Dirty AC Filter Symptoms (9 Things To Be Aware Of)

Maintaining clean air in your car depends heavily on your AC filter. However, the air in your automobile might not seem or smell as fresh when it becomes clogged with debris, dirt, and other impurities.

Therefore, you should consider replacing your AC filter and make it one of your top priorities for auto maintenance for a few crucial reasons. But, first, let’s discover more about dirty AC filter symptoms here!

Dirty AC Filter Symptoms

1. Less Airflow Coming From The Vents

Reduced airflow is among the typical signs that an AC filter needs to be replaced. Essentially, less air will be emitted from your AC system’s vents, indicating a reduced airflow.

Further, less air can move through a filthy or clogged filter and the air that does get through demands more effort than usual.

As a result, the AC system will operate less effectively, and the engine will function less efficiently.

2. Overall Engine Efficiency Is Decreased

If the AC filter is blocked, your vehicle’s AC blower motor is under additional stress.

Due to the increased demand for power, this extra pressure will not only make the blower motor work harder and produce less air than intended, but it will also put stress on the engine.

Additionally, in more extreme situations, the added pressure will cause an observable decrease in energy whenever the AC is switched on.

3. Increased Polluted Air From The Vent

You may easily observe an increase in dirt and other pollutants in the filter as it is not blowing enough air, indicating that the AC filter has to be replaced.

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It is because a blocked filter can no longer filter air effectively, and the air which does flow through may not have been filtered enough.

Also, it could indicate that the AC filter has somehow been harmed or ripped, enabling polluted air to pass.

4. Odd Smell Coming From Vents

Your AC filter may need to be replaced if you notice an odd odor from your automobile’s vents that are already very disturbing.

That said, if your filter was severely contaminated, your car’s interior vents might smell dirty, dusty, or foul.

So, if you try to increase the ventilation of your AC system, this stink will spread more, making the entire vehicle unpleasant for everyone.

5. Loud Fan

Loud Fan

When you turn on your vehicle’s AC, you can just hear the sound of air escaping the vents.

Your AC filter and system are in great shape if the fan makes a soft, clear sound. However, if you hear or observe more blowing air, your filter is failing.

In addition, when large particles enter the AC filter, they not only hinder airflow and inadequate air screening but also cause a lot of noise when the air is forced through your vehicle’s vents.

As a result, you’ll be able to hear loud noises whenever you turn on your AC fan; this noise will get worse if the air filter isn’t repaired.

6. Cloudy Windows

Maintaining circulation inside your vehicle and helping remove the fog that builds up on your windows are two critical functions of your AC filter. A filthy air filter could hamper airflow.

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Further, the car’s system malfunctions as a result of the poor air quality and ventilation, and it becomes challenging to remove moisture from your windows.

As a result, your car’s windows could remain icy or foggy for a while, which could be hazardous when driving.

7. Difficulties With The Cooling And Heating Systems

Replacement AC filters are frequently blocked, and circulation to your AC systems is reduced by this obstruction, lowering HVAC efficiency.

As a result, your car’s capacity to cool and heat will be constrained. Also, it will stress the system, which might lead to a blowout.

Further, poor ventilation makes it harder to regulate the temperature inside your automobile and makes it uncomfortable for all passengers when the weather gets significantly hotter.

8. Air Is Not Cold

You can blame many issues for decreased HVAC efficiency. With that, check your vehicle’s AC filter if you find that your AC isn’t cooling as much as it usually does or is producing warm air.

So, you’ll end up sitting in an uncomfortable pool of perspiration if your AC filter is unclean since it won’t let that cold, soothing airflow effectively.

However, if the AC filter is not the issue, a qualified HVAC repair professional should look into the matter and do the necessary upkeep.

9. Drivers And Passengers Will Experience Frequent Allergic Reactions

Those who experience allergies should change their AC filters because they are most likely covered with pollen, pet dander, and dust.

As a result, you’ll get allergy episodes more often, which is miserable.

Therefore, use it to enhance your vehicle’s interior air quality by maintaining a clean AC filter and installing a purifier. After doing these things, the symptoms should start to lessen soon.

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The AC filter is a basic yet crucial component of your vehicle’s AC system. To keep the comfort and effectiveness of your car’s AC, make sure it is changed as soon as it wears out.

That said, any qualified expert should be able to help you quickly and simply if you feel that your AC filter needs to be replaced.

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