Why Buy A Subaru? (9 Reasons Why)

What else do people prioritize when purchasing a car? Though some customers seek out performance, others may desire elegance and conveniences, while yet others may shop for the best deal. 

But, what appeals to you the most? You might want to think about acquiring a Subaru if you’re searching for a car that can do what you need and a bunch of what you might want.

Let’s explore reasons why you should buy a Subaru!

Why Buy A Subaru?

So, why do you think you should buy a Subaru? The first reason is because of its safety features, resulting in the brand being chosen as one of the Top Safety Picks by the IIHS. In addition to that, they are also environmentally friendly and aim to provide a greener environment. Also, Subaru is known for its reliability, as some of its models are still running today after over 10 years.

Learn more about why you should buy a Subaru. Here are nine reasons. Keep reading for more information!

1. Great Value

Drivers are still searching for low pricing these days when cars are getting increasingly more pricey. 

Basically, Subaru has a terrific selection of affordable cars, many of which are well under $30,000. 

When you visit our dealership to apply for financing, you will find a variety of special options that may result in cheap interest rates and long-term monthly payments. 

Customers may anticipate spending more time loving their vehicles and less time settling off their expenses because of the famed long-term value of the Subaru brand.

2. Guaranteed Safe

Vehicles with numerous safety measures and those equipped with cutting-edge, contemporary driver-assist systems are sought after by drivers. 

When it comes to safety, the Subaru satisfies all requirements, and Subaru almost advances safety technology

Subaru has you covered with regard to safety features like protection systems, rear vehicle recognition, driver assistance technologies, and braking systems. 

Subaru vehicles are routinely chosen as Top Safety Picks by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). 

While other automakers receive the Top Safety Pick designation for only some of their models, Subaru has received it for all of its models.

3. Reliability

Among the most crucial features that drivers look for in a car is reliability. No matter how expensive or stylish a car is, if it isn’t dependable also, it will not be worth much. 

Subaru automobiles are incredibly dependable and robust. In fact, 97% of the Subaru cars and trucks that were sold in the last ten years are still in use today. 

They should be delighted by this achievement because reliability is a feature that drivers look for in a car.

4. Environmental Friendly

Automakers are trying to find ways to be environmentally friendly in an attempt to keep a clean and “green” environment. When it comes to being environmentally friendly, 

Subaru is way up there at the top, and the company has won recognition throughout the years for the advancement of its waste recycling and reduction initiatives.

In addition, Subaru offers  (PZEV) or Partial Zero Emissions Vehicles that are at the top of the U.S. market. 

In addition to its top hybrid crossover, the Crosstrek. environmental friendliness ranking provided by the (EPA) or the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Only gasoline-free vehicles are more environmentally friendly than PZEV automobiles, which are among the cleaner cars on the market right now. 

The Forester, XV Crosstrek, Outback, Legacy, and Impreza, are a few of Subaru’s PZEV.

5. Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive in Subaru

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive in Subaru

All-Wheel Drive is a crucial component of modern automobiles, and Subaru provides its distinctive Symmetrical AWD as such default drivetrain in nearly all of their models. 

Whether you’re driving through the wet or windy highway, you’ll find that AWD will allocate the power evenly and give you the highest suitable power and maneuverability. 

Subaru’s AWD function makes it the perfect vehicle for all kinds of weather conditions.  Families may want to consider AWD cars because they are safer for new and unfamiliar drivers.

6. The Community Sense

Although you may be aware of the safety functionalities that Subaru automobiles have, you might not be aware of the community that having one of them puts you in.

You are eligible for exclusive offerings like the Insider when you own a Subaru. 

Additionally, there are discounts on branded apparel for you and your family, as well as complimentary sets of automobile badges.

Ultimately, Subaru customers receive special invitations to interesting events with other brand devotees. 

You have the chance to socialize with people of similar interests to you at these events.

7. The Experience

Subaru has been committed to providing safety, quality, and capability, and those values remain unchanged. 

Subarus have a solid reputation as one of the most dependable and capable cars on the road. 

This company stands out from its competitors with multiple awards across its whole model line.  

It’s understandable why this is among the most widely used options in New England, as well as other areas that experience severe winter weather.

8. The Boxer Engine

The Boxer engine uses a flat engine that is placed in line also with drivetrain to achieve a mix of efficiency and power. 

The ride quality is more enjoyable and smooth because of the pistons’ horizontal orientation. Less damage is sustained by the Boxer engine during startup, which is another benefit. 

The dry starting of inline and V-type engines causes more friction. The pistons’ horizontal location, however, puts them just below the oil line and provides continuous lubrication.

9. Insurance Benefits

Subaru and Liberty Mutual have teamed up to provide auto insurance benefits to Subaru owners. 

Everyone who purchases a used Subaru will require auto insurance, which is an expensive option. 

However, Subaru itself has a partnership with Liberty Mutual, which may be extremely advantageous to qualified owners.

A person may save up to $586 on auto insurance when they purchase a Subaru and shift to Liberty Mutual insurance. 

They will also be entitled to other advantages like New Car Replacement and Accident Forgiveness. Subaru Advantage Insurance is the name for this kind of coverage.


When you want to purchase a new vehicle, it’s important to find one that has “the total package.” In other words, you want to purchase a great vehicle from a reputable brand.

That said, having the proper knowledge of why you should buy a certain type of vehicle is very crucial when deciding. 

May you find all the given reasons valuable enough to decide whether to buy a Subaru or not. 

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