Muffler Noise When Accelerating (Causes + Potential Fixes)

When a vehicle makes abnormal noise, it can drive a person nuts, especially if you’re not sure where the noise is coming from. One can only hope when they hear a noise, it’s a simple fix like a muffler, and not something like the internals of an engine.

If there is a noise that can be heard when a vehicle accelerates, and it’s coming from the rear of that vehicle, you might be hearing your muffler or something exhaust-oriented. In this article, we’ll explain noisy muffler problems and possible fixes!

What Causes a Muffler Noise When Accelerating?

There are plenty of reasons why a muffler might make noise when under acceleration, but most of those problems have to do with a loose exhaust component, like a muffler bracket, connector, hanger, shield, or a muffler that has been bumped out of place. Most of these problems are inexpensive fixes, but should be fixed before they turn expensive.

Having a muffler that makes vibrating or rattling noises can be annoying, and should be fixed, so keep reading to learn how to remedy the situation!

What Sound Does a Loose Muffler Make?

A loose muffler will usually sound like a rattling noise coming from the rear of your car. You may also feel a vibration from the rear of your car if you have a loose muffler.

If this sound or vibration goes away when you accelerate, or it gets worse when you accelerate, the noise and/or vibration feeling is most likely your muffler.

However, you don’t want to let this problem go, just in case it’s not your muffler.

When it’s not your muffler that’s making the noise, it could be something much more serious.

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Dropping a muffler is one thing, but dropping a rear end is a whole other problem you don’t want to wait to find out you have.

Why Does My Car Sound Loud When I Press the Gas?

Why Does My Car Sound Loud When I Press the Gas?

All cars will naturally get slightly loud when you accelerate.

However, if your car gets louder than it used to be, you might have a hole in your muffler or an exhaust leak somewhere else in the exhaust system.

The best way to figure this out is to have a muffler shop put your car on the hoist, and they can easily chase down the problem.

Why Does My Car Sound Like a Tractor When Idling?

Most likely, when a car or truck sounds like a tractor when it’s idling, you have at least a small exhaust leak or hole somewhere in the exhaust system.

The reason why you can hear it when at idle is probably because the hole is too small to cause an obstruction when the exhaust gasses and fumes are being pushed out rapidly and with a lot of force at high RPM.

Can I Drive with an Exhaust Leak?

Can I Drive with an Exhaust Leak?

Essentially, an exhaust leak won’t hurt anything, unless you have one due to a partially blown gasket.

Even still, the worst that will happen is you will blow out the rest of the gasket, making it a little louder.

The only thing you have to ask yourself is how loud it is.

Is it too loud for you to tolerate, and/or is it too loud for the police to not ignore? Of course, you might only be issued a fix-it ticket, but it’s still inconvenient.

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Does an Exhaust System Leak Affect Acceleration?

If you can tell a difference in acceleration due to an exhaust leak, then it probably isn’t an exhaust leak that you’re hearing.

An exhaust leak would not affect the performance of an engine.

It may sound like your vehicle is a lemon, but the way it sounds has no bearing on the way it would perform.

Why Does My Muffler Sound Like a Helicopter?

Why Does My Muffler Sound Like a Helicopter? 

When a muffler mimics sounds like a helicopter, boat, tractor, or anything else that sounds choppy, then you probably have a hole in your muffler.

This could also be due to a bad gasket seal connecting your muffler to the exhaust pipes.

However, as bad as it may sound, if this is just an exhaust problem, the fix won’t be that expensive or time-consuming.

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Mufflers tend to make a rattling noise under acceleration when the muffler has been knocked out of place, is loose, has a loose bracket, a loose muffler hanger, loose bolt, a bent muffler shield, or a bad gasket.

Usually, these problems aren’t super expensive to fix, but if you let a problem that is making noise go unattended, you could be causing bigger problems down the road.

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