Garage Keypad Not Working? (11 Reasons Why)

A garage keypad is a very useful piece of the device if you park your car in the garage. Unfortunately, when your garage keypad stops working, it is a significant inconvenience.

In some cases, the garage door keypad may not work even though it is connected to wires, but it still doesn’t function as expected. Let’s examine the possible causes of why your garage keypads are not working!

Garage Keypad Not Working?

1. Low Powered Batteries

A garage door keypad uses a small amount of power to operate, but if you’re using a dead or weak battery, the buttons may not work.

However, if you have a low-powered battery, it will not have enough power to run the system and open your garage door.

If this is the case, try replacing the keypad batteries with fresh ones. If this doesn’t work, try connecting the transmitter to another outlet!

2. Keypad Needs Configuration

If you’ve tried replacing batteries but still can’t get your garage door to work, you likely need to configure your keypad.

At this time, open up the LCD screen on the remote control and make sure that the numbers display correctly and all letters are clear enough for reading.

On numerous occasions, the problem can have been fixed by simply reprogramming remote controls and button keypads!

3. Pin Code Dilemma

It has frequently been observed that the keypad code is entered too quickly, leaving the circuit board with little time to process the signal.

Furthermore, try slowing it down once you’ve entered your code and hit the enter key.

In most cases, instead of using your personal pin, try the locking code that is typically included in the owner’s manual!

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4. Missing Antenna Wire On The Circuit Board

A most likely reason for this is that you have lost or misplaced an antenna wire on the circuit board of your garage door keypad.

In addition, this will often result in a short circuit and make your garage keypad stop working altogether.

As a result, you will have to replace the circuit board of your garage keypad opener and its components, such as buttons and switches!

5. Circuit Board Failure For The Receiver

A receiver is manufactured into the logic board of modern garage doors. Subsequently, the wireless keypad or remote sends a radio frequency signal to the opener.

At this time, when the circuit board receiver malfunctions, the machine cannot be activated by keypads or remote controls, but the internally wired wall button always functions as intended.

In the event that the circuit board receiver is defective, you can get replacement keypads and new remote-control transmitters!

6. Backlight Is Dim

Backlight Is Dim

When the backlight status LED indicates that it needs to be replaced, it is quick and easy to do.

Besides that, it’s possible for the lights on many keypads to be dim, which indicates that although the battery is powered, it could not be sufficient to fully transmit a signal to the circuit board of the garage door.

As a result, these issues can be resolved by changing the battery, and the next time you input your code, the backlight should glow significantly brighter!

7. Vacation Lock Has Been Engaged

Your garage door cannot be opened using the remote control while on vacation.

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Because of that, given that the opener only functions from the keypad, this is an additional precaution to keep your house secure while you are gone.

As a consequence, the vacation lock may have been activated if this doesn’t work. Press “Vacation Lock” on your remote control, enter your code to correct the issue, and it will be resolved!

8. Keypad Out Of Range

If your garage keypad is out of range, it means that the sensor on the keypad is too far away from the door to work properly.

Aside from that, this can cause the door to open and close without completing an entire cycle.

Above all, check that the battery is in a reasonable range and that there are no signs of corrosion on the terminals or cables!

9. Stuck Key Buttons

If your button doesn’t respond when you try pressing it, debris may have gotten inside the button itself or into the wiring underneath it.

Furthermore, you may also have a broken wire in one of your wires leading up to your opener.

Additionally, if there has ever been any spillage of food or liquid on the keyboard, it may have caused the keys to repeat and stick.

For that reason, a stuck keypad button could short out from spilled liquid, resulting in repeated keystrokes!

10. Twisted Wires

When wires are twisted, there is no insulation between the wires from your garage opener at either end of the connection.

If this happens to you, try reconnecting your wires properly according to the color codes on each end of each wire.

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At this time, if you don’t see any damage, take the cover off the remote control’s back. Then, look inside to see if there are any frizzled wires between the keys.

That is why sloppy contact between the cables and the keys is a common source of issues with keypads, and it can happen if you disconnect the wires in the wrong order!

11. Keypads Don’t Last Forever

Garage keypads are often built of fairly robust materials, but they are not indestructible; they eventually wear out.

Apart from this, door keypads are not always present. Keep in mind that your keypad is exposed to the elements outside.

Above all, the keypad may start to wear out after years of humid weather, rain, snow, sleet, and everything else Mother Nature has in store. Age and this may lead to flaws!

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Modern garage keypads are constructed from high-quality components and operate as dependably as your car’s door remote. Unfortunately, they still have a few malfunctions, which could eventually lead to them breaking down.

Low power batteries, a keypad that requires setting, and a pin code puzzle are some of these flaws.

Ultimately, the garage keypad is a powerful device that simplifies your life. You are no longer required to carry a spare pair of keys or a keychain!

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