What Is Tire Lacing? (Is It The Best Way To Stack Tire)

The term “tire lacing” probably sounds weird, or sounds like some type of mechanical problem you want nothing to do with. However, in reality, tire lacing has nothing to do with anything running on your vehicle.

Tire lacing is actually a term used more for the people who ship and deliver your tires around the world. To clear up the confusion, we’ll take some time out in this article to explain to you why you might need to know what tire lacing is!

What Is Tire Lacing?

Tire lacing is a form of stacking tires mainly for shipping. If someone uses the tire lacing method correctly with the right tire sizes, they could obtain an optimal amount of storage or shipping room for the tires. If this process is done incorrectly, the opposite would happen and someone would end up losing space due to poor stacking methods. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to lace tires, if you can lace a truckload of tires and more, keep reading for more facts and useful information!

What Is Tire Lacing?

Tire lacing is a way of storing/stacking tires so you can get as many tires stacked in one place efficiently.

This method is useful for tires that are going to be shipped in a large container or truck.

How Do You Lace Tires?

The process for lacing tires starts with one tire laying flat, and then you take the next tire and lean it halfway on top of the first tire.

Next, take the next tire and lay it halfway on top of the previous tire. You keep this up until you reach the end of the row.

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Afterward, you start up a new row on top of the old row with all the tires stacked the same way, just leaning in the opposite direction.

Can You Lace a Truckload of Tires?

Can You Lace a Truckload of Tires?

The preferred method for moving large loads of tires is by using the lacing method.

Not only can the lacing method store more tires in a provided spot, but it’s also safer to travel with tires stacked in a laced pattern.

What Is the Best Way to Stack a Tire?

If you’re going to be stacking a few tires, the best way to stack them is either horizontally or vertically.

The way you do this will probably have more to do with what kind of storage space you have.

Always make sure before you stack and store tires, they get stacked on a clean, dry surface, and there is no water sitting inside the tire.

How Do You Stack Truck Tires?

You stack truck tires the same way you would stack any other tires.

You would just want to be aware of the fact that some truck tires can be quite a bit larger than regular tires, so make sure to do a little space planning beforehand.

How Many Tires Can You Stack on Top of Each Other?

How Many Tires Can You Stack on Top of Each Other?

Manufacturers recommend only stacking tires four high, which is why the lacing method is so popular.

When tires are stacked vertically, the button tire will end up taking on too much weight, possibly deforming the tire.

When tires are properly stacked in a lace pattern, the button tire doesn’t take all of the pressure.

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The pressure is evened out from one tire to the next, making it possible to make much higher vertical stacks without harming any tires at the bottom.

How Many Tires Can I Stack in a Truck?

There is no indefinite number of how many tires can be stacked in a truck or in any one place, and the reason is that tires come in all different sizes.

One truckload of small tires might take X amount, while the next truckload of big tires might take X amount less tires of the truckload with the small tires.

Can You Stack Tires Eight High?

If you stack tires eight high, you would not want to leave them there for too long.

The bottom tire can get damaged by the weight, and the chance of eight tires toppling over is much higher than four tires toppling over, which is very rare.

How Many Tires Can Fit in a 40 Foot Container?

How Many Tires Can Fit in a 40 Foot Container?

Like with stacking tires in a truck, no number is exact, but a 20-foot container can take around 300 tires stacked properly.

Therefore, a 40-foot container should be able to handle 600 tires or more.

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Tire lacing is an art form in stacking tires. Although it may sound like a car problem that you need to head to your technician to have checked out, it has nothing to do with that.

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Properly stacked tires in the laced pattern are much more efficient for space-saving, better for the tires at the bottom in terms of not being damaged, and safer than stacking tires vertically.

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