Where Do I Install Tires Bought Online or Elsewhere? (List of Places)

Buying tires online offers you a lot of advantages, and in the world we live in today, where we do just about everything virtually, it has never been easier. You can shop on your own terms, shop many different places at once, and purchase tires right at home.

The best thing is, you don’t have to worry about having the tires shipped to your doorstep or to the right tire shop/ dealership you plan on using for installation. So, where can you have your online tires installed? Keep reading to see what I learned!

Where Do I Install Tires Bought Online or Elsewhere?

Seek out a licensed auto shop/ dealership for the installation of any wheels or tires you purchase online. Never go somewhere you’re not sure of, as they might not do a good job or stand behind their work. If you’re having aftermarket tires and wheels put on, make sure to go to a shop that has experience with aftermarket upgrades.

Buying tires online offers one big disadvantage- you have to find someone to install them correctly for you. However, below is a list of trusted places where you can have your tires installed properly, so keep reading to learn more!

1. Your Closest Neighborhood Trusted Tire Shop

Using a local shop without a big name on the side of the building isn’t the worst idea.

As long as you know other people who have used said shop before and they were satisfied with the work, you should be just fine. As well, you can also look at places like Yelp for reviews.

Now don’t be alarmed if the prices are higher at these smaller shops, as they don’t get the turnaround like big name tire chains do.

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Rather, the nice thing about a small shop is that it usually has the time to give your vehicle 110% of the attention that you want.

2. Aftermarket Specialty Tire and Wheel Shop

If you go with a tire and rim size that is different from stock, you should seek out an auto shop that specializes in custom jobs.

Bigger, smaller, wider, or skinnier applications take other types of upgrades to make the wheels and tires fit properly.

Spacers might be needed, a front-end alignment might also need to be done, and upgrades could possibly be needed to get the job done properly.

If you’re not sure about your situation, you should always ask a professional before you buy.

Every reputable online tire dealer will have a helpline to call to find out where you stand with whatever else might need to be done to your vehicle to get the perfect fit.

3. Big Chain Tire Shop and Service Centers

3. Big Chain Tire Shop and Service Centers

Bridgestone, Firestone, Goodyear, Michelin, Discount Tire, and the countless other big names all have certain locations where they have full service automotive centers.

These service centers probably offer you the best shipping arrangements, since they deal with tires and wheels all day long.

They’ll also offer you appointment times and quick and fast service from trained and qualified professionals.

As well, since wheels and tires are their business, a lot of the big chains won’t charge you for tire disposal where other small places might have to.

4. Grocery Store Automotive Service Centers

Super Centers like Walmart, Meijer, and Costco can give you some relatively good service with some added convenience.

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One convenience is that, since they have trucks en route to and from the store every day at all hours of the day, getting your tires shipped to one of these supercenters shouldn’t be a problem.

The other convenience would be getting your shopping done while you’re getting your tires installed.

It should only take about 45-minutes to get your tires mounted, balanced, and installed, so with an appointment, you could kill two birds with one stone.

5. The Dealership Where You Bought Your Vehicle From?

5. The Dealership Where You Bought Your Vehicle From?

If you already gave them business by purchasing your vehicle there, you will have no problem setting up a time to have some tires mounted, balanced, and installed at the same dealership.

Dealerships love returning customers, so as long as you’re still a well-known face around the dealership, they can assume that you’ll have them first on your list.

As well, dealerships are known for their high standard in quality, qualified technicians, so you know you will be in good hands.

6. Oil Change Centers

Although these are not a bad place to get your oil changed and even your battery serviced, you might want to steer clear from having your tires installed here.

Having your tires shipped to one of these oil change centers alone will probably be a pain.

Although they might offer the tire installation service, these centers will only really be equipped to do oil changes.

7. Gas Station Auto Service Centers

Unless you have a real basic car and you are just doing a replacement for basic tires, it’s recommended to steer clear of these places.

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Not all gas station service centers share the same quality services, but the stigma is that you shouldn’t trust them with your daughter’s PowerWheels.

8. High School or Auto Tech Vocational Center

8. High School or Auto Tech Vocational Center

This may sound odd, but it’s really not that bad of an idea, since one of the first things you learn in vocational auto tech schools is tire mounting, balancing, and installation.

Plus, whenever a customer’s vehicle is being worked on, a student would be watched over by a professional.

It wouldn’t be recommended to take your classic car there for an engine rebuild, but having your tires installed can save you some money.

Also, a lot of vocational schools act as an independent automotive service center, which means they accept shipping like any other auto shop with a parts department.

If you want to know more, you can also read our posts on what is stretched tires, how long does it take to balance tires, and how long does it take to rotate tires.


Purchasing your tires online can help you save money and keep a buffer between you and some pushy salesman, but the problem is finding a place that can install them for you properly, which includes mounting and balancing.

If you take your time and choose wisely, in the end, you will probably save some money and time by ordering your tires online. Just make sure the place you choose to have your tires installed is trusted within the community or has a big trusted name backing it.

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