second most stolen car in the United States, right behind the Honda Civic.

One reason the Honda Accord gets stolen often is that the car is fairly popular, so it is more likely for thieves to happen upon a Honda Accord than other cars.

Additionally, Honda Accords are frequent targets for thieves because Honda Accord car parts are frequently in demand on the black market.

As such, insurance companies want to avoid making a loss on insurance for Honda Accords by making the insurance more expensive.

3. Modifiable Car

Usually, getting insurance for a modified car will be more expensive, and it is very easy for most Honda Accord owners to modify their cars.

For instance, most Honda Accord drivers will modify their car by getting a different exhaust, suspension, increasing horsepower, etc.

However, modifying a car makes the car more valuable, which will make car insurance companies charge larger premiums to insure the car.

Also, replacing or repairing modified parts costs more for insurance companies, and these modified parts are often harder to find.

As such, the car insurance company has to charge larger premiums for modified Honda Accord cars.

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Remember that even a minor modification on your Honda Accord can greatly increase your insurance rate.

Plus, some insurance companies will require modified car owners to pay for add-on plans or to buy a separate insurance policy for car insurance.

4. Newer Car Model

Newer Car Model

The rate for car insurance for newer Honda Accord models will be more expensive than insuring an older Honda Accord.

That said, this is because the newer Honda Accord models have greater value than the older models.

As such, the newer Honda Accord will have newer, more expensive parts that the insurance company has to consider.

For example, the 2022 Honda Accord can cost $1,500 a year to insure, whereas the 2015 Honda Accord only costs roughly $700 per year.

Also, most new Honda Accords will be financed, and cars that have been financed require more expensive insurance plans.

5. Higher Cost Of Repair

While this will depend on the exact Honda Accord model you have, the cost of repairing a Honda Accord usually costs more than other Honda cars.

For example, a Honda Accord’s average cost of repairs is $400 per year, whereas it is only $368 for a Honda Civic.

As you can imagine, most insurance companies take note of the average cost of repairs for certain car models when calculating a quote for the insurance.

Therefore, most Honda Accord insurance premiums will be expensive since it is pricier to repair a Honda Accord.

6. Lack Of Anti-Theft Features

As mentioned earlier, the Honda Accord is one of the most stolen cars in the United States.

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If your Honda Accord does not have any anti-theft safety features installed in it, most insurance companies will increase your car insurance rate.

7. High-Risk Driver

Normally, people considered high-risk drivers face higher rates for car insurance.

So, while this may not directly have anything to do with you having a Honda Accord, it would make the insurance for your Honda Accord more expensive.

Generally, people with bad driving records with severe driving violations would be called high-risk drivers.

Further, high-risk drivers have to pay more for insurance regardless of what kind of car they drive because they are more likely to get into accidents.

For instance, State Farm has High-Risk Auto Insurance specifically targeted at drivers with bad records, which can be applied to Honda Accord insurance.

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Honda Accord insurance is expensive because Honda Accords are frequently stolen and often have high-risk drivers.

Additionally, Honda Accord insurance becomes more expensive the newer the model is and how many modifications were done to the car.

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