What Are Projector Headlights? (All You Need To Know)

Since around the year 2000, projector headlights have become more and more popular. These headlights work a lot better than the reflector headlights being replaced in mass quantity.

Projector headlights have been around since the ‘80s, mainly on luxury vehicles, these headlights have become more advanced, while at the same time more affordable, thus more available on the everyday vehicle for the average person.

What Are Projector Headlights?

Projector headlights are a semi-new style of headlights on the average vehicle. They are designed to utilize High-Intensity Discharge (HID) and Light-Emitting Diode (LED) light bulbs. These headlights illuminate light much further down the road, and less off to the sides like the traditional reflector headlights. They also help keep lights out of the eyes of oncoming traffic.

If you don’t have projector headlights, you have probably seen them on the road, because they’re being used on tons of new vehicles these days. To learn more, read on!

Are Projector Headlights Legal?

Projector headlights are legal, and offer drivers plenty of benefits. They may be a little more on the expensive side, but the quality of light offered to you is amazing.

Having the ability to see better at night is a huge advantage.

When projector headlights are combined with HID bulbs, they illuminate a more significant amount of space than other headlight setups.

What Is the Use of Projector Headlamps?

What Is the Use of Projector Headlamps?

One of the biggest benefits of the projector headlight is that it offers an ellipsoidal lens that illuminates an upward beam pattern straight ahead of you.

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This technology still allows you to be able to see plenty in front of you, while also minimizing the light illuminated towards oncoming traffic.

The reflector headlight oftentimes blinds the driver that is coming in your direction.

What Kind of Bulb Goes in a Projector Headlight?

You can use a conventional halogen bulb in a projector headlight.

This headlight will help your halogen bulb shine a straighter beam that is designed to help you see more of the road.

Also, LED headlights can be used in a projector headlight, but they don’t work as well as a High Intensity-Discharge (HID) light.

The HID headlight bulb will benefit the most from a projector headlight, and will give you the most lighted area in front of you.

Why Are My Projector Headlights So Dim?

Why Are My Projector Headlights So Dim?

Condensation is a huge part of your headlights appearing to be dim.

However, if you cleared that matter up, and you still feel like you are not getting the same resolution you should be, then it could have something to do with the ground wire.

Cleaning up your ground wire sounds a little bit hazardous, but it really isn’t, and could be the cause of a dim headlight.

Find the headlight wire that goes to the fuse box and ignore that wire. Look for the wire that goes to the body,- that is your ground, and it should be clean.

To clean this ground, disconnect your battery ground wire, then follow that to the body and disconnect that end of the wire.

Any corrosion or other nasty-looking contaminants should be scraped clean from the bare metal and the wire connection.

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Once you have done that, this means you have a good ground, and you can then reconnect the ground wire back to the body and reconnect the battery wire.

How Do I Make My Projector Lights Brighter?

The most feasible way of making your projector headlights brighter is to keep up on maintenance.

You need to keep up with the cleanliness of your headlight lens, and make sure that all of your headlights are always up to date.

Do I Need Special Bulbs for Projector Headlights?

Do I Need Special Bulbs for Projector Headlights?

A car doesn’t really need to upgrade to any special light bulb when the system is upgraded to projector headlights.

However, if you want the most out of your headlight setup, HID headlights would give you the most amount of visual upgrade.

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Projector headlights can help you see a brighter path much further in front of you instead of on the sides of you where it’s not needed.

These headlight setups still work great with LED and Halogen lights bulbs, but for the most impressive improvement on your visual abilities at night, you would want to go with High Density-Discharge (HID) bulbs.

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