Why Does My Truck Shake At High Speeds? (9 Reasons Why)

Usually, you expect your truck to drive smoothly even when you move at fast speeds. However, your truck could have a problem if you notice something different when you drive quickly.

If you notice that your truck starts to shake at high speeds, you may be wondering what the cause is. We did the research, and here is what we discovered about the matter!

Why Does My Truck Shake At High Speeds?

1. Misaligned Wheels

Misaligned wheels, which means your wheels are out of alignment, are one of the most common reasons your truck starts to shake at high speeds.

That said, your wheels can become misaligned when one of your wheels gets hit by something, such as a pothole.

Occasionally, other factors such as a tire replacement can also misalign your wheels.

2. Unbalanced Tires

Another common reason your truck shakes at high speeds is that the tires are unbalanced.

Normally, unbalanced tires mean that one or several tires have uneven parts, such as a section that is heavier than the others.

Like misaligned wheels, hitting potholes, curbs, etc., can make your tires unbalanced along with general wear and tear after using your tires for many years.

3. Damaged Brake System

While the brake system is meant to stop your truck, a faulty brake system can make your truck shake while you drive at higher speeds.

For instance, your brake calipers and pads may not have enough grip, causing your brake discs to become warped over time.

Generally, having sticky brake rotors and calipers can make your truck’s steering wheel vibrate once you hit 45-50 miles per hour, with the vibrations getting worse at 70 miles per hour.

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Also, you will know that it is an issue with your brake system if you notice a burning-like odor when you stop your truck.

4. A Starved Engine

Your truck’s engine requires a spark, fuel, and oxygen to function properly, or shaking and jerks will occur, especially when you drive your truck at high speeds.

Normally, your engine will be “starved” when you have an issue with your spark plug, which is in charge of providing your truck’s engine with a spark to start your truck.

Another example is how your truck has fuel and air filters, and if those get clogged, there will not be enough clean oxygen and fuel delivered to your truck’s engine.

Therefore, when the truck lacks a spark, oxygen, or fuel, your truck will start to rumble or shake whenever you try to drive fast.

5. Faulty Suspension Parts

Faulty Suspension Parts

Feeling strong vibrations when you drive at high speeds with the vibrations worsening the longer you drive will be caused by faulty suspension parts.

For instance, looseness in your suspension components can make your steering wheel vibrate, causing your entire truck to shake.

Another example is if the control arms or the spindles of your truck’s suspension are worn-out, which will cause your truck to shake more when you drive.

6. Issues With The Vacuum Or Air Hose

If your vacuum or air hose gets loose, leaks, or ruptures, the spark, fuel, and air will not be in the right proportion to your truck’s engine.

If this occurs, weak air pressures confuse your sensors, making your truck’s engine shake, erratically run, or misfire, especially if you are driving your truck at higher speeds.

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Further, when the vacuum or air hose is simply disconnected, you can get clamps to tighten and reattach the hose securely.

However, if there is a leak or rupture in the hose, it would be best to replace it entirely instead of trying to repair it.

7. Engine Sludge

The engine oil will accumulate deposits, creating thick sludge that can make your truck experience various problems, including shaking.

Similarly, not having enough oil in your truck will not give your engine the proper lubrication, causing your engine to shake when you push the truck to drive at higher speeds.

8. How The Truck Was Made

Occasionally, trucks may be made a certain way where the steering wheel will always shake at high speeds, especially if the truck has had modifications done to it.

For example, a very light truck can make your truck shake and rattle, which will be more noticeable when you drive at high speeds.

Another reason could be that the truck you bought is not meant to be driven at high speeds, causing the truck to vibrate when you force the truck to run faster.

9. Driving Roughly

Finally, an unfortunate reason your truck shakes when you drive fast could be that you are roughly driving your truck.

That said, roughly driving your truck will likely make your truck shake, especially whenever you drive your truck quickly.

Also, being rough with your throttle or steering wheel could make your hands unsteady, causing you to make your steering wheel shake, thus making your truck shake.

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To avoid this, you will have to start driving your truck at more reasonable speeds that you are comfortable with while being more gentle with your throttle and steering wheel.

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Normally, a truck shakes at high speeds due to issues with the wheels and brake system since these parts of the car can make the steering wheel vibrate.

However, driving your truck roughly or driving a truck that was not meant to drive at high speeds can also create vibrations.

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