How Much Is a Car Alarm? (All You Need To Know)

As a car owner, you want to keep your vehicle safe, and the best way to do so is to invest in a car alarm. A high-quality car alarm system will protect your vehicle from theft and vandalism.

However, you may then wonder, how much will this security feature cost? If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

How Much Is A Car Alarm?

On average, a car alarm costs from $30 to more than $1,000, depending on whether your system is a basic or high-end option. If you add labor installation costs, the total cost can range from $300 to $1,300 which varies depending on your vehicle model and the complexity of the alarm system.

For more information about the cost of a car alarm, what affects this price, and whether it’s worth installing, keep on reading for more useful facts!

How Much Will You Pay to Install a Car Alarm System?

There are different types of car alarms in the market today, and their prices vary due to a range of factors. Basic alarms cost $30-$300 and allow you to activate or deactivate the alarm. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a remote control.

On the other hand, advanced alarms could go for $400-$1,000 because they have better features that make the security system more effective.

This price increases because these third-party alarm systems have cameras, sensors, better computer controllers, and some can disable the engine.

Therefore, your price will be higher depending on the features of your alarm system. For this reason, you need to carefully consider what features you need before paying a high fee.

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Labor on car alarm installation also ranges from $50-$300 depending on the complexity of the alarm system, vehicle type, and the mechanic rates, though this may differ depending on your mechanic.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Car Alarm Installation?

Your overall car alarm installation cost can change due to the following factors:

1. Additional Features

Your car alarm costs increase if you have additional upgrades such as a vehicle starter disabler, 2-way alerts, and smartphone connectivity. These extra features can cost an additional $100-$200, meaning your budget should be higher.

2. Cost of the Alarm System

When installing a car alarm, you need to select the correct alarm system, as your overall costs will depend on the alarm system you choose.Therefore, you need to consider the cost and whether it fits your needs and budget.

3. Labor Charges

Your car alarm costs will be affected by how much your professional mechanic charges for installation. Some mechanics are more experienced than others, meaning they will charge more for the installation.

In addition, other mechanics charge hourly, while some will be on a contractual basis. Therefore, consult a professional mechanic to get the overall cost when adding aftermarket car alarms to your vehicle.

Some drivers attempt to install the system by themselves, and while this will save you money, it’s not advisable if you don’t have professional knowledge as you might ruin your equipment and incur more costs fixing it at the auto shop.

4. Features On The Security System

4. Features On The Security System

You might need extra features and wiring to make your alarm system safer, meaning you’ll have to add more money to cater for additional features. Additionally, your mechanic will charge you more because your security system is now complex.

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5. Your Location

Car alarm installation varies by location, meaning you might have to pay depending on where you live.

Are Car Alarms Worth It?

Car alarms are essential in deterring car thieves, especially if you have a high-quality alarm with superior features. However, thieves are finding ways to disable modern security features such as alarm systems.

Therefore, a car alarm is not enough to prevent your vehicle from vandalism, so you’ll need additional features such as immobilizers, making it hard to start your car.

Do All Cars Come With an Alarm?

New cars come with sensor triggers that set off the car alarm when you open or close the doors as a standard feature. However, due to the increased security risks, you can pay for an upgrade and install an aftermarket alarm system on your car for improved safety.

If you have an older classic car, it’s highly likely that it doesn’t have security features, making a high quality alarm essential.

Can You Add an Alarm to Your Car?

Can You Add an Alarm to Your Car?

Most vehicle models come equipped with car alarms; hence, you can upgrade the factory option with an aftermarket alarm with better features. You can add remote controls, GPS locators, remote start, and other features to improve your vehicle’s safety.

How Much Does a Keyless Entry Car Alarm Cost?

Basic car alarms cost between $150-$250, depending on the vehicle’s make, year, and model.

Note that when buying these systems at your retailer, you might pay more depending on the additional components.

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Car alarms are a necessity if you want to secure your car. On average, these alarms will cost from $30-$1,000, depending on the type of system you have. When you add the installation charges, the overall costs can add up to $1,300.

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