What Are Kumho Tires? (Are They Worth It, Quality + More)

There are dozens and dozens of different tire brands on the market. When it comes to purchasing tires, it can be challenging to choose between all of these different options.

Kumho tires are one such brand, though they are less well known than other popular brands on the market. To figure out how reliable this tire company is, keep reading.

What Are Kumho Tires?

Kumho tires are a Korean tire manufacturer, though they are owned by a Chinese company and have facilities in several countries. Their headquarters is currently in South Korea, where they produce many of their tires. Typically, they are known as a budget tire brand, though many still consider their tires reliable and high-performing.

For more information on the tires this company produces and their overall quality, keep reading below.

What Kind of Tires are Kumho Tires?

As you might expect, there are several types of Kumho tires. However, they do not seem to produce winter or summer tires, though they do have all-season tires and all-terrain tires.

Furthermore, this company also produces performance tires, which they have split into high-performance tires and ultra-high performance tires.

For those with SUVs and other specialized vehicles, you may be able to find tires in this brand as well.

Of course, what your local stores have will likely vary. While you can order any tire that you want, this obviously isn’t always a great option.

For instance, if you’re on a donut, you may be unable to justify waiting around for a specific tire.

Therefore, you’re often stuck with whatever the local tire shop has available, which may or may not include many Kumho tires.

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Where Do Kumho Tires Come From?

Where Do Kumho Tires Come From?

Kumho Tires is located in Korea (they are Chinese-owned, however). In fact, they are the 7th largest company in Korea. They run their own manufacturing facilities in South Korea, including a research and development center.

As you might expect, this company’s tires can’t always be located in the United States.

However, they have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Therefore, you may be able to find these tires at your local tire shop, though it does depend on your area.

Which Tire is Better Cooper or Kumho?

Generally, both of these tires are very high-quality.

However, some perform better than others under certain conditions. For instance, many people claim that Kumho is best in bad weather.

Typically, you aren’t going to go wrong purchasing either one of these tires. They’re both solid brands that can be a good option for most drivers.

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do your due diligence and research which tire may be best for you.

Generally, Kumho is a cheaper tire than Cooper, though it depends on what tire you’re talking about specifically.

If you have a passenger vehicle, then Kumho may be the best option for you. For trucks and other vehicles, you may want to go with Cooper instead, as they tend to be known for these tires more often.

With that said, Cooper isn’t known for the best customer service, while Kumho’s is markedly better.

Additionally, there are many people who prefer Cooper tires because they are made in the United States. However, this is largely a personal preference.

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Are Kumho Tires Reliable?

Are Kumho Tires Reliable?

Generally speaking, these tires are quite reliable. Usually, Kumho shines the most when producing all-season and high-performance models. However, these tires are not necessarily as well-made as others.

At the same time, it’s important to realize that this brand is a budget option. Generally, they are not going to be nearly as high-quality as some other options on the market. After all, they’re made for those on a budget.

With that said, they are a pretty reputable company that is known for producing a wide variety of different tires. Usually, their customer service is pretty good, and they uphold their warranties.

At the same time, they are not going to compete with expensive, premium brands.

Are Kumho Tires All-Season?

Kumho does make some all-season tires. In fact, they tend to excel most at their all-season tires, which are also one of their more popular sellers.

However, that doesn’t mean that all their tires are all season.

When purchasing new tires, you should generally look at the type of tire. Usually, you cannot base the type of tire off the brand alone. In most cases, brands produce a variety of different tires.

Therefore, if you’re looking for all-season tires, be sure that you’re purchasing all-season tires. Don’t just purchase a particular brand and assume that their tires are all-season.

With that said, Kumho does have many lines that feature all-season tires, such as Ecsta and Crugen.

Are Kumho Tires Chinese?

Are Kumho Tires Chinese?

No, this brand is from South Korea. They own three different manufacturing facilities in South Korea, where their tires are made.

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However, this company is a subsidiary of a Chinese tire conglomerate. Therefore, while they aren’t located in China, they are technically owned by a Chinese company.

Whether or not this makes them a “Chinese tire company” is up to debate. However, it is clear that purchasing these tires would support China, even if they aren’t made in China.

Are Kumho Tires Made in Vietnam?

Some of their tires are made in Vietnam. While the company widely advertises that they have facilities in South Korea, they also have facilities in China, the U.S., and Vietnam.

Furthermore, the company has expanded its tire-making capacity in Vietnam recently, so it seems that you can expect more of their tires to be made there in the future.

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Kumho tires is a South Korean tire manufacturer. Usually, they are known for producing budget tires, though that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are low-quality.

While they are located in Korea, this company is owned by a larger, Chinese company. Furthermore, they also produce their tires in a variety of different countries, including some in the United States.

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