Does AutoZone Replace Headlights? (Process, Is It Free + Alternative Stores)

Headlights are very important to driving safety, and they can get you a ticket if you decide to drive with a blown-out headlight. However, these are not hard to change and are usually inexpensive.

Therefore, if you live near an Autozone, you may wonder if they’ll offer headlight replacement. If so, let’s dive into some of your options and learn whether or not your local Autozone will replace your headlights for you!

Does AutoZone Replace Headlights?

AutoZone employees are not mechanics, but they might be able to assist you with a headlight replacement. Some headlights are easy to get to and only need a little twisting action to replace them. However, other headlights require the whole assembly to be taken out for replacement, meaning you will have to visit your dealership. 

To find out if AutoZone replaces headlights and other information about headlight replacements, read this article for useful facts and tips!

Does AutoZone Replace Headlights for Free?

Since headlights are one of the easiest parts to replace on most vehicles, most AutoZone locations can have an employee assist you with headlight replacement.

However, there is an exception- some headlights come encased in a headlight assembly, which would need to be removed to get to the headlight.

This could take tools and some experience, so you’re better off taking your vehicle to a dealership rather than an Autozone.

Does AutoZone Replace Tail Lights?

Does AutoZone Replace Tail Lights?

If you purchase your tail lights from Autozone, the store will likely install the tail lights for you if achievable. However, note that not all tail lights are the easiest to get to, and it may take some extra tools and knowledge to accomplish this job.

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If this is the case, you should take your vehicle to the dealership so you can purchase the tail light bulb and have it installed for free by a professional.

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Headlight Replaced?

If a particular place is going to charge you for a headlight replacement, it will probably cost you around $15 – $20. However, if you go to the dealership where you leased or purchased your vehicle, they will probably replace the headlight for free.

If you didn’t lease or purchase a vehicle at a particular dealership, you will probably be charged for the bulb only, since there is virtually no labor involved.

In contrast, if you have a headlight where the whole assembly has to be removed, then you will probably be charged for parts and labor, and that can become more expensive than 15-20 dollars.

Does O’Reilly Replace Headlights?

Does O’Reilly Replace Headlights? 

If you buy a headlight bulb/s or windshield wipier/s, an O’Reilly’s employee will come out to your car and assist you with your replacement.

Does Walmart Replace Headlights?

If you go to a Walmart that has an auto center, with a purchase of a headlight/s or tail light/s, an auto tech there will replace the bulbs for you. Walmart typically charges about $7.50 for the service.

Can You Drive With One Headlight?

Can You Drive With One Headlight?

Unless you want a ticket or risk taking the chance of getting into an accident, it’s not recommended you drive with one headlight.

However, if you must drive with one headlight for a while until you’re able to have it fixed, there’s something you can do in the meantime that will give you two headlights.

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For most cars with a blown-out headlight, you can gain two headlights by simply turning on your brights/high beams.

Important: This method is not a legal alternative, but it might help you from being pulled over for a short period of time until you get your burned-out headlight fixed, and it might save you from getting into an accident.

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If you have a blown-out headlight, you can stop in at any AutoZone, and with the purchase of that headlight, they will help you replace it. Walmart, O’Reilly’s, PepBoys, and your dealership will do the same.

However, it should be noted that if you have a very intricate headlight system or a headlight that needs an assembly to be removed, these stores will likely not be able to help because they’re not auto shops.

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